RHOP Recap: Candiace Considers Legal Action Against Monique and Robyn Tax Woes Goes Public As Karen Celebrates Her Homecoming

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Candiace Considers Legal Action Against Monique and Robyn Tax Woes Goes Public As Karen Celebrates Her Homecoming

On this week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Potomac, how will the ladies move on in this group with all of this underlying discord? We have to wait and see how the alliances will shift and the new drama that will be created.

Karen invites Gizelle and Ashley to join her in attending her homecoming festivities in Surry County. It should be interesting to see where the grande dame came from! Gizelle, of course, has to make assumptions that Karen came from some farm town where everyone has straw in their teeth. She finds it strange that they are going to see Karen’s family but Ray isn’t coming? Gizelle, the anointed one, shouldn’t question anyone else’s commitment to each other. She has far too many skeletons in her marital closet so take a seat. They want to see where the grande dame used to sell hamburgers and tacos. Me too!

Gizelle is also still planning this faux engagement story with Juan. She shades Karen over her façade of a relationship, but what about her dear friend Robyn’s? Ashley thinks leaving baby Dean at home with Michael will act as an anchor to keep him from the strip clubs misbehaving #GoodLuckWithThat. She also mentions a GPS monitor in his bo*ty. Sorry, Miss Ashley, if he is going to cheat he will find a way, baby or not! For some strange reason, Ashley didn’t get the memo on attire. Why is she wearing hot pink heels to visit a farmhouse? Gizelle, please don’t weigh in with your fashion tips since your outfit isn’t appropriate either.

Robyn visits Candiace at her house to supposedly check on her. She came to share the tea at Gizelle’s direction that Monique wasn’t remorseful. Candiace gets really emotional when she hears that Monique wasn’t being accountable. Robyn then shifts the narrative and is blaming Karen for enabling Monique. They discuss how Karen is playing both sides. Karen would have pressed charges if she was in Candiace’s shoes. Candiace feels totally justified in pressing charges since her space was violated and she suffered trauma.

When Candiace steers Robyn to a story about herself, Robyn says, “I don’t like to gossip!” I had to rewind that part to make sure I heard her correctly. Then, Robyn reluctantly discusses and downplays her IRS issues that were covered on our site as well. She is facing a $90k tax lien. I love the production shade when she was gossiping about Karen’s tax issues in the past. Robyn’s defends her little incident with a justification that she is just a bad accountant. No excuse, hire a CPA! Robyn’s house hunting is on hold since her credit score is in the toilet with this tax lien. The wedding is probably on hold too.

Karen shares with the ladies that the farm that her family owns was a slave plantation. It is interesting and inspiring to hear that her ancestors were slaves on this plantation and now they own it. I can now understand why Karen has such immense pride in her family and what they have created.

The ladies arrive at the family farm. Gizelle wants to get to know how the grande dame was created. Aunt Carlene shares some old stories and photos from Karen’s childhood. Karen thought she was going to marry Michael Jackson since Aunt Carlene took her to his concert. I love her Aunt Carlene, she is just adorable. Karen shares that she hasn’t been back home since she lost both of her parents. Sweet Aunt Carlene is a bucket of tears when they discuss losing Karen’s parents. Me too, just plain heartbreaking.

Karen is going to put Ashley to work on the farm harvesting some corn. Gizelle is just going to film it since this kind of work is beneath the anointed one. Karen should be proud of the hard work her family has put into this farm. They have created something beautiful and it is such a wonderful thing to see. I love seeing this side of Karen, and production, I want more of the positive stuff, please!

Monique calls Ashley while they are on the farm and isn’t budging on apologizing. She feels like Candiace has been asking for it. Is Monique saying she was just answering the call for justice?  Gizelle wants no part of Monique’s unapologetic attitude. She wants Candiace to press charges against Monique. Karen is going to talk to Monique and let her know that she is troubled that she isn’t recognizing she played a huge part in this altercation. She needs to have a heart to heart with Monique and get her back on the accountability track.

Wendy and her sister Ivy meet for lunch. Ivy is a surgeon and is a mother figure to Wendy. Wendy is afraid to tell her mom that she is interested in a career change. She wants to focus on her commentary job and quit the teaching position. Susan, Wendy’s mom, is extremely proud of her daughters and rightfully so. It is a badge of honor in the Nigerian community to have such successful children.

Ivy and Wendy do a little roleplay so they can practice how to break the news to their mom. I love how Ivy imitates their mom. Haven’t we all practiced telling our parents something with our siblings? LOL! Wendy feels like she is going through a mid-life crisis and is terrified to disappoint her mom. I think we can all relate to that struggle in not disappointing our parents. Ivy encourages her to be honest with their mom and let her know she wants to follow her own dreams for once.

Robyn with her bad wig and Juan are meeting up at a restaurant. She is roleplaying as Tatiana, her just as boring alter ego. Juan is playing Dylan. Robyn is just plain awful at this. She isn’t very good at playing a vixen. Juan has to ruin the mood when the tax issues are brought up. Robyn calls her CPA her tax agent? I have never heard an accountant referred to in such a way. Maybe that is the problem? She confused her business agent with a CPA?  Juan says, “It is on you!” WOW, I guess he forgot when she stood by him when he CHEATED! These two have zero chemistry, and please keep this ridiculous storyline moving.

Karen, in her periwinkle suit, is riding in a Bentley for the homecoming parade. She has her queendom in Surry County. Gizelle thinks Karen is the Beyonce of Surry County. In their ITMs, Karen and Gizelle both shade each other over their hometown pride. Karen is enjoying her moment and kissing babies. Let her have it — she has earned her moment!

Ashley thinks that relationships such as hers and Karen’s are going through growing pains. They have grown more than their spouses and there are challenges that come with that. I agree with that assessment, but Ashley has more problems than just growing pains.

Candiace and her mom Dorothy are at the pet shelter to consider a pet adoption. She thinks having a dog is a great test for the parenting thing. Why do these ladies think adopting a pet gives you a primer for parenting? Candiace has a lot to learn before she decides to have a family.

Candiace says her mom is there for her to support her, but she is just now showing up to film a fake pet adoption? She shares with her mom that she is getting counseling over the incident. Dorothy is angry that her daughter was attacked but must have conveniently forgotten that she clocked her with her purse in the past. She thinks this is the time to bring in a lawyer. Yikes, this is getting uglier than it already was.

Karen takes Gizelle and Ashley to her hometown church. She gets her strength from her faith, especially when she lost both parents within seven months. Karen suffered such a terrible tragedy and to hear her break down behind the closed door is just so sad. She feels her parents’ presence in this church and is comforted by just being there. Gizelle didn’t realize Karen is still grieving her parents until just now? Come on now, Gizelle, grow a sensitivity chip, please!

Monique is chatting with T’Challa since he is a captive listener. Thank God we have shady T’Challa back in this episode. Chris thinks he is like a friend to her. Monique feels like her life is turned upside down and is considering getting out of her contract.

Pastor Chad and his first lady come to their house to talk through the incident. He wants to understand why she blacked out. It is interesting that he says a friend is a mirror of your own heart. What does that say about the relationship between these two ladies? Pastor Chad thinks she is in constant survival mode due to her past. Monique has had issues doubting her self-worth and was once a victim of bullying. Monique admits she was a pressure cooker and Candiace didn’t deserve this. Hallelujah, he is a miracle worker. Chris just wants this resolved since he has a legit friendship with Chris. I do too — I hate seeing Chris so sad over this whole incident! Let’s move on and come to a peaceful resolution!

Next week, the ladies are all struggling with their relationships. Monique was charged with assault. PHEW, it is getting super real now. See you all next week and take care!