Jeff Lewis Reveals New Custody Issues With Ex Gage Edward, Plus Flipping Out Star Talks Being “Badly Swollen and Bruised” After Surgery and His Plans Not to Stay Sober

by Lindsay Cronin Comments

Jeff Lewis Reveals New Custody Issues With Ex Gage Edward, Plus Flipping Out Star Talks Being "Badly Swollen and Bruised" After Surgery and His Plans Not to Stay Sober

Jeff Lewis and his former boyfriend, Gage Edward, don’t seem to have made any forward progress in their roles as co-parents to their four-year-old daughter, Monroe.

Nearly two years after calling it quits, the former Flipping Out cast member opened up about his ongoing custodial issues with Gage and called his ex out for mistreating him in front of their child before offering an update on his recent back surgery.

“[Gage] never misses an opportunity to be an a**hole,” Jeff began on a recent episode of Jeff Lewis Live.

During his Radio Andy show, Jeff revealed that Monroe was supposed to be dropped off to his staff at home, including nanny Zoila Chavez, on Saturday after spending the previous four days with her other dad.

“I made sure I had people here to receive her,” Jeff explained.

However, ahead of his two-hour drive from Palm Springs, Gage made it clear that he would not be returning Monroe to Jeff’s home until Jeff himself was present.

“He wrote, ‘Unless you are physically back in town, I won’t have my daughter sitting with staff,'” Jeff shared. “[But] I’m paying people to be here who she knows. I had everything organized. They were going to feed her, bath her, and let her acclimate because when she comes home she’s tired.”

“I don’t see how you can drop her off three hours late. It’s exhausting and it’s just like, ‘Why? Why are you doing this?'” he continued.

Jeff went on to reveal that lately, he’s been noticing an increase in hostility from Gage, even during interactions that take place in front of their daughter.

“I’m always very careful about what I say in front of her. I’m always very friendly and respectful to him in front of her. But yesterday when he picked her up, I went out and said, ‘Thanks for picking her up,’ because I couldn’t drive. And I said, ‘If you need to pick her up tomorrow at noon, I can have Shane drive if that helps you,'” Jeff recalled.

“He doesn’t even look at me in the eye. He just ignores me,” he went on. “And I’m thinking, ‘Our daughter is seeing this. You’re so blatantly rude and disrespectful and frankly, hostile, in front of her and you don’t think she’s going to pick this up?’ It’s a no-win situation.”

Jeff was also upset to learn that Monroe would not be able to spend time with his family on Christmas Eve.

“He specifically won’t let me have her on Christmas Eve, even though his family is in Arizona. I begged him,” Jeff admitted. “I said, ‘This is the only time my family gets together. She wants to see her grandparents.'”

During another segment of the radio show, Jeff said he’s doing well after undergoing back surgery earlier this month.

“It looks like I got run over by a bus. It’s pretty badly swollen and bruised but I’m feeling okay,” he shared. “They did a lumbar decompression. I had a pinched nerve. I don’t have the nerve tingling anymore and I didn’t realize how much that was keeping me up at night. So I’ve been sleeping like a rock.”

As for his sobriety, Jeff said that while he isn’t drinking at the moment, he has no plans to keep it that way.

“I had the surgery and I have been sober four nights. So I’m back on my sober journey, honestly, until I’m off meds. I don’t want to mix the meds,” he explained.