David Beador Admits He Threatened to Sue Ex Shannon Beador For “Hate and Lies” She’s Spread About Wife Lesley and Suggests RHOC Star Puts Fame Before Their Kids

by Lindsay Cronin Comments

David Beador Reveals He Threatened To Sue Shannon For The "Hate And Lies" She's Spread About Wife Lesley And Suggests RHOC Star Puts Fame Before Their Kids

David Beador is revealing he once threatened to sue his former wife, Shannon Beador, over the harmful things she said about his new wife, Lesley Cook.

After listening to the latest episode of Jeff Lewis‘ SiriusXM Radio show, Jeff Lewis Live, the former The Real Housewives of Orange County cast member, slammed his ex-wife for continuing to spew “hate and lies” about Lesley before seemingly accusing her of putting fame ahead of their three daughters.

“I’ve requested Shannon stop talking about Lesley and I multiple times including threatening to sue her,” David told Us Weekly on March 30. “Lesley is not, and never was, on a reality TV show, although she’d be far more entertaining. She does not deserve the hate and lies, my ex-wife puts out there about her. Lesley’s kids do not deserve it.”

During an episode of Jeff Lewis Live last week, Shannon confirmed that, despite Lesley’s denial, she had sent a gift to her and David for their new baby, Anna. Then, earlier this week, after Lesley suddenly discovered the gift and shared a video of herself opening it on Instagram, Jeff suggested that Shannon felt Lesley had been lying from the get-go.

As Jeff shared, Shannon had reportedly told him, “I would never put a card in a gift without an envelope. It’s been opened before.”

Also during the episode, Jeff read angry messages he allegedly received from David in response to his statements on the show.

“You and Shannon are so f-cking boring. All you can do is talk about me and my wife. You f-cking loser. You think you’d get not putting kids in the middle, but it’s been so long. I forgot what a money-hungry chump you are. Guess you can’t see putting the kids in the middle as you and Shannon are two peas in a pod. Too self-absorbed and selfish to get the effect your words have on the kids,” David reportedly wrote, giving a nod to his and Shannon’s three girls, Stella, 19, and twins Adeline and Sophie, 16.

Continuing to Us Weekly, David again accused Shannon of putting their kids in the middle of their drama before seemingly accusing her of prioritizing fame.

“[Shannon] does not worry about the negative impact her lies create with my kids as she tries to maintain her ‘status’ as a reality TV personality with little to nothing to give except stories about her ex-husband and his wife,” he alleged.