RHONJ Star Joe Giudice Alleges Joe Gorga Stole His Dad’s Money, Claims Melissa Gorga Was Only Supportive of the Family When Cameras Were Rolling

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RHONJ's Joe Giudice Claims Joe Gorga Stole His Dad's Money and Caused His Parents to Lose "Everything," Plus Says Melissa Gorga Was Only Supportive of the Family When Cameras Were Rolling

Joe Giudice is fighting back after being accused of putting Teresa Giudice and Joe Gorga‘s mom in her grave.

Following a dramatic encounter between the Gorgas and his ex-wife on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, during which the Gorgas claimed Giudice divided their family, Giudice accused Gorga of stealing his father‘s money and causing him and his mother to lose their home.

“The only person that hurt Teresa and Joe’s dad was Joe Gorga,” Joe told Celebuzz earlier this week. “He took money from his dad. The parents lost their home because of Joe Gorga and had [to] rent… The parents lost everything because of Joe Gorga.”

According to Giudice, Teresa made family her number one priority as Gorga made money his.

“[He and Melissa Gorga] trashed me to get to top but don’t talk about how he stole from his father, sister, employees, and business,” Giudice alleged. “Her brother always came between us and the parents.”

As for Melissa, Giudice said she was only helpful if RHONJ cameras were there to capture her good deeds.

“Melissa marched in and took over always causing friction to be a star! Melissa never went to check on the girls. She did it only when the camera was rolling,” he revealed.

While the Gorgas reportedly took advantage of and neglected his and Teresa’s parents, Giudice said he and Teresa stepped up to care for them.

“That is why we were close. She cared for her parents but Joe never helped,” Giudice stated. “I never hurt her mom. Teresa and I took her to doctors and hospitals not Joe or Melissa. We cared for her. [Gorga] never helped his mother while she sick. He never showed up while in hospital.”

Giudice went on to accuse Gorga of putting his family down before claiming he’s been banned from Home Depot after being accused of shoplifting years ago, which he denied.

“Teresa really did try to work it out for parents but Joe Gorga always put down her family,” Giudice added. “He tries to tear her down to look good. There is a reason Joe Gorga isn’t allowed in Home Depot.”

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