Ramona Singer Explains Accidentally Posting 6-Figure Bank Balance on Instagram, Says Eboni K. Williams Has a “Strong Personality” and Teases “Tough” Relationships on RHONY

by Lindsay Cronin

 Ramona Singer Explains How She Accidentally Posted Bank Account Information on Instagram, Says Eboni K.Williams Has a “Strong Personality” and Teases “Tough” Relationships on RHONY Season 13

Ramona Singer is finally explaining why she posted her private financial information to her Instagram account not once but twice in recent months.

After first revealing what led her to share a bank account screenshot on her Stories in March, Ramona opened up about her new Real Housewives of New York City castmate, Eboni K. Williams, saying that while the attorney was “tough” on both her and Luann de Lesseps, they actually had a lot in common.

“I was trying to do an Insta Story about how I liked how my hair looked,” Ramona recalled to Us Weekly on April 28, blaming her latest mishap on a software “update.”

“Instead what posted was my bank account, because somehow that came from the photos … I don’t know how,” she continued. “That was a photo for my assistant to show that I got paid from one of the accounts for doing Instagram Stories … [it] was easier for me to take a screenshot and send it to him than to write out the information.”

As RHONY fans may have seen, Ramona first shared and deleted a bizarre screenshot of an $11,923 calculation in January.

“Never take a screenshot of something unless you want it public. That’s my lesson,” Ramona said, looking back. “At least you know I have money in my account! There you go.”

While Ramona and her castmates filmed the upcoming episodes amid the coronavirus pandemic last year, they still had fun.

“People think our show is scripted. It’s not scripted,” she explained. “I planned the Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany’s [party], and I enlisted my girlfriend to decorate the table. It’s very exotic, over the top. And [Leah McSweeney] did a Burning Man party.”

In a separate interview with Us Weekly, Ramona, who was seen feuding with Eboni in the trailer, admitted Eboni has a “very strong personality” and can be “a little tough.”

“She got tough with me, tough with [Luann de Lesseps], but that’s OK. I can take your tough,” Ramona shared.

Luckily, despite their tiffs, Ramona said she and Eboni had “a lot of similarities” and “meshed” with one another as soon as filming began.

“We both are self-made, we both put ourselves through college. We both speak our mind,” Ramona explained. “I meshed with her immediately. She and I were both surprised how well we just clicked together.”

Eboni joined the RHONY cast last year as the first Black cast member.

“New York is a melting pot. I think it was the perfect time to bring her in,” Ramona said of the added diversity.

Although Ramona loved to see Eboni join the show, the two of them butted heads after Eboni called out Ramona for referring to house staff as “the help.”

“What I said was, ‘I can’t remember the names of the people who help me.’ … I don’t have a staff. I have people who help me,” Ramona explained. “We had a conversation about it, and she liked the fact that I was opening to listening and open to learning, which I always am. She’s opened my eyes to a lot of different things and I’m happy for that because I love learning. Life is about learning, always growing.”

Ramona also told the outlet that season 13 was the “most fascinating” season yet.

“It’s really interesting and fun,” she noted, also saying, “Well, it’s not always fun.”

The Real Housewives of New York City season 13 premieres on Tuesday, May 4, at 9/8c on Bravo.

Photos Credit: lev radin/Shutterstock, Instagram