Crystal Kung-Minkoff on Where She Stands With Sutton Stracke Today After Their Feud, Clarifies Comment About RHOBH Costar Dorit Kemsley and Responds to Sutton’s Apology

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Crystal Kung-Minkoff Shares Update on Sutton Stracke After Drama, Dishes on Being RHOBH’s First Asian Housewife and Clarifies Comment About Dorit Kemsley

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Crystal Kung-Minkoff and Sutton Stracke got off to a rocky start on the 11th season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. But where do they stand today?

During an interview on Wednesday, Crystal offered an update on her relationship with Sutton before sharing her thoughts on being the first Asian cast member, on-camera discussions about race, and the comment she made about not knowing Dorit Kemsley.

During the most recent episode of the RHOBH, Crystal and Sutton butted heads after Sutton seemingly shut down Crystal for talking about her experience with racial discrimination. Sutton has since issued a public apology as she admitted she was “disrespectful” to Crystal during their conversation.

“We go through a rollercoaster in our friendship and that’s part of the show,” Crystal told Access Hollywood of herself and Sutton while attending an RHOBH viewing party at Kathy Hilton‘s home on May 26. “What’s interesting about being in this environment is no one is keeping things in. It’s all out there and you have to deal with it.”

Although Crystal said Sutton was the biggest pot-stirrer of the season, she also confirmed she is in a good place with Sutton and the rest of the cast today.

“We’re in a good place [now],” Crystal confirmed.

She even gained an appreciation for Sutton’s insult about her “ugly leather pants.”

“They’re amazing leather pants. I’d wear them every day if I could. I laugh at it. I messaged her. I was like, ‘I stan that. That was a funny comment,’” Crystal admitted.

While her role on RHOBH has come with its fair share of challenges, Crystal said she’s excited to be the series’ first Asian cast member.

“I have to say, getting so much response about representation and all that has made me feel like I have a purpose now in that world. It’s been really great. And I’m so excited to be someone of AAPI that’s on TV,” she shared.

As for the conversations she and her castmates had about race during production on season 11, Crystal said she preferred to engage in organic discussions.

“I don’t like to push it on people. It’s not an everyday conversation unless it has to be but if it comes up organically, I’m right there,” she revealed. “I love to share my story in a positive way. It’s not about arguing. It’s about showing it through culture, food, events, so I think there’s a way to do it in a positive way.”

Also during the interview, Crystal addressed her comment about not knowing Dorit, explaining that while she knew of her because of the show, she had never met her face-to-face.

“I’ve never met Dorit. I saw the show but I didn’t know her. She was not in my circle. I didn’t know her! But I love Dorit and she knows that,” she stated.

And just moments ago, Crystal also took to Instagram to respond to Sutton’s recent apology to her.

“Thank you, Sutton. Your apology means a lot to me, and I’m sure it means a lot to many others with similar lived experiences, ” wrote Crystal under Sutton’s post on May 28. “Asian Americans are often expected not to share their opinions, but despite this stereotype, I believe that everyone deserves to be heard.”

She continued, “I consciously re-wired myself to be outspoken and share my feelings whenever possible and I encourage my children to do the same. Now that my platform has grown, I feel I have a duty to speak up for others who don’t yet feel safe using their own voices. Listening to one another and validating our different experiences and perspectives are how we will all grow as individuals, and as a society. Thank you for that commitment, Sutton. ❤”

Crystal Kung Minkoff responds to Sutton's apology

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