Erika Jayne Reacts to Telling Post About Tom’s Dementia and Tweets Slamming RHOBH Producers Over Shady Edits After Alleged Footage Swap

by Lindsay Cronin
'RHOBH' Star Erika Jayne 'Likes' Posts About Thomas Girardi's Dementia and Producers' Shady Edits After Alleged Garcelle Beauvais Footage Swap

Credit: Eugene Powers/Shutterstock

Erika Jayne doesn’t seem too happy with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills producers.

After Lisa Rinna revealed Erika had gotten into a screaming match with a producer during the latest episode of the series, which appeared to show Erika having a breakdown over Garcelle Beauvais‘ alleged betrayal, Erika not only reposted Lisa’s since-deleted Instagram Story, but she also reacted to her drama with producers on Twitter.

Following a “liked” post about estranged husband Thomas Girardi‘s dementia, which has been questioned by many, Erika began “liking” other tweets about the RHOBH production team and their reported “dirty” games.

“He may have started with onset dementia and the head injury fast forwarded into stage 5,” Erika’s first “liked” message read. “I’ve dealt with dementia family members in my home. Tom fits that pattern. My [heart] goes out to Erika, she is telling the truth about him.”

In a second post, another fan shared a link from Page Six in which the outlet accused producers of pulling a fast one with Garcelle by copying and pasting footage to make it look like Erika was angry and accusing her of betrayal when Erika’s actual aggressions were aimed at production.

“My god to what lengths are they willing to go for good ratings? [Erika Jayne] contigo fuerza!” the second “liked” post, which translated to “with you strength,” stated.

RHOBH Erika Jayne Likes Posts About Dementia and Garcelle Beauvais

A third message shared by a fan and “liked” by Erika said she received no credit for being open and honest with the cameras.

“Y’all wouldn’t give Erika any credit for opening up and sharing her story, this woman is going thru hell, imagine if it was Denise, Garcelle or bobby fisher y’all would be praising them,” the tweet stated.

Erika Jayne Likes Post Suggesting She Got No Credit for Being Open on RHOBH

Then, a fourth “liked” tweet, which included Lisa’s Story, accused production of doing Erika dirty by forcing Garcelle to bring up her communication with Thomas to the other women.

“Wow production really did Erika wrong! So they basically made Garcelle ask Erika that question about Tom when Erika didn’t even say it in front of Garcelle! That’s dirty!” the fan wrote.

Erika Jayne Likes Post Saying RHOBH Producers Did Her Wrong

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