Lala Kent Drops Randall Emmett as Podcast Co-Host Amid Split as Vanderpump Rules Star Admits She’s “Going Through a Lot” and is Determined to “Protect [Her] Child”

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Pump Rules' Lala Kent Removes Randall as Podcast Co-Host, Admits She's "Going Through a Lot" and is Determined to "Protect [Her] Child" Amid Split

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Lala Kent was without ex-fiance Randall Emmett on the latest episode of their previously joint podcast, Give Them Lala… With Randall.

After featuring a pre-recorded message of the two of them interviewing actor Jesse Metcalfe last week, the Vanderpump Rules cast member returned to her show on Wednesday, where she revealed a temporary name for the podcast and discussed how she’s coping with her split.

“Welcome to the Give Them Lala… with Jessica podcast today,” Lala announced at the start of the November 3 episode of Give Them Lala… With Randall, which is still the show’s listed name on Apple Podcasts. “I’m excited for today’s podcast.”

While Lala told listeners that she did want to address the recent end of her relationship with Randall, who has been accused of cheating on her in Nashville, she wasn’t ready to do so publicly.

“I obviously want to acknowledge that I’m sure everyone knows what is going on between Randall and myself and just in my personal life. There will be a time I feel comfortable enough to open up and share. Today is definitely not that day,” she began. “It’s been a lot. I’m going through a lot, and I just at this point in time want to protect my child. She’s my number one priority.”

After getting engaged in September 2018, Lala and Randall welcomed daughter Ocean Kent Emmett in March.

“I know what I signed up for. I’m on a reality television show. But in this moment, it’s not about me. It is about my kid, and privacy is the only thing I’m looking for, for her sake,” Lala continued. “And with that being said, I’m putting my steps into play that we work on in AA, which is ‘One day at a time.’ Sometimes it’s one minute at a time, and that doesn’t just apply to me with drinking, which, surprisingly, even with everything that’s going on, I feel, like, I’ve never felt stronger in my sobriety.”

With over three years of sobriety under her belt, Lala feels confident in her ability to remain sober despite her drama with Randall, but she said she’s been calling her sponsor each day.

“I told [my sponsor], I was like, ‘It’s so weird because I feel strong in my sobriety as it is. But with everything that’s going on, I don’t know how that’s the last thing on my mind,’” she recalled.

When Lala’s podcast co-host of the day, Jessica, proceeded to ask her how she’s holding up, Lala said she feels not only “strong” but “hopeful.”

“It’s weird, because I, for the first time, have no idea what my future holds. I don’t know what each day is going to look like and for a really long time, I’ve had a schedule where everything is planned out. And I’m kind of just letting the universe take control of my life and place me where I need to be. I’m praying often and I’m just putting it in God’s hands,” she shared.

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