Ariana Madix on Why Pump Rules Filming Needs to Start “Immediately,” Katie and Schwartz’s Split, and Sandwich Shop, Plus Sandoval Talks New Bar and Fans’ Misconceptions

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Ariana Madix on Why Pump Rules Filming Needs to Start "Immediately," Katie and Schwartz's Split, and Her Sandwich Shop, Plus Sandoval Talks Schwartz & Sandy's

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Ariana Madix is ready to get started on Vanderpump Rules season 10.

Weeks after Bravo officially renewed the long-running Real Housewives of Beverly Hills spinoff, Ariana attended the MTV Movie and TV Awards, where she explained why cameras need to begin rolling “immediately,” reacted to Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz‘s impending divorce, and offered an update on her sandwich shop.

“[Katie and Schwartz are] both coming back to my knowledge and I mean, a lot of stuff has already been going on. I’m almost like, ‘You need to start filming immediately,'” Ariana said during an interview with Extra TV.

Although Ariana denied that her relationship with Tom Sandoval was impacted by the news of Katie and Tom’s breakup, she did say that it “puts things into perspective.”

“You sometimes get complacent or take things for granted then you realize, ‘Oh my gosh. You could be together for a really long time and still that doesn’t mean that that’s forever,'” she noted as she and Sandoval confirmed they did not see the split coming.

“I honestly did not. I was completely in shock,” Sandoval admitted.

According to Ariana, her and Katie’s sandwich shop, which was first discussed on Pump Rules season nine, is “coming along,” although they’re in need of investors after cutting ties with Lala Kent‘s ex, Randall Emmett, who was previously in discussions to help them.

“We really crystallized our vision and all of our numbers have been crunched so now we just need some people to invest,” Ariana revealed.

Meanwhile, as she and Katie attempt to get their sandwich shop off the ground, so to speak, Sandoval and Schwartz are preparing for the opening of their new bar, Schwartz & Sandy’s.

“The bar is going great. We’re a little less than two months out. It’s been a huge learning experience. Me and Schwartz definitely like to learn things the hard way it seems sometimes but we’ve learned things and I’m just excited for it to be open. It’s going to be great,” Sandoval teased.

Also during the interview, Ariana and Sandoval were asked about the biggest misconception fans have about them.

“I think on-camera they see that I don’t get dressed up and look good all the time but that we really, we spend our days kind of at home with our dogs, hanging out. I just feel like we’re very low-key,” Ariana shared.

As for Sandoval, he added, “I think sometimes people think when I’m joking about something that I’m actually being serious so they take that fully seriously when a lot of times I’m just a very sarcastic person. And also… on reality TV, people think it’s this easy thing and it’s not. You always are putting yourself out there. You have to own everything you have to wear that, like an outfit, all the time.”