Erika Jayne Reacts to ‘Unverified’ Lawsuit Allegedly Linking Her and Tom Girardi to $27.4 Billion Fraud Scandal, Plus Live Viewing Thread

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Thomas Girardi Facing Deportation After He and Erika Stole Millions From CEO While Aided and Abetted by Bank of America and Merrill Lynch, Plus Mauricio and Rick Hilton Are Tied to $27.4 Billion Fraud Scandal

A bizarre and unverified lawsuit is accusing two major banks of teaming up with Thomas Girardi amid his allegedly massive fraud scheme against his past clients.

Reality Blurb has been unable to verify any of the allegations made in this lawsuit, and attorney Ronald Richards, who worked on the bankruptcy case of Girardi Keese in 2021, reacted to the lawsuit — suggesting that the allegations against Erika and Thomas are unverified.

“This was a paid PR release,” he noted. “The lawsuit allegations have never been verified by any legitimate commentator or reporter. We have gotten many inquiries on this matter. We have no comment as anyone can file a suit.”

Ronald Richards Comments on Lawsuit Claiming Erika Jayne Posed as Widow to Steal Money

Below are the details of this unverified lawsuit, as well as Erika’s reaction, plus Ronald’s statement to Reality Blurb about it.

As once-famed attorney, Tom, and his estranged Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member wife, Erika Jayne, continue to be accused of using funds from his now-defunct law firm, Girardi Keese, to sustain their luxurious lifestyle, a new report alleges the organizations “aided and abetted” the couple in an absolutely shocking financial attack on Nicholas Phipps White, the Chairman and CEO of The Hollywood Land Development Company LLC.

According to a report from, Nicholas filed a lawsuit in 2021 against Bank of America, N.A. and Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner and Smith Incorporated, claiming his Sovereign Towers settlement, worth a reported $27.459 billion, was put into an account that Erika was granted full access to.

In addition to funds from his settlement being used to purchase the infamous Spelling Manor, previously owned by the late Aaron Spelling, on July 2, 2019, much of the money was placed into a global consumer account.

In the alleged “unopposed” lawsuit, the defendants, listed as Bank of America CEO Brian T. Moynihan and Merrill Lynch President Andrew Sieg, are accused of allowing the account to be opened one month prior to the sale with a fraudulent Italian passport and a forged birth certificate by Thomas, which named Thomas as Nicholas’ father. There was also a fraudulent marriage certificate involved, which cited Erika of RHOBH under the name “Erika White,” who was supposedly Nicholas’ late wife.

Because Bank of America and Merrill Lynch allegedly accepted these fraudulent documents of Thomas and Erika and put Erika in charge of the account containing Nicholas’ settlement funds, they are being accused of aiding and abetting the couple.

In addition to allegedly putting Erika, who was allegedly posing as Erika White, in charge of the account and allowing her to spend from it as she pleased, the organizations are also being accused of issuing more than 25 unauthorized debit cards to her, which she then handed out to friends, political figures, and other associates.

There was also an alleged unauthorized wire transfer from the account in the amount of $119,750,000, which was used to purchase the Spelling Manor. And in a further shocking development, the home had been co-listed by The Agency, which is owned by Mauricio Umansky, the husband of Erika’s RHOBH co-star, Kyle Richards.

Nicholas, even though he had no idea the home had been purchased, alleges he was then forced to pay utility bills for the home, which were as high as $29,932.70 per month, as Thomas and Erika’s friends and associates used the property for entertaining.

The suit then claims the home was listed by Erika, who was posing as Erika White, but later suspended once Nicholas learned of, and reported, the ongoing fraud and demanded the closure of the account and the return of his funds.

Amid the allegations, Erika shared a post on her Instagram Story in which she seemingly shot down claims of having posed as Nicholas’ supposed late wife, asking, “Who is ‘Erika White’?”

RHOBH Erika Jayne Reacts to Claims of Posing as Erika White to Steal Money

And while the report suggested Thomas, who they claimed was born in Italy and moved to the United States in 1954, had “expired” immigration papers and was facing a potential deportation, a la Joe Giudice, Ronald told Reality Blurb the statements were “all bs.”

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