Erika Jayne Accused of Inconsistencies as RHOBH Co-Stars Face Possible Depositions, Plus Thomas Girardi’s Law Firm Reportedly Spent “Hundreds of Thousands” on Jewelry as Erika’s Attorney Speaks

by Lindsay Cronin Comments

Attorney Claims Thomas Girardi’s Law Firm Spent "Hundreds of Thousands" on Jewelry Purchase as Erika Jayne is Accused of Making Inconsistent Statements on RHOBH

Erika Jayne is being accused of making inconsistent statements about the finances of her and her estranged husband, Thomas Girardi, on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

As attorney Ronald Richards continues to investigate her finances as part of the bankruptcy proceedings against her husband, Erika is being accused of contradicting herself as the alleged jewelry purchases of Thomas’ law firm, Girardi Keese, are pulled into question.

“There’s a lot of inconsistent statements and admissions made by the non-scripted actors that we’re putting together to use in court,” Ronald told Us Weekly on July 30, noting that his team is “going to take discovery from people that used to work for her.”

Although the outlet said there was no timetable for when Erika, her former employees, and her RHOBH co-stars could potentially be called to court for questioning, Ronald confirmed she would be deposed at some point in the future.

“There’s a lot of things we’re still trying to uncover,” he explained. “We are going to be deposing her (Erika) at some point, but I want to get all the documents first. What’s important right now is following the money.”

When Ronald was then asked if he was “seeing a lot of inconsistencies with the story” being told on the Bravo reality series in regard to the finances of Erika and Thomas, he said, “That’s correct.”

Ronald went on to say that there are $25 million in receivables “on the firm’s tax return that’s directed to one of her companies, EJ Global” before noting that receivables doesn’t necessarily mean money.

According to a second Us Weekly report, Ronald revealed that while Erika did comply to a recent order demanding she turn over her financial records, there are certain things still missing from her files.

“She’s been turning it over, but we’re having some discovery disputes as to what’s been redacted and stuff like that,” he stated.

Amid his investigation of Erika, Ronald uncovered records suggesting funds from Girardi Keese funds were used to buy jewelry.

“We saw jewelry payments that the firm has bought from a jeweler,” he said, sharing that the purchases were in the “hundreds of thousands of dollars” range and noting that his team hasn’t “sourced it to Erika yet.”

“We don’t know who else Mr. Girardi would be buying jewelry for, but, you know, jewelry doesn’t come with certificates of title, so we still need to explore that,” he added.

In response to Ronald’s latest claims against her, Erika’s attorney, Evan C. Borges, told Us Weekly, “Everything Erika did is legitimate. No assets are hidden. Erika is allowed to move on with her life.”

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