Lisa Rinna Deletes Bravo’s Anti-Bullying Post and Shares Why, Addresses Not Having ‘RHOBH’ on Instagram Page, and Says Her Kids Are Being Threatened

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Lisa Rinna on Removing Bravo's Anti-Harassment Post, Never Posting "Anything" About RHOBH Again, and Why Show's Hashtag Isn't on Socials

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Lisa Rinna is explaining why she removed Bravo’s statement against their network’s viewers’ harassment of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Garcelle Beauvais‘ son, Jax Nilon, and other show’s cast members and their families.

After being called out for deleting the post, as well as many other show-related shares, Lisa took to her Instagram page to reveal what happened to the Bravo statement. She also vowed never to discuss the series on her pages again and clarified the absence of the show’s hashtag on her social media accounts.

“I archived it that’s all. I’ve been keeping my social page very edited if you will notice. I’m keeping it very positive non negative and fashion and fun. I don’t want anything negative on my grid and since my own children are being threatened as we speak I felt it’s best to archive it,” Lisa wrote in a message to her fans and followers on August 29.

She then said that because the statement “did nothing” to help, she didn’t see why she should keep it posted.

“Our children are getting dealt threats. All of our children. It’s gone beyond and I need to keep my family safe now. I will no longer be saying or posting anything about the show,” Lisa added.

RHOBH Lisa Rinna Explains Why the Bravo Statement About Harassing Kids Was Removed

In another post, Lisa seemed to address swirling rumors of an impending cast shakeup, which could result in her own exit from the show.

“I was Lisa F-cking Rinna before [RHOBH] and I’ll be Lisa F-cking Rinna after,” she declared, along with a red carpet photo of herself in a racy sheer dress.

Lisa then noted that when it comes to the show hashtag, it was never on her profile to begin with.

“I never had RHOBH anywhere on my Instagram in my profile and I have recently edited my Instagram page for fashion fun and family. I took away 8000 photos I did that about [three] weeks ago if you go and look there’s still housewife stuff on there from the reunion from the wine scene in Provence… dancing in Provence,” she noted.

Lisa Rinna Explains Removal of RHOBH Hashtag on Instagram

Lisa’s explanation came after Bravo and Cocktails on Instagram posted a couple of screenshots on their Story in which they noted she “definitely cleared her IG.”

“She’s at 190 posts now,” the page explained in their first post. “She was very recently at 376 posts, per Social Blade.”

Then, in a second, they said Lisa had cleared her Twitter page as well.

Currently, Lisa offers no mention of RHOBH on her Twitter page, instead describing herself as an “actress, host, NY Times Best Selling Author, wife of Harry Hamlin, mother of two beauties, and creator of Rinna Beauty.”

Lisa Rinna Accused of Swiping RHOBH From Social Media

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