Southern Charm’s Leva Bonaparte on How Paige “Changed” Craig, Where She Stands With Madison, and Being “Disappointed” by Austen, Plus “Losing Respect” for Venita

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Southern Charm's Leva Bonaparte on How Paige "Changed" Craig, Where She Stands With Madison, and Being "Disappointed" by Austen, Plus "Losing Respect" for Venita

Leva Bonaparte believes Paige DeSorbo has “changed” Craig Conover.

Just over a year into Craig’s romance with the Summer House cast member, his Southern Charm co-star is explaining how she believes Craig, as well as his relationship with ex-girlfriend Naomie Olindo, has been impacted by the romance and opening up about where she stands with Madison LeCroy and the rest of the cast after their heated finale.

“Absolutely,” Leva told Us Weekly of whether or not Craig has changed since the start of his relationship with Paige in September 2021 on September 29. “I think he’s changed. His fashion’s a lot better!”

According to Leva, Craig “likes to please the person that he’s dating, and he likes to keep that person happy.” So, when it comes to many of his decisions, several of which were seen on Southern Charm, and had a negative impact on Naomie, Leva believes he’s influenced by his efforts to avoid drama with Paige.

“I do think that she is looking out for Craig, but she doesn’t always have the context,” Leva explained. “And I do think that he tries to keep her happy, but Craig doesn’t wanna hurt feelings. So, he doesn’t always say, like, ‘Hey, it makes Paige unhappy if I go to lunch with you, Naomie.’ That’s all you have to say, Craig.”

“I think Craig is not the best at communicating when it’s his own feelings,” she continued. “He can be a great mediator, and he’s great at advice, but when it comes down to him, it’s like he couldn’t just say, ‘This is how I feel, these are my boundaries.’ And instead, it would come out [as him] screaming at Naomie, and poor Naomie doesn’t deserve that.”

While things remain tense between Leva and Craig, Leva did reconcile with Madison, and re-followed her on social media, after their finale encounter.

“[Madison] came to my birthday [in May] and apologized to me,” Leva confirmed to Page Six.  “So we’re heading down a road, you know, whereas, like the others, did not [apologize].”

As for the rest of the cast, including Austen Kroll, Venita Aspen, and Kathryn Dennis, who she also unfollowed after the finale, along with Paige, seemingly because they sided with Craig, ill feelings remain.

“It boiled down to them sort of piling on with Craig,” she explained. “When Craig was sort of just like in his screaming thing, then they were like, ‘Oh, we hate her.’”

According to Leva, she’s “disappointed” in Austen.

“Where’s that for me while he’s screaming at me? I do think that Craig is a force, and sometimes people can get a little scared to speak up when he’s like in his place,” she said.

Leva also “lost respect” for Venita after feeling that her castmate “turned on” her during the argument.

“[And] Kathryn and I probably just should not follow [each other], to be honest, at this point,” she added.

The two-part Southern Charm season eight reunion begins airing Thursday, October 6, at 8/7c on Bravo.