Lisa Barlow on How Mary and Jennie’s Exits Impacted RHOSLC Season 3, Talks Meredith Drama, and Family Issues, Plus Live Viewing

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Lisa Barlow on How Mary and Jennie's Exits Impacted RHOSLC Season 3, Wanting "Repair" With Meredith, and Whitney Friendship, Plus Sharing Family Issues on Show

Lisa Barlow is admitting that when it came to filming Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season three without former cast members Mary Cosby and Jennie Nguyen, she and her co-stars were met with some challenges.

Before addressing her evolving relationships with Meredith Marks and Whitney Rose, admitting she was “rooting” for Jen Shah, and dishing on her family issues being seen on the show, Lisa said that the start of season three was “complicated” due to the absences of Mary and Jennie.

“It started off so complicated with Jennie leaving [after a racism scandal] and then you know, just lots of dynamic shifts with Mary leaving too,” Lisa revealed during a September 28 interview on New York Live. “It was a harder season to shoot, but there’s also big wins in it like new friendships, new things develop. You get to learn a little bit more about all of us, and I think that’s where you’re gonna connect with us a little more.”

As she began filming season three earlier this year, Lisa hoped she and Meredith could make amends following her controversial hot mic moment of season two.

“I came into the season with the best intentions for repair. After the reunion, I apologized to her again when we all went out to dinner and I started the season thinking, like, ‘Maybe we can get back to where we were,’” Lisa recalled. “I know the hot mic moment was rough [but] I considered her a great friend.”

Although Lisa had a “rough” go-around with Meredith, she was able to get to a better place with Whitney amid season three. In fact, the two of them established quite a close relationship and have been spending time with one another off-camera since filming wrapped.

“Whitney and I have seen each other a lot during this off season and I’ve enjoyed it,” Lisa admitted. “Our families have gotten together, like, our husbands, [Justin Rose], me, [John Barlow], and Whitney have hung out, so that’s been a lot of fun.”

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for Lisa and Heather Gay.

As Lisa explained, she always feels like the dynamic between the two of them is “good,” only to find out that Heather has bad-mouthed her in confessionals.

“I see her in her confessionals and I’m like, ‘Okay, we’re back to season one,’” she noted.

As for Jen’s guilty plea in July, Lisa found it “interesting.”

“I think we were all rooting for Jen. I was planning on being in New York for her for her trial but my relationship with Jen has always been based on how Jen treats me, extraneous from her legal issues, so I was more looking at her as my friend and not so much the legal issues,” she explained. “But it was interesting.”

When Lisa was then asked if exposing her family matters, including son Jack Barlow‘s potential decision to forgo college, which was teased in the trailer, was helpful, she noted that the Barlows are the “exact same off-camera as [they are] on-camera.”

“That conversation with Jack, I left in tears. I was so upset with him,” she recalled. “[But] it’s good to watch back because the way we sometimes remember things is different from how they happen and even with my husband, like, we’ll have conversations and I’m like, ‘He’s so amazing. He’s so north and grounded.’”

“I think I recognize and literally value him so much after watching the show,” she added.

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