Kyle Richards Addresses Gay Slur Allegations Against Sister Kathy Hilton, Denies Knowing About Kathy “Setup” on RHOBH

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Kyle Richards Denies Involvement in a Kathy Hilton “Setup” on RHOBH and Addresses Gay Slur Allegations Against Sister

Kyle Richards is reacting to Kathy Hilton‘s claim that she was targeted with a setup by Erika Jayne and Lisa Rinna amid The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 12.

After Kathy told TMZ that “people from the show” confirmed the setup and said “everybody knows” the women were conspiring against her, Kyle shared her thoughts on the matter before reacting to the handling of the homophobic slur allegations Erika made against her sister at the reunion.

“I’ve never been told by anybody ever to set anybody up, so I’m not sure where that came from,” Kyle told Insider. “I didn’t have that conversation. I don’t know. I can’t speak for them. [But] through these 12 years of being on the show, many people have said they were set up, they felt set up, or they were told they’re set up.”

According to Kyle, she believes a lot of mistakes were made amid the 12th season of RHOBH, including ones made by Kathy.

“I think that a lot of people made mistakes throughout this whole thing and Kathy admitted to making mistakes,” Kyle said, signaling to the horrible things Kathy confessed to saying about her during her outburst in Aspen.

As RHOBH fans will recall, Kyle accepted her sister’s apology amid the season after Lisa exposed details of her alleged “psychotic break,” but the drama didn’t end there. Instead, the allegations against Kathy continued, with Erika accusing her of hurling a gay slur at an Aspen nightclub at the reunion.

Following Erika’s accusations, human resources conducted an investigation that was ultimately deemed “inconclusive,” and Kathy lashed out.

“Those two are desperate for a storyline. They’ll throw anybody under the bus,” she told TMZ of Erika and Lisa.

As for Kyle, she said, in regard to the homophobic slur allegations, “I think that it was just handled wrong across the board.”

“I didn’t think it needed to get to this level at all. But here we are. [And] that’s a part of reality television,” she explained. “That’s the downside, it’s certainly not fun and games all the time and it’s unfortunate.”