Blogger Accuses Lisa Rinna of Trying to ‘Expose’ Kathy Hilton Meltdown Story Before It Was Leaked, Says They Have “Proof” After RHOBH Star Blocked Them

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RHOBH's Lisa Rinna is Accused of Trying to "Push" Kathy Meltdown Story Before It Was Leaked by Fan Who Says They Have "Proof"

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Lisa Rinna is being accused of attempting to push her Kathy Hilton meltdown story on Instagram prior to it being leaked to the press.

Just days after Kyle Richards was seen claiming Erika Jayne‘s publicist was behind the leaks, claiming she and Lisa wanted the Kathy story out there to take the heat off Erika, who was, and still is, in the midst of several lawsuits, a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fan claims they have “proof” that Lisa was pushing her account of Kathy’s outburst.

On October 12, Christian Gray Snow, a longtime Real Housewives superfan along with being a blogger and host, hosted a Q&A with his followers. During the Q&A, one particular person wondered who he would “read” or “drag” if he had a chance.

“If you could read/drag any Bravolebrity on the BravoCon stage, who and why?” they asked.

And in response, Christian said that he’d love to call out Lisa and request she unblock him, which will allow him access, seemingly to the direct messages they previously exchanged in regard to the time Lisa and Kathy spent together during their RHOBH cast trip to Aspen.

“I wanna ask Rinna to unblock me so I have proof of her trying to get me to push the Kathy story before it leaked. Had she never blocked me I wouldn’t have thought twice about it but clearly she’s hiding something. What is it?” he wondered.

RHOBH Fan Claims They Have Proof of Lisa Rinna Trying to Push Kathy Hilton Meltdown Story

As RHOBH fans well know, the claims Lisa made against Kathy, which include allegations of threats against Kyle’s family, NBC, and Bravo, have caused a major rift between Kathy and Kyle, who have reportedly barely spoken in recent weeks.

“They cannot reconcile, and it’s all so complicated because nobody’s backing down. Kyle has backed up her sister for years and no matter what she does, Kathy isn’t satisfied,” a source told PEOPLE last week. “What we’re watching is years of family trauma that hasn’t been dealt with in a family dynamic.”

Although things have remained strained between Kathy and Kyle in the weeks since filming wrapped, Kathy recently told a fan in Beverly Hills that things were okay between them and noted that she “loves” her sister.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 12 reunion continues with part two on Wednesday, October 19, at 8/7c on Bravo.