PHOTOS: Tom Schwartz is Reportedly Dating Kristen’s Ex-Friend Jo, See Vanderpump Rules Star Holding Hands at Concert With Raquel

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REPORT: Pump Rules' Tom Schwartz is Dating and "Basically" Living With Kristen's Ex-Friend Jo, See Pics of Them Holding Hands at Concert With Raquel

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Tom Schwartz is reportedly dating one of Kristen Doute‘s former friends.

Just weeks after his divorce from Katie Maloney was finalized, and amid rumors of a potential romance with Raquel Leviss, the Vanderpump Rules star and bar owner is being linked to a woman named Jo — who he was allegedly caught holding hands with while attending a concert in L.A. last month.

“This bar star ex husband has been telling the press ‘it stings’ about his ex wife’s ‘romance.’ She doesn’t and has never had a boyfriend since their breakup. HE on the other hand has a girlfriend he practically live with,” read a report from Bravo and Cocktails, which was shared by Best of Bravo on Instagram.

The outlet went on to confirm the unnamed man’s girlfriend was not his co-star.

“No it’s [not] the girl from the show that he ‘made out with’ but it is a girl who was friends with someone in their circle,” the outlet continued. “Seems like someone is scared that if it comes out he has a girlfriend, who basically lives with him, he’ll be painted as the bad guy. Easier to make it seem like his ex moved on first.”

Vanderpump Rules Tom Schwartz is Dating and Living With New Girlfriend

As Pump Rules fans may have seen, Tom told The U.S. Sun in November that Katie’s alleged relationship with 25-year-old actor Satchel Clendenin “stings” after reportedly making out with Raquel in August.

Best of Bravo went on to expand on Bravo and Cocktails‘ report on their own Instagram Story, saying, “Schwartz and Raquel are actually just friends, but he is dating a girl named Jo, who is a former friend of Kristen’s.”

The fan page then shared a series of videos of Tom and Jo, along with Raquel, on their Instagram Story.

Vanderpump Rules Tom Schwartz is Dating Kristen Doute Friend Jo

While Katie has yet to speak out on Tom’s potential live-in romance with Jo, she said during a recent episode of her podcast, Dear Media’s You’re Gonna Love Me, that she and Tom seemingly agreed not to date within their friend group.

“The only thing Tom and I talked about was just like, you know maybe we just don’t date within our friend group,” Katie shared. “It’s one thing when you’ve been, for the entirety of the group of friends, you’ve been a couple and married. Then to break up and started dating within that group just feels a little toxic.”

Vanderpump Rules season 10 is expected to debut on Bravo sometime in early 2023.