Vanderpump Rules’ Tom Schwartz Admits Katie’s New Romance “Stings,” Reveals If He’s Met Him, Plus His Type of Woman

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Pump Rules' Tom Schwartz Admits Katie's Romance "Stings" But Says He "[Likes]" Her Boyfriend, Plus Confirms He's No Longer "in Love" and Reveals Type

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Tom Schwartz may not be thrilled with the news of Katie Maloney‘s new romance with boyfriend Satchel Clendenin — but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like the 25-year-old actor. In fact, the Vanderpump Rules star had nothing bad to say about Satchel during a recent interview.

After previously describing Satchel as a “really nice guy,” Tom said he’s supportive of his ex-wife’s relationship before opening up about his own love life and revealing his “type.”

“I will support whoever she wants to date,” Tom told The U.S. Sun of Katie on November 5. “Of course on some level it kind of stings but I just want Katie to be happy. You know what I mean?”

Continuing on about Satchel, Tom said, “I got to meet him briefly. I don’t know if I’m supposed to say this, but I liked him… I liked him and I just want Katie to be happy. That’s all, you know. I will support whoever she wants to date as long as they’re not an a–hole.”

Tom and Katie finalized their divorce in October after announcing their split in March. But still, Tom has a lot of love for his former spouse, although he’s no longer “in love” with her.

“I still consider [Katie] one of the closest friends in my life and love her. But man, yeah, we definitely ran the gauntlet this year,” Tom admitted. “She has a completely different outlook and perspective on our relationship I think [but] I still get excited every time I see her. I still love her. Not like in love [though].”

As for his dating life, Tom said he has “zero desire to date anyone” and confirmed he’s against dating apps.

“It’s just a foreign language I’ve never learned to speak. I think I just want to be selfish for a while, and I mean that in the best possible way,” he explained. “[I want to] focus on myself and my family and my career. I’m not that interested in romance. If it finds me, if it comes knocking on the door, I’ll open it and I’ll say hello. I don’t know if I’ll let romance in, but I’ll open the door.”

Regarding the type of woman he’s drawn to, Tom, who has been linked to Pump Rules castmate Raquel Leviss in recent weeks, admitted he’s often attracted to “people that are hard.”

“Great sense of humor, intelligent. My favorite thing right now and always low-key, I really always appreciate humility. I like self-deprecation…I like strange people,” he continued. “A little quirky yeah but I don’t know if I have a physical type.”

Also during the interview, Tom Sandoval commented on Katie’s absence at his and Schwartz’s opening of their new bar, Schwartz & Sandy’s.

“I think Katie just wanted to be a part of it,” he said. “And, you know, obviously there’s certain people that work together. Katie has a very strong personality, and so do I, so obviously we butted heads and I’m actually really stoked that she sort of found her thing with Ariana (referring to their new sandwich shop).”