Meredith Marks Addresses Jen Shah’s Potential Firing, RHOSLC Season 4, and Shades Angie K. and Danna, Plus She Talks Reunion, Nephew, and Live Viewing Thread

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Meredith Marks Addresses Jen's Potential Firing, Shades Angie K. and Danna, and Hopes for "New Blood" on RHOSLC Season 4, Plus Reunion, Nephew, and Update on Jen

Credit: Chris Haston/Bravo

Meredith Marks is looking ahead to season four as The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season three nears its close.

Days after filming the season three reunion without castmate Jen Shah, Meredith considered what the new season would look like without her as she shaded series friends Angie Katsanevas and Danna But-Negrete, dished on the reunion taping, and offered an update on Jen ahead of her fraud sentencing.

“I have no idea [about season four]… Obviously, as you’ve seen, there is kind of a divide, which is a shame. [And] I really don’t know how it gets resolved,” Meredith admitted during a December 15 interview with E! News. “I think there will be some resolve through some of the relationships and not so much with others.”

Although Bravo has not yet confirmed Jen’s potential exit from the cast, Andy Cohen has hinted that she will not be part of season four. And when it comes to doing the show without her, Meredith said she and her co-stars can’t go on as an ensemble of four.

“We can’t do this with four and it’s not even just the numbers as much as we, I honestly think we need some new blood to come in to somehow tie us back together because we’re not doing it on our own,” she explained, proceeding to accuse Angie K. and Danna of “[exacerbating] the situation.”

“It would be nice to find someone who is a bit of a peacemaker to the group,” she added.

Although Meredith was at odds with a number of her castmates amid RHOSLC season three, namely Lisa Barlow, she went into Friday’s taping of the reunion ready to apologize for any mistakes she made.

“We’re all human beings. We all make mistakes. I have no problem apologizing if I feel that I have made a mistake. [And] I have no problem standing behind the things I did if I don’t feel they were mistakes,” she shared. “That’s all I can do.”

In season three, one of Meredith’s storylines involved the mental health and addiction struggles faced by her nephew, Alex. And while Meredith deleted her Twitter account weeks ago, she said there have been fans who’ve been “very supportive” and others who’ve been more critical.

“There are a few people who are like ‘Why is she telling his story?’ or whatever. I’m just kinda like, ‘Well that’s funny because all of season two, I didn’t.’ And that was a huge part of what I was going through and I kept it to myself and internalized all of it until it was something that he was ready to do and wanted to do,” she revealed.

Looking back, Meredith said that while she was “very private” when she joined the series for season one, describing herself as “self-protective” and “careful,” she has since gotten used to the idea of sharing her life with the world.

“When it came to everything with my nephew that I said in season two, it wasn’t my story and so when he felt ready to do that, I embraced it because I know there are just so many people out there who struggle with mental health, addiction, all these things,” she stated. “And to me, if we can help anybody, if people can recognize there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, that there’s somebody out there, that you’re not alone, that was really important.”

As for how Jen’s been holding up as she prepares to be sentenced for crimes of fraud, Meredith said, “Jen is okay,” before mentioning that her struggles go beyond her sentencing due to her role on RHOSLC.

“Usually we have a chance to speak out as [the show is] airing, whether it’s with social media or interviews or whatever and she really has not had that same chance. She’s been on social a little but she’s really tried to stay off for the most part. It’s been a very trying time because to go through this and feel like you don’t have a voice on top of everything else that she’s facing, it’s just, it’s overwhelming,” Meredith revealed. “[So] she just tries to focus on the day-to-day as best she can.”

Also during the interview, Meredith addressed the rumors regarding the supposed “favors” Lisa was performing for placement of her Vida tequila line.

“I did say that there were rumors out there about Lisa Barlow and that I didn’t believe them and next time I’ll just say I do believe them. I mean, what do you want from me?” she wondered.

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