Pump Rules’ Scheana Shay Shades Brittany Cartwright’s Social Skills and Recalls Jax Being a “Terrible Host” and Kicking Friends Out of Party

by Lindsay Cronin
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Pump Rules' Scheana Shay Shades Brittany's Social Skills and Recalls Jax Being a "Terrible Host," Kicking Friends Out of Party, and Standing Up Her Friends

Scheana Shay puts Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright‘s poor manners on blast during the latest episode of Lala Kent‘s podcast.

As she and Lala discussed their friendship with a couple named Will and Elaine Ratner, who Scheana has known for about two years, Lala recalled a recent gala they attended at the couple’s Newport Beach home as the Vanderpump Rules cast member shaded Jax and Brittany for arriving late and leaving early before revealing their disrespect didn’t end there.

“There’s this couple Will, and Elaine, who are rich, honey, and they’re also very kind and sweet and amazing human beings that [Scheana], you were kind enough to invite me around this group of people. And they also have a baby, Ocean and Summer’s age, or around the same age,” Lala explained on the January 3 episode of Give Them Lala.

She then revealed that while attending Will and Elaine’s gala, Brittany was “done” by 9:15 and wanted to go home.

“Mind you, they got to the party an hour late and are now leaving just two hours later,” Scheana noted.

“It was definitely not a good move,” Lala agreed.

But, because her friend wanted to go, Lala was willing to leave early as well, which Scheana reacted harshly to.

“Scheana goes, ‘What are you guys doing?’ I’m like ‘We’re getting cozy. I think we’re gonna go.’ And then I see that she’s actually upset,” Lala said.

According to Scheana, it was super noticeable that Jax and Brittany were missing from the party as there were only about 100 people at the event, and she felt the snub was insulting to her friends. That said, she acknowledged that Brittany likely felt “out of place” after someone “accidentally bumped into her.”

“[But] I know how much time and money and effort Will and Elaine have put into this gala. They have been so nice and generous opening up their home to my friends,” Scheana revealed, adding that the couple invited her friends on their yacht and to dinner parties.

“On Halloween specifically, Jax didn’t show up at all because he was hungover when he hosted a Halloween party the night before that Will and Elaine drove all the way from Newport to Valley Village to attend,” Scheana continued. “He then went to bed early, was rude to everyone, was like, ‘Get out of my house I’m over the party.’ And Will and Elaine felt so uncomfortable.”

Although Will and Elaine found Jax to be a “terrible host,” inviting them over and then kicking everyone out, they still included him in an intimate sit-down dinner the following night, which he blew off.

“Jax just doesn’t show up,” Scheana recalled. “[And] Brit almost turns around when she’s driving there. She was like, ‘I have anxiety. I’m driving by myself with Cruz. It’s so far. I think I’m just gonna turn around. Like, Jax this…’ And I was like ‘No no no. I cannot introduce my friends into this group, and then they’re the ones just not showing up.’”

Ultimately, Brittany arrived at the event with her 1-year-old son Cruz and no Jax but didn’t stay very long, nor did their former Pump Rules co-star Kristen Doute.

“Right after the food is done, Brittany’s like, ‘Alright, I’m gonna take Cruz home.’ Kristen’s like ‘Alright we’re gonna leave.’ And Elaine’s like, ‘Cool. Thanks for using me for my food,’” Scheana revealed. “Everyone just showed up to eat and left.”

“And after Jax doesn’t show up, he has the audacity to, after he gets his veneer surgery, still ask Will if he could stay at his house to recover because he was in Newport Beach,” Scheana added, noting that Elaine nearly kicked him out.

But at the end of the day, as Scheana explained, “I don’t want her to think all my friends just show up to eat her food or just show up to get dressed up, take a few pictures, and bounce.”

Vanderpump Rules season 10 premieres on Wednesday, February 8, on Bravo.