RHOSLC’s Meredith Marks Slams Lisa For “Conveniently” Forgetting Nephew’s Struggles as Lisa Shades Meredith’s “Dangerous” Insinuations About Mental Health

by Lindsay Cronin
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RHOSLC's Meredith Marks Slams Lisa for "Conveniently" Forgetting Nephew's Struggles as Lisa Shades Meredith's "Dangerous" Insinuations About Mental Health

Meredith Marks and Lisa Barlow seem to be getting further and further away from reconciliation.

As the ladies sparred on the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City over Meredith’s comments about Lisa’s marriage and businesses, and Lisa’s hot mic rant of season two, Meredith defended her comments about Lisa’s mental health and accused her co-star of defaming her family as Lisa slams her claims as “dangerous” and says Meredith is still “punishing” her despite her many apologies.

“I never questioned her mental health,” Meredith insisted on an earlier episode of the RHOSLC: After Show. “Help could be, go work more with a shaman, get a better fitness trainer, go see a life coach, see a therapist, get a friendship that you find fulfilling for yourself, work on your marriage, or how about get an exorcist?”

“It made me extremely angry, especially for her knowing exactly what I’m doing, exactly what matters to me, exactly what I went through with my nephew, which she conveniently forgot in Arizona, which was also very hurtful,” Meredith continued, signaling to her nephew’s mental health struggles.

But according to Lisa, she believes Meredith absolutely insinuated she had “mental health issues” and accused her former friend of “mindf-cks.”

“[It] was a contingency for us to be friends — that I have to get help,” Lisa noted. “I don’t want to be lawyered by my friend. Meredith never practiced law. She has a law degree and the fact that she’s using words and semantics with the way she’s saying her words and what words she’s using so she can backtrack and say, ‘I never questioned your mental health…’ I don’t know much more of the Meredith mindf-cks I can take.”

During a recent episode of RHOSLC, Lisa used a phrase referencing suicide in a casual manner, which set off Meredith, who was understandably sensitive about the topic.

“My nephew makes an attempt on his life and she says she didn’t know but everyone else heard me talk about it,” Meredith stated.

However, while looking back at her “slit my wrist” comment, Lisa claimed she was unaware of the details surrounding what happened with Meredith’s nephew.

“It’s dangerous that she’s implying that I’m not mentally well because I had one moment where I had enough but yet all of her rants are totally fine and okay. You yelled at me every single time we were together. So what was going on there? It’s because I was friends with Jen and you were mad at me and you were punishing me for it,” Lisa suspected.

“I’ve apologized to Meredith Marks so many times. It’s not enough,” Lisa went on. “I was reacting out of hurt [during the hot mic moment]. It was ridiculous. I just wanted to let out my hurt and frustration. It wasn’t out of hate. She was blaming me for everything.”

But as noted by Meredith, “an apology coupled with excuses is not an apology.”

“She went and just decided to completely defame my character and my entire family’s,” Meredith reminded.

Looking back on Lisa’s hot mic moment, Meredith said she believes her co-star’s aggression was prompted by something their former RHOSLC castmate, Mary Cosby, said about her tequila line.

“The only thing I can think of is she wanted to decimate an entire congregation’s faith because Mary said her tequila was sh-t and I wasn’t going to participate, and I think she got pissed off and acted like a two-year-old,” Meredith suspected. “[And] unless she shows me something to change that point of view, I have no way to believe anything else.”

Although Meredith said that in order to move forward with Lisa, she’d have to feel safe with her and know that Lisa would never have another outburst against her, Lisa said Meredith wants her to admit she’s “crazy” and “made it all up” so she no longer feels bad for all the things she’s done to her.

“It’s justification for her retaliation and I can’t give her that because it’s not true,” Lisa stated.

In her own RHOSLC: After Show segment, Whitney Rose weighed in on the ongoing drama between Meredith and Lisa, saying that after getting the “full story” and experiencing both women, she believes “Lisa deserves forgiveness.”

“Meredith said it when we wrapped the season two reunion. We all went out to SUR together and Meredith said to Lisa, ‘Your hot mic moment made you a star. You should’ve been hated for it and you became iconic.’ And Meredith has made swag. So clearly, Meredith is okay with it she’s punishing Lisa,” Whitney stated.

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