Lala Kent Agrees Kyle Richards is Most “Overrated” Housewife, Shares Why Rinna Was Good for RHOBH, and Suggests Joining Series as LVP’s Ally

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Vanderpump Rules' Lala Kent Reacts to Kyle Richards Being Labeled as "Overrated" Housewife, Praises Rinna, and Explains Why She Should Join RHOBH as LVP's Ally

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Lala Kent agrees with Reza Farahan‘s assessment of Kyle Richards.

After the Shahs of Sunset star shaded the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member as the most “overrated” housewife on Bravo, the Vanderpump Rules star took to her podcast, where she backed his claims before praising Lisa Rinna, who left the show last month, and weighing in on her own potential addition to RHOBH.

“Reza did say something pretty savage. He went savage. Those Shahs of Sunset cast members… And I love Reza so much so everything he says I cosign on,” Lala explained on the January 25 episode of Give Them Lala of comments Reza made on Watch What Happens Live, also asking, “Where’s the lie?”

When Lala’s guest, fellow podcaster Lara Marie Schoenhals, then noted that producers should’ve gotten rid of Kyle, rather than Rinna, who was rumored to have been fired but insists she quit, Lala didn’t seem to disagree.

“I love Rinna … I love the lips, she always brings it,” Lala shared. “The hair is always fabulous and she is the only person… I always say, ‘We’re not watching this show to see a bunch of hot chicks kumbaya.’ We’re just not.”

According to Lala, Pump Rules has a “Kyle” of its own but she “ain’t saying who” it is. Instead, she pointed out that Scheana Shay has something in common with the longtime RHOBH star.

“I think Scheana may like doing the splits more than Kyle Richards,” she stated.

Although Lala finds Kyle to be “overrated,” she doesn’t think Kyle will ever exit the series, giving a nod to a statement Erika Jayne made at the season 12 reunion.

“[Kyle] kind of is the glue that holds the group together. Without her, these people wouldn’t talk,” Lala posed. “She really does have the crowd. She’s been there since day one.”

As for her own possible future on RHOBH, Lala initially said she believes she’s too young.

“I don’t feel like my age would allow it right now and I also don’t have anything super fabulous to show you. Like, ‘Come look at my three-bedroom apartment,” she explained.

Then, after Lara said Lala would be a fit as a younger, scrappier entrepreneur cast member, Lala agreed, saying, “You should write Andy Cohen and tell him this,” and noting that Kyle “would hate [her].”

And when Lara further suggested Lisa Vanderpump be brought back with Lala as her ally, Lala added, “You should pitch this to Cohen.”

While Lala did state that she feels she’s not old enough to join the RHOBH cast, she admitted her drama, including the custody battle she’s currently in with Randall Emmett, who has faced suspicions of child-related crimes, which he’s denied, is more on the level of RHOBH than Pump Rules.

“I’m not minimizing what my cast has been through, but there are things on the show, like little petty things that made my life this year a lot easier because I was like, ‘I’m going to go in and we’re gonna throw shade in the most petty way and this feels good to take me out of my reality.’ Just the things that I feel like I gotta deal with on a day to day, even before this past year, just feels a little bit on a level that I don’t particularly enjoy but it is kind of like the drama of like, ‘Oh sh-t, Tom Girardi is not that great of a guy.’ ‘Jen Shah, not that great of a chick,’ like it does feel like my person that I was with is that type of drama,” she explained.

Vanderpump Rules season 10 premieres on Wednesday, February 8, at 9/8c on Bravo.