VIDEO: See RHOM Reunion Trailer! Lenny Faces New Cheating Claims, Marysol is Accused of Abuse as Alexia Calls Adriana “Devil,” Plus Julia Cries Over Martina and Andy Yells at the Ladies

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VIDEO: See RHOM Reunion Trailer! Lenny is Accused of Cheating on Lisa With "Models," Marysol Faces Claims of Abuse as Alexia Calls Adriana "Devil," Plus Julia Cries Over Martina and Andy Yells at the Ladies

Lisa Hochstein‘s estranged husband, Lenny Hochstein, is being accused of cheating on her with “models” by series “friend” Kiki Barth in the just-released Real Housewives of Miami season five reunion trailer.

As host Andy Cohen attempted to maintain control of the women, at one point yelling, “We’re all talking at the same f-cking time!,” spats broke out amongst the cast as Marysol Patton was accused of “abuse” in a letter brought to set by Adriana de Moura, Alexia Echevarria slammed Adriana as “the devil” amid a backstage encounter, and Larsa Pippen and Nicole Martin rehashed their feud.

“I’ve heard Lenny, he’s been a cheater for a long time. Like, I know models that [he’s cheated] with,” Kiki declares in the sneak peek.

After being clearly caught off-guard, Lisa recalls Alexia declaring, “I’m a star, I’m a star,” and Alexia suggests that if she were so confident, she wouldn’t have been victim to Lenny’s reported infidelity.

“If you believed that, you would have not let Lenny do all the things he’s done to you,” Alexia tells Lisa.

At that point, a letter is presented to Andy.

“Dear Adriana, I’m writing to tell you, I’m being abused,” he reads. “The culprit of this abuse is Marysol.”

“Why would you try to take me down?” Marysol asks in response.

Then, after Adriana yells that she “never wanted anything to do” with Marysol’s ex-boyfriend and regrets their interaction, Alexia accuses her of being a “narcissist” with “no feelings” amid a backstage scuffle.

“And you don’t even apologize!” Adriana claps back.

But Alexia replies, “I don’t apologize to the devil!”

Guerdy Abraira also goes head-to-head with Alexia, telling her “You haven’t given me a ‘sorry.’ You haven’t given me a ‘thank you.'”

“You know what? You’re not gonna castrate me, just like you castrated [Russell Abraira],” Alexia fires back.

Alexia then takes aim at Nicole’s fiance, Anthony Lopez, as she accuses him of being “a man that talks sh-t about a woman” and Larsa, who is accused of hitting below the belt by the majority of the cast, calls him “a b-tch.”

Larsa also targets Nicole as she clarifies that she didn’t claim, but “heard,” that Nicole had slept with every doctor at the hospital.

During another tough moment of the reunion, Julia Lemigova discusses wife Martina Navratilova‘s battle with cancer, saying, through tears, “We are fighting two cancers, like one was not enough.”

Also in the preview clip of the RHOM reunion, Andy points out that Larsa’s boyfriend, Marcus Jordan, is closer in age to her son, Scottie Jr.

“He wears a size 15 shoe so I think he’s okay,” Larsa replies, noting that she’s “always had sex, like, four times a night.”

The three-part Real Housewives of Miami season five reunion begins streaming on Peacock this Thursday, March 9.