Lala Kent Shares What Was Cut From Raquel Scene on Vanderpump Rules, Addresses Their Feud, & Slams Charli for Kristina Shade

by Lindsay Cronin
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Lala Kent Shares What Was Cut From Raquel Scene on Vanderpump Rules, Addresses Their Feud, & Slams Charli for Kristina Shade

Credit: Sara De Boer/startraksphoto, MICHAEL SIMON/ Images, Instagram

Lala Kent took to her Instagram Story on Wednesday night to share a moment that was left out of the latest episode of Vanderpump Rules.

Before confirming she was not happy with Charli Burnett due to comments made about Kristina Kelly, Lala revealed that she and Raquel Leviss had a conversation about drinking and alcoholism after Raquel told her it was a good thing she didn’t have “a man to steal.”

“Was Raquel cute and fun and awesome? Yes. Like, she did the damn thing, exactly what we went to Vegas to do,” Lala began, via a Pump Rules fan page on Instagram. “But then, she like, brings in this plate of mush.”

After recalling how Raquel spilled her meal first on her and Katie Maloney‘s floor and later onto her blanket, Lala said she and Raquel got into it about her lack of a man.

“By the way, I agree. I’ve seen what these men do out in these streets and I am thrilled to not have one because they all seem to be pieces of sh-t,” Lala noted. “Like, I’m good on that. You are absolutely correct. It’s a good thing that I don’t have a man because they are acting a damn fool these days.”

As for what fans didn’t see on Wednesday night’s show, Lala recalled a conversation she and Raquel had about drinking — and the poor choices that Lala made when under the influence (including a hookup she had with Raquel’s then-boyfriend James Kennedy when she herself was dating now-ex Randall Emmett).

“The one thing that was said that obviously didn’t make it in, I say to Raquel, ‘You’re talking about six years ago and I was drinking,’ and she says, ‘And I was drinking, Lala,'” Lala shared. “And I said, ‘Well if you’re going to compare your actions to my actions, and I’m an alcoholic and I got sober due to my actions, you should probably look into your drinking.'”

At that point, Raquel, who mentioned that Lala was previously a “mistress” to Randall, said, “Cheers to ginger ale. That’s why I’m drinking.”

But according to Lala, Raquel wasn’t drinking ginger ale because she was looking into her drinking. Instead, she was doing so “because she was hungover.”

Lala went on to say that she’ll be rewatching the episodes of season 10 in preparation for next week’s reunion and slammed Charli for her negative statements about Kristina.

“By the way, not happy about what Charli said about Kristina. She met her one time. It was the first time she ever met her. Those are the lines you deliver? That don’t make much sense,” she stated.

During Wednesday’s episode, Charli said that all she knows about Kristina is that she used to work at SUR Restaurant and that she now “sells lip balm for a living” — and admitted she was surprised to see that Kristina had an opinion of her own without Katie Maloney‘s “d-ck in her mouth.”

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