Meghan King Claims Jim Edmonds Will Take 50/50 Custody of Kids Under This Condition as She Shares Her Regrets Over “F—ck You” Sweatshirt

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Meghan King Says Jim Edmonds Will Take 50/50 Custody of Kids Under This One Condition as She Shares Her Regrets Over “F—ck You” Sweatshirt

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Meghan King offered an update on her custody battle with ex-husband Jim Edmonds on an episode of Jeff Lewis‘ SiriusXM radio show last week.

While also describing her “big mistake” of wearing a “F-ck You” sweatshirt to her son’s school as a “relatable mom fail,” the Real Housewives of Orange County alum said that while Jim requested 50/50 custody of their three children, he told her he’d only agree to the modification if Meghan quit trash-talking him and his wifeKortnie O’Connor.

“I do [regret that],” Meghan said of wearing the controversial sweatshirt during her May 19 appearance on Jeff Lewis Live.

According to Meghan, she grabbed the garment because it was cold — and because it slipped her mind that she would have to get out of her car when she picked up her kids, including six-year-old daughter Aspen and four-year-old twin sons Hayes and Hart, all of whom go to different schools.

“I go through carpool for two of them. The kids jump in the car. It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing. And then for the third kid, I always forget, I have to walk up there,” she explained. “So I walk up there. I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. I’m wearing this sweatshirt. This is not good.’”

Although Meghan immediately took Hart’s backpack and put it on to hide the back of her sweatshirt, which read, “F-ck This, F-ck That, F-ck You,” she felt it was a relatable moment.

“I thought it was kind of a relatable mom fail,” she admitted. “You know, I grabbed this thing in my closet… I threw it on and then I’m like, ‘What am I doing? This is not a smart decision.’ But at the same time, I talked about it. I wasn’t embarrassed enough to pretend like it didn’t happen.”

As RHOC fans may have seen, Jim released a statement to Us Weekly after the incident, slamming his former spouse for being “completely inappropriate” and lacking “common sense.”

Since then, Meghan has thrown the sweatshirt out, confirming the ordeal was a “fail” and a “big mistake.”

Also on Jeff Lewis Live, Meghan revealed Jim recently filed for 50/50 custody, stating that while she was absolutely against the idea at first, she later realized it could be beneficial.

“I started this new job, and I need a little bit of time to focus on this new job, and it’s summer, and there’s a lot of free time with the kids, and there’s three of them, and I could use the time so I’m like, maybe 50/50s not so bad,” Meghan, who currently has 80% custody of her kids, reasoned.

But when she wrote to Jim on their parenting app, telling him, “Do you want 50/50? Take 50/50,” he didn’t initially respond.

“[He] doesn’t actually want 50/50. He just wants to fight,” she alleged.

“So then finally the message I get last night… [It] says, ‘I’ll only take 50/50 if you stop talking sh-t about me and my wife,’” she continued. “Like, wait. What? That’s why you’re gonna take 50/50? If I stop talking sh-t? What are you talking about?”

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