RHONJ’s Luis Ruelas Explains Why He Was Upset With “Classless” Gorgas on Wedding Day as He Accuses Them of “Gaslighting,” Plus Teresa Reacts and Talks “Sad” Reunion

by Lindsay Cronin
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RHONJ’s Luis Ruelas Explains Why He Was Upset With “Classless” Gorgas on Wedding Day, Accuses Them of "Gaslighting" as Teresa Reacts and Talks "Sad" Reunion

Credit: ROGER WONG/INSTARimages, Instagram/MelissaGorga

Luis Ruelas is blasting Joe Gorga and Melissa Gorga for their behavior on his and Teresa Giudice‘s wedding day last August.

Amid the Real Housewives of New Jersey couple’s wedding special on Bravo, Luis, and Teresa looked back on the drama they faced before saying “I do,” with Luis shaming the couple for their “calculated” behavior and Teresa noting that Luis didn’t deserve the way her brother and sister-in-law treated him.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, via Instagram, earlier this week, Luis and Teresa denied that they encouraged Joe to leave Melissa amid the false cheating rumor of season 13.

“Never. That’s just gaslighting,” Luis alleged.

Meanwhile, Teresa said Joe and Melissa continued targeting the two of them at the reunion.

“I felt like a lot of people were coming after Luis and I and it was only that side, like on the other side, where my brother was, and it was just sad, but we made it through. [And] Luis was amazing,” she confirmed.

But although Teresa and the Gorgas have gone through ups and downs in the past, she said “No,” when asked if they were closer to peace after the taping.

“I wish them well, and I just want to focus on our family, our children,” she explained.

“I’m not even thinking about [a reconciliation],” she continued. “I’m thinking about just what’s good for me. It’s been a long time that I’ve been dealing with this, a long time, so I just want to focus on our family cuz like, all that is like, negative energy that I don’t need in my life.”

Then, after Luis noted that Teresa’s estrangement from the Gorgas has been “a long time coming” and acknowledged it was “sad,” Teresa said the RHONJ reunion was “shocking.”

“[It was] sad, shocking… and redundant… It was kind of new stuff. It’s like, crazy,” she shared. “I can’t wait to see it myself because Jennifer said, ‘You were in another world, another space.'”

“I think you were in disbelief,” Luis noted.

“It’s a lot of energy spent on things that aren’t important in life, you know, so we’re here, we’re married, our kids are amazing, our family’s doing really well, and that’s where our focus is,” Luis told Entertainment Tonight.

During the recent episode of Teresa Gets Married, Luis was in a rage against Joe and Melissa as he threatened to “f-cking bury” someone as the couple skipped their nuptials.

“I got upset because the history of us four, let’s say, you know, myself, Teresa, Joe and Melissa, we invested a lot of time into having a relationship,” Luis explained, also to Entertainment Tonight. “Then the show airs, and all this happens, the season goes by, you know, halfway through the season, it was really easy to kind of, you know, to get their number in what was going on, what was really happening behind the scenes and the day of our wedding to see them doing that is really classless.”

After Joe and Melissa chose to spend Teresa and Luis’ wedding day with friends and family, during which Joe posted a message on his Story that read, “Blood doesn’t make you family,” Luis accused his brother-in-law of being “extremely calculated.”

“[It was] kind of sad that’s what they were doing on their day with their sister,” he noted.

RHONJ Joe Gorga Blood Doesn't Make You Family

According to Teresa, she feels bad for Luis.

“He has been put through a lot, and it’s my family that’s doing it,” she stated. “He doesn’t deserve it. He’s been nothing but amazing to, you know, me, my four daughters, my brother, and sister-in-law Melissa.”

“When he first met them, everything was great because, I mean, we’re going on now that I’ve known him three years,” she continued. “So, it’s not like it’s just some guy I just met, and they adored him when they first met him. So it’s just sad, the whole situation is very sad.”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 13 reunion begins airing next Tuesday, May 30, at 8/7c on Bravo.