RHOC’s Tamra Judge Calls Heather “Two-Faced,” Talks Issue With Shannon Friendship and Shares Regrets About Ryan Drama, Where She Stands With Jennifer, & High and Low of Return, Plus “Messiest” Cast Member and Housewives Splits

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RHOC’s Tamra Judge Calls Heather “Two-Faced,” Talks Issue With Shannon Friendship and Shares Regrets About Ryan Drama, Where She Stands With Jennifer, & High and Low of Return, Plus "Messiest" Cast Member and Housewives Splits

Tamra Judge is speaking out against Heather Dubrow and her reaction to her reconciliation with Shannon Beador.

During a new interview, the Real Housewives of Orange County cast member addressed the cast’s latest drama, including the speculation surrounding Jennifer Pedranti‘s relationship and the highs and lows of her return, while also poking fun at Jill Zarin for reaching out to the Real Housewives of New York City newbies and teasing the remainder of the season.

“This week’s episode is another fight with Jen and myself. She accuses me of something I just lose my sh-t over,” Tamra revealed on the July 18 episode of Access Hollywood‘s Housewives Nightcap. “I wish I was a little bit calmer in that situation but… Tequila Tammy got the best of me.”

According to Tamra, she and the cast have a “lot of fun” coming up, including their “big trip” and a pool party her friend, Heather Amin (a close friend to Jennifer’s boyfriend, Ryan Boyajian, for “many, many years”) attends.

“Heather Amin, myself, and Jen, we hung out for a short period of time. We were the Tres Amigas when I got fired. So she knows a lot. And Jen knows that she knows a lot so they really want to silence her,” Tamra revealed. “But she’s not coming from a bad place.”

In addition to her drama with Jennifer and Ryan, Tamra also faced challenges with Heather, noting that while her longtime castmate claims to have “a vault,” she may not be keeping everyone’s secrets to herself.

“Evidently, that vault door is wide open, just wide open, so she repeats a lot of things she hears and tries to blame it on the rest of us,” Tamra explained, noting that Heather is the “most two-faced” of their group.

As for the “messiest” of the cast, Tamra took that title herself.

“But messy in a positive way,” she clarified. “That’s all I can say. I am [doing the Lord’s work]. It’s tough. Carrying the damn show on my back is hard. My back hurts.”

Despite butting heads throughout the RHOC season 17, Tamra said she and Jennifer are currently “friendly” before noting that she encouraged her to be honest on the show.

“As a good friend, I warned her. I said, ‘Listen, people are talking. [Gina Kirschenheiter] and [Emily Simpson] are talking.’ So it was, just be honest,” Tamra noted. “The viewers, in general, if you are honest about something, [they don’t care]. I met [Eddie Judge] before I was divorced from [Simon Barney]. People are in bad relationships all the time, and you move on, and sometimes before the relationship’s done, sometimes not. But when you lie about it, that’s where it gets a little, yeah.”

Moving onto other Real Housewives topics, Tamra reacted to Jill reaching out to the new members of the RHONY cast by mocking the former castmate, saying, “I haven’t been on the show for 10 years, but let me give you my advice.”

She then said that when it comes to Kim Zolciak‘s split from Kroy Biermann, which has since been called off, she was “shocked” to learn the RHOA stars had filed for divorce.

“I hope everything is good and it works out. I’m sure the financial issues that they were having didn’t help matters, but they have a lot of kids, and I’m hoping they can work it out,” Tamra shared.

As for Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky, Tamra described their alleged separation as “heartbreaking.”

“They are couple goals, married 27 years. There is so much chatter that is going on out there and no one knows what the truth is. You can go down a rabbit hole very easily. The whole Morgan Wade… She’s come out. She’s said they’re just friends. Just leave her alone,” she advised.

Tamra then revealed that when it comes to Jennifer suggesting she was jealous, there’s no truth to the claim.

“Of what? What am I jealous of?” Tamra wondered. “[I] got an amazing, hot husband. No I am not jealous. I can guarantee you that.”

Although Ryan allegedly said he was going to “f-ck” Tamra, Tamra said she “[doesn’t] blame him” and confirmed Eddie wasn’t surprised by the revelation.

“He knows his reputation, and he made a really good point to me. He’s like, ‘If he would’ve acted on it, then it would’ve been a whole different story,'” Tamra noted. “In hindsight, I wish I wouldn’t have said anything and my plan was not to say anything because he did not act on it. But Tequila Tammy came out that night.”

Still, despite being regretful about coming forward with the news, Tamra felt the comment was crude.

“It’s not good for your character when you’re saying that. He knew who I was. He knew who I was. To say that, knowing that I was married, not a cool thing to say,” she pointed out.

Overall, Tamra said she feels Jennifer is the castmate who has the biggest problem with the truth.

“My advice to [Jennifer] when she started the show was, just be honest,” she further stated. “People have a lot of information. It’s a small town we live in. A lot of people are talking. The best thing you can do is just be honest and say, ‘Yep, this happened.’ Then nobody can talk about it. Then it’s just done.”

“I have a real problem with liars. It’s like my skin starts crawling, and then all the sudden, the demons in me start coming out, and I can’t control myself,” she added.

As for her high and low of her return, Tamra said, “The high is just I’m back and the show’s doing better,” before noting that her low was coming back at a time when she was facing personal hardships, including the death of her dog and the closure of her gym.

“I drank too much this season. I really didn’t know where my spot was on the show,” she admitted, then adding, “But you know what? I like tequila Tammy. She’s pretty fun.”

Also, during the interview, after confirming she and Shannon are “good” and noting that she spoke with her “on the way” to the interview, Tamra suspected Heather’s issue with their friendship is about Heather, not them.

“I can’t discredit or put down her feelings. It could be her thing because I don’t think it’s an us thing,” she explained.

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