RHOC Star Jennifer Pedranti Reveals Status With Tamra & Eddie Judge, Who She’s Closest to, and Reflects on Her Debut Season, Plus Talks Returning for Season 18

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RHOC Star Jennifer Pedranti Reveals Status With Tamra & Eddie Judge, Who She's Closest to, and Reflects on Her Debut Season, Plus Talks Returning for Season 18

Jennifer Pedanti is offering an update on where she stands with Tamra Judge, 55, and her husband, Eddie Judge, 50.

As her relationship with Ryan Boyajian continues to be targeted on The Real Housewives of Orange County, Jennifer is offering an update on her friendships with the couple, confirming which co-stars she’s closest to, and considering returning to the show for season 18.

During an August 2 interview with The Wrap, Jennifer looked back on being turned down for the 14th season of the show in lieu of Braunwyn Windham-Burke, 45, sharing that the five kids she shares with estranged husband William Pedranti were supportive of her joining the series.

“When I didn’t get it, it was like, ‘OK, we tried that.’ And when they called this season I said, ‘You guys are not going to believe who called me!’ And then the kids said, ‘Mom, you’ve got to get it this time!’ So they were actually very supportive,” she recalled.

According to Jennifer, she was bummed when she was turned down for season 14. But in retrospect, she believes it was a blessing in disguise.

“I was at a different place in my life. When I thought I was going to come on this show, a big topic was going to be stepping away from my marriage. And I thought, gosh, I hope the kids can weather this,” she admitted. “At the time, when you don’t get it, you end up wanting it more… I was kind of bummed. But I do feel like everything worked out in terms of timing.”

As RHOC fans well know, Jennifer came into the show as a friend of Tamra. But as the series played out, and Tamra took aim at Ryan, they suffered a falling out.

“The conversations I had with Tamra outside of the show about my relationship with Ryan [versus] after getting on the show were a head turn for me. I’m like, what is happening right now?” she recalled.

And she was equally confused by Tamra’s reaction to her, saying on Watch What Happens Live that she’s “drastically different” on RHOC. As RHOC fans may have seen, Jennifer threw the shade in July and was quickly met with a warning from Tamra, who said the diss was a bad move considering she “[knows] too much.”

“I was asked if Tamra is different on camera than in real life. And honestly, I wasn’t saying yes to be sh-tty to Tamra, but you have to understand, I didn’t know her like this,” Jennifer reasoned. “Everything took a turn after Watch What Happens Live. Tamra and I don’t even communicate on social media anymore.”

In addition to being estranged from Tamra, Jennifer is also no longer speaking to Eddie.

“Tamra and I are strained right now and I don’t know where it goes. I know it’s just an ebb and flow. You’re going to see it go up and down as the show continues,” she explained. “And I can only imagine what [Eddie]’s being told by his wife. It’s a real bummer for me because Eddie meant a lot to me as a friend and a trainer. We had lots of very real conversations in that gym. It tugs my heartstrings for sure.”

Amid her drama with Tamra, Jennifer said she’s remained close to both Shannon Beador, 59, and Taylor Armstrong, 52.

“I was surprised by Shannon Beador. All those years knowing Tamra, I just knew Shannon as this person that hurt my friend. And I was like, OK, I’m going to tread lightly with Shannon. But she has been awesome to me. She is funny and I have really gotten to enjoy getting to know her. Taylor Armstrong could not be sweeter to me. We’re Oklahoma bonded,” she revealed.

While her debut season has certainly come with its challenges, Jennifer said she’s “hopeful” she’ll be asked back for season 18.

“I came into this thinking that I’m in this whole new spot in my life. I want to meet these new women. They’re successful. They’re opinionated. And I want more of that in my life. And [this season] just went a way that I didn’t even feel like I got to show who I am. Or I didn’t get to be who I would love to show who I am. And so yes, I wish and hope that I get another opportunity for that,” she explained.

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