Jeff Lewis Reveals Rudest Bravolebrity, Calls Kyle Richards a “Lesbian on Ozempic,” & Shares Real “Issue” With Erika Jayne, Plus He Shares Updates With Teresa, Zoila’s Accident, Heather Dubrow, & Shannon and John Janssen

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Jeff Lewis Slams Kyle Richards as a “Lesbian” on Ozempic, Reveals Real “Issue” With Erika Jayne and Calls Yolanda the “Rudest Bravolebrity,” Plus Shares Updates With Teresa, Zoila’s Accident, Heather Dubrow and Shannon and John Janssen

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Jeff Lewis named Yolanda Hadid as the “rudest Bravolebrity” on Tuesday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live as he accused Kyle Richards of being an Ozempic-using lesbian and offered an update on Zoila Chavez, who was involved in a car accident in June.

While also sharing an update on where he stands with Heather Dubrow, the Flipping Out alum spoke of Shannon Beador and John Jannsen‘s “issues” and revealed his problem with a number of Real Housewives, starting with Vicki Gunvalson.

“So what happened was, I had [Vicki] on my radio show, I put her up in a hotel. She charged $300 with the sh-t from the minibar on my credit card. How do you spend $300 in the minibar?” Jeff asked on the August 8 episode of WWHL.

Moving on to Sutton Stracke, Jeff recalled a lackluster experience with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member at a gay bar.

“So I go out with her, we go to this gay bar and we do trivia. She’s so intense. She’s so competitive. It is the first time I’ve never had fun at a gay bar,” he recalled.

Jeff also took issue with Erika Jayne, who has been showcasing major weight loss in recent months.

“I have a real issue with her. I was at Kyle Richards’ white party. I said, ‘How do you look so good? You’re on Monjaro. You’re on Ozempic.’ She’s like, ‘No.’ She goes, ‘DM me and I’ll tell you what I’m doing.’ I DMed her twice. She still hasn’t returned my DM and she’s now saying she lost the weight from menopause,” he explained, joking, “I’ve been in manopause [and] I’ve been gaining weight.”

Finally, Jeff targeted Teresa Giudice, saying that he was confronted by the Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member while appearing on a previous episode of WWHL.

“We’re good but she did confront me… She made me apologize for what I said about [her husband, Luis Ruelas] on my radio show,” he shared. “I had to apologize 16 times… Literally 16 times.”

Although Jeff didn’t want to say much about Shannon and John’s relationship, which ended at the conclusion of filming on RHOC season 17 in November 2022, noting that he got “in trouble” the last time he did, he shared that he’s spent a lot of time with the two of them over the years.

“They really do love each other,” he insisted before adding that the two of them “both have issues they need to work on independently.”

Jeff then alluded to their recent reconciliation.

“They were broken up for six months and I knew they were gonna get back together. I just knew it and I never said a single negative thing about John Janssen because I knew he was coming back,” he revealed. “But I still like the guy.”

As for Shannon’s breaking of the fourth wall on RHOC, which came after Tamra Judge accused Heather of gossiping about her romance with John, Jeff suspected she freaked out because she’s “fiercely protective of her relationship, especially when there’s issues.”

“I understood it,” he admitted. “I guess cuz I know them so well, I completely understood why she… It looked like an overreaction but I think she was just sensitive to what was going on.”

When Jeff was then questioned about making up with Heather, who he once said is “not” a good person, Jeff confirmed, “We did,” before adding, “Well, we’re in peace talks.”

Regarding Zoila’s car accident months ago, Jeff said she’s “doing okay.”

“I bought her a Prius. That thing crumbled,” she disclosed. “By the way, she got hit by a Prius, and that one crumbled. I wouldn’t buy a [Prius]. Sorry.”

As for his statements about Kyle, Jeff poked fun at the RHOBH star as he zoned in on her weight loss and the ongoing rumors regarding her alleged romance with Morgan Wade.

“Kyle and I are friends and I’m pissed she didn’t tell me she’s a lesbian on Ozempic,” he said.

Later, he went after Yolanda and her apparently rude antics.

“Yolanda Hadid for me,” Jeff declared on the WWHL: After Show. “And initially, Rachel Zoe, but I realize Rachel Zoe is just shy because I met her a second time and she was lovely. But Yolanda Hadid? No.”