Heather Dubrow on “Hardest Part” of RHOC Reunion, Shades Shannon’s Relationship Storyline and Suggests Costar Doesn’t Want to be Friends, Plus Talks “Iconic” Beverly Hills Estate

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RHOC's Heather Dubrow on "Hardest Part" of Reunion, Shades Shannon’s Relationship Storyline and Suggests Costar Doesn’t Want to be Friends, Plus Talks "Iconic" Beverly Hills Estate

Credit: Lisa OConnor/AFF-USA.com / MEGA

Heather Dubrow is sharing the “hardest part” of the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion.

While also dishing on her new “iconic” $16 million mansion in Beverly Hills and suggesting Shannon Beador, 59, is not interested in a friendship with her, Heather, 54, looked ahead to the upcoming filming and shot down false claims regarding her comments about Shannon’s relationship with John Janssen.

“There’s this whole narrative that I am talking about Shannon’s relationship,” Heather told Us Weekly on August 9. “Well, do you ever see me talking about Shannon’s relationship? I really haven’t.”

During an episode of RHOC earlier this month, Shannon broke the fourth wall as Tamra Judge, 55, mentioned that Heather had been talking about her and John — and claimed that whatever it was that Heather said could “destroy” their since-ended relationship.

“I’m not talking about Shannon’s relationship,” Heather said. “Everyone talks about Shannon’s relationship. And the person that talks about Shannon’s relationship the most is Shannon.”

According to Heather, the storyline is “silly,” especially considering how close she and Shannon once were.

“Why would I do that to her?” Heather wondered. “We hung out so much before this season. In between seasons, we hung out so much, and we would run into each other. We’d end up having dinner, we’d hang out. I loved it. I really did. And I really enjoyed her friendship. And you’ll see throughout the second half of the season, I tried very hard to prove my friendship to her and to try to get back on track with her. I tried many times. … I don’t think she’s interested, and I’ve tried so many times at this point.”

“I understand not wanting your relationship to be scrutinized,” Heather continued. “I understand why it’s upsetting to her, but I mean, a couple things. First of all, we are on a show where we talk about our lives, our friendships, each other’s lives. And I said this in the episode, but there is a difference between talking about someone and talking against someone.”

Heather feels that while she’s done her best to mend things between her and Shannon, Shannon is determined to shoot her down.

“She’s not very into me,” Heather noted. “She does not care for me. I really care about Shannon and I just want her to be happy. And that’s all I ever wanted … I don’t want an apology. I don’t need an apology. Literally, I just want her to be happy.”

During another interview, on the August 9 episode of New York Live, Heather teased the upcoming eighth season of Botched, on which her husband, Terry Dubrow, 64, stars.

“It’s so exciting,” she assured. “It’s just so incredible what they are able to accomplish. [I] watch it with him … It’s on a loop in our house.”

As RHOC fans may have heard, Heather and Terry recently purchased their second home in Los Angeles (their first being a $14 million Roberto Cavalli-designed penthouse in Century City).

“What’s crazy is, I tried to buy six other houses and it didn’t work out and the universe led us to this really interesting, iconic estate with a lot of Hollywood history,” Heather gushed. “It’s a really cool project but it’s gonna take about three years to complete so don’t call the movers. We’re still, Terry’s practice is still down there and we’ve been going back and forth between Orange County and L.A. for the last few years so we’re just gonna keep doing that.”

Speaking of her recent appearance on Celebrity Family Feud, which featured her and her RHOC co-stars going head-to-head with the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast, Heather said it was a good reminder that despite their drama, they can still have fun.

“I love Family Feud and it was so exciting. We had the best time,” she revealed. “The best thing is that when we’re all together, having fun and laughing and carrying on, you look around and you go, ‘Oh, right, they’re my friends.’”

But while Heather and her castmates were able to put their differences aside for Celebrity Family Feud, the tensions between them have remained high on recent episodes of RHOC.

“Every time I thought things were fine, they weren’t. And they kept going south,” she admitted.

“I like to be self-actualized about these things and take a step back and go, ‘Is it me? Am I the problem? Is it you? Is it something in between?’” she continued. “[But] we filmed this about a year ago… So you live it, and then you have your thoughts about it and your own narrative and then watching it back sometimes is completely different.”

As she prepares to film the upcoming reunion, Heather said her biggest dilemma is what to wear.

“I honestly think the wardrobe is the hardest part of the whole thing,” she confessed. “I don’t prepare or anything like that. I don’t rewatch the episodes. I feel it’s our life. It’s my life and my narrative about what happened or how I feel about what happened might be different than someone else’s and that’s what the reunion’s for so I just feel like, I know what happened, I know how I feel, and if you just show up and say what you need to say, you’re good.”