RHOA Finale Recap: Drew Cries Over Divorce, Admits She “Lost” Voice in Marriage as Courtney Alleges Photo Proof of Cheating With “Gay Lover” and Sanya Reveals “Traumatic Miscarriage”

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RHOA Finale Recap: Drew Talks Divorce, Admits She "Lost" Voice in Marriage as Courtney Alludes to Photo Proof of Cheating With "Gay Lover" and Sanya Talks "Traumatic Miscarriage"

The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 15 concluded on Sunday night with the finale episode, which featured the fallout from Drew Sidora and Ralph Pittman Jr.‘s divorce filings.

After previously wrapping in January with Kandi Burruss‘ preview party for The Pass, in which Drew stars, production resumed in March for a finale that featured Drew discussing her and Ralph’s split with her castmates as Courtney Rhodes suggested she cheated with a woman and Sanya Richards-Ross opened up about her miscarriage.

After speaking to her mother, Sharon, about the loss, saying that her body “still [hadn’t] recovered,” Sanya discussed her miscarriage in a confessional.

“Everything was fine at my five-week checkup, but when I went back to [Married to Medicine]’s [Dr. Jackie Walters] for my seven-week checkup, she told me that the baby wasn’t growing and it looked like it was no longer a viable pregnancy,” Sanya shared in a confessional on the August 27 episode of RHOA, noting she was scheduled to undergo a “D&C” after a trip to New York City.

“I go to New York thinking I’d be fine and make it back in time — and I had the most traumatic miscarriage,” Sanya recalled. “I was rushing off in an ambulance to the hospital. I lost so much blood that I had to get a blood transfusion. Especially not having Ross there, being by myself, it was really, really hard.”

Even harder was the fact that she had to then share the devastating update with her son, Aaron “Deucey” Ross.

Luckily, after enduring the tragic loss, Sanya has learned that she and her husband Aaron Ross are expecting again, with their baby boy or girl arriving later this year.

While taping the reunion last month, she told Bravo, “God is good, God restores, because I am pregnant again, expecting my second. I’m so excited.”

Elsewhere, Courtney told the cameras that she “heard Drew’s a good time” and that “she’s bisexual.”

“I just asked Ralph. It was no secret. She has fun with girls too but he’s aware of it,” Courtney explained in a confessional.

And while she didn’t name Drew’s rumored flame, Tamera “Ty” Young, Courtney suggested Drew has a girlfriend in Texas — and that their relationship will be highlighted in her and Ralph’s ongoing divorce.

“I know that Drew visits her [in] Texas. I know that Ralph has a lot of the discovery. When you’re going through a divorce, you have to provide evidence and it’s called discovery, and I know that Ralph feels pretty confident about the discovery that he has,” she teased.

“Now we see why she was pushing so hard for that adoption. Because she was like, ‘Adopt this child so I can go be in my gay lover relationship and you pay the bills,’” she added.

Then, in a hot mic moment, Courtney added, “I have pictures of them on my phone but I wasn’t gonna say that on camera … Y’all shouldn’t leave me in there with vodka that long.”

As for Drew, she was seen getting support from both Kenya Moore and Sheree Whitfield during the RHOA finale episode.

“Today I felt like my 11-year-old, JoJo, he was just a little sad,” Drew told Kenya after she asked how Drew’s children, including sons Josiah and Machai, and daughter Aniya, were doing. “[Machai] was asking where Daddy was, so we were trying to figure out when would be a good time to talk about everything.”

“You have these beautiful children together and you want to protect their energy. I know exactly how you feel. And you can call me anytime,” Kenya replied.

And Sheree was just as kind, telling Drew, “I went through a public divorce, so if you need anything — I know it’s not a fun time. Even though you and I have had our differences, I don’t wish anything like that on anybody.”

Meanwhile, in a confessional, an emotional Drew opened up about her divorce.

“A lot of things have been happening over the course of the marriage,” she shared. “And honestly, things were just not getting better … I lost my voice in the marriage and I allowed things that no woman should ever allow.”

At the end of the episode, an update was offered on Drew and Ralph, which read, “Ralph has apologized for his role in the disintegration of their marriage…not to Drew, but to PEOPLE magazine. Drew and Ralph continue to cohabitate in their home and co-parent their children.”

Following the filming of the finale, Drew spoke to BravoTV.com at the reunion taping.

“Music [has] been my therapy. I’m most excited about that,” she revealed. “Dating will be around the corner. It’s a thought, you know? I’m still going through my divorce process. But my DMs have been popping. It’s been exciting.”

She then offered details on the lives of her kids.

“[Josiah] was just placed in the gifted program in school. He is an all-star basketball player, he plays for the Adidas AAU team traveling around the country. I’m so proud of him. My daughter, Aniya, is starting kindergarten. And that is my mini-me. And Machai is just becoming so brilliant. He’s going into third grade. And he’s an all-around athlete — I mean, track, football, basketball, like, everything. And he’s my little Youtuber. He’s got such a personality,” she shared. “I’m so grateful for my little blessings. They have kept me going, for sure.”

The two-part Real Housewives of Atlanta season 15 reunion begins airing on Sunday, September 3, at 8/7c and concludes on Sunday, September 10, at 8/7c on Bravo.