RHOA’s Drew Sidora on If Ralph Cheated & Reason Behind Divorce, Kenya Dissing Music Video, and Marlo’s Rant

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RHOA's Drew Sidora on If Ralph Cheated & Reason Behind Divorce, Kenya Dissing Music Video, and Marlo's Rant

Drew Sidora spoke candidly on Sunday’s Watch What Happens Live about her ongoing divorce from estranged husband Ralph Pittman Jr., offering an update on where they stand today and claiming she knows he cheated.

As Andy Cohen questioned her about the split, the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member addressed the shade she faced from Kenya Moore and Marlo Hampton while also revealing if Ralph requested custody of her oldest child, Josiah, and answering a question about the quality of Sheree Whitfield‘s She by Sheree clothing line.

“Quality? I wouldn’t know cuz I still don’t have it,” Drew revealed on the June 25 episode of WWHL.

Andy then asked her about her sister coming to Atlanta and her and Ralph coming together after years of tension.

“It was a huge deal because, yea, she had never been to Atlanta. I was a little worried but I was happy she was there to be on the journey with me. It was very profound. It really was,” she admitted, giving a nod to her sister’s involvement with her music video for “Already Know.”

As fans saw on Sunday’s RHOA, Kenya threw shade at Drew’s music video, claiming it gave low-budget Beyonce vibes, which came as a surprise to Drew.

“I was really, see, that’s why I have a problem, like, say it to my face. I’m a say-it-to-your-face type of girl,” she stated on the WWHL: After Show. “I didn’t like it. And so it was funny cuz I got a text message from her and it was like, ‘Hey babe.’ And I was like, ‘See. That is how you know.’ So I was hurt of course cuz that is someone I consider to be my friend and I really spent a lot of money on it and I was very proud of it and she never said it to me. She was excited the whole time and we had a ball. So of course it was like, ‘Well, dang, girl.’ I don’t like that.”

“We gonna address it, though. We gonna talk about it,” she added.

And Kenya wasn’t the only cast member talking behind her back on the episode. Instead, Drew was also dissed by Marlo.

“She never really says it to your face. You gotta always hear about it later,” Drew responded on the live broadcast. “I really feel like it was below the belt. I don’t do well with body shaming. I don’t think any woman, man should ever have to… I’ve had three kids and I think I’m doing alright.

Moving on to her divorce, Drew revealed that when Ralph filed for divorce in February, he did not file for custody of Josiah, who he considered adopting.

“If you read the petition, he didn’t mention him,” she confirmed.

Continuing on about Ralph’s relationship with Josiah, Drew said, “It seemed [like he was trying to do the right thing] and I’m not gonna say he’s not… but I think there could be more, it could be more cohesive.”

Andy then questioned Drew about whether or not it was true that she and Ralph had raced to the courthouse to file for divorce from one another.

“It wasn’t a race. I got to a point where enough was enough and once he caught wind that I was planning to file, then it became a [race]. I don’t know if that’s deflection or trying to change the narrative,” she noted.

Drew then shared the straw that broke the camel’s back.

“I think it was a culmination of just the years of enduring and enduring,” she shared. “And as a wife, my parents have been married for 60 years, so I only saw two people who love each other and constantly fought for their marriage, that’s how I was raised, but I think at a point when it’s public humiliation and dealing with things that are now coming out in front of the camera, it was a breaking point that I reached.”

Drew also said she learned Ralph had cheated during their marriage.

“I know that wasn’t the case,” she revealed when Andy asked if she felt Ralph had been faithful.

Also on WWHL, Drew said that when it comes to her current interaction with Ralph, “We communicate about the kids.”

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