RHOA’s Marlo Hampton Shares If She’s Planning to Have Kids With Scotley Innis, What She Was Told to Do at Kenya’s Store Opening as Kenya Shares Her Real Issue With Marlo, and Live Viewing Thread

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RHOA's Marlo Hampton Shares If She's Planning to Have Kids With Scotley Innis, What She Was Told to Do at Kenya’s Store Opening as Kenya Shares Her Real Issue With Marlo, and Live Viewing Thread

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Marlo Hampton is open to having children with Scotley Innis.

Following the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Marlo, 47, discussed becoming a mother as she mentioned her beau‘s income and explained why she can’t conceive naturally as her co-star Kenya Moore, 52, shaded her as “hateful” and explained why the two of them will never be friends.

As they looked back at a brunch thrown by Sheree Whitfield, 53, on the September 3 episode of the RHOA: After Show, Marlo wondered why Kenya hates her so much.

“Am I that bad of a person?” she asked.

“To me, I feel like you guys have so much in common. You guys are so much alike but for some reason, they cannot seem to get on the same path. I just want you guys to be okay. You used to be friends. I don’t know what happened,” Sheree noted.

According to Sanya Richards-Ross, 38, Kenya kept saying that it was Marlo’s comments about her daughter, 4-year-old Brooklyn, that put an end to a potential relationship with their castmate.

“She kept talking about you talking about her daughter, and I was like … ‘When was the last time Marlo said anything?'” Sanya wondered.

“That’s been so many years,” Marlo replied. “And first of all, it wasn’t about her daughter, I said I didn’t think she was pregnant. That’s been at least four, five years ago.”

After noting that she and Kenya have been friends since she made the comment and reminding viewers that Kenya brought up years-old charges against her, Marlo said that if Kenya was upset about something she said or did, she should have come to her about it.

“You should say, ‘Hey, I didn’t like the way you did this or this bothers me.’ And if I’m your friend and I don’t change it, that’s different,” she reasoned.

Looking back on the season, Marlo said many people encouraged her to show up to Kenya’s hair shop event. But, despite the marching band stunt Kenya played at her event, she refused to do so.

“Do you know how many people told me to go on the farm and get pigs and everything and come walking in with pigs and animals? They told me to come with everything. ‘Go and get something awful and appear at her grand opening.’ [But] I wouldn’t do that,” Marlo stated.

Although Marlo and Kenya have had moments of friendship over the years, Marlo suggested their fun times took place only when there was something in it for Kenya.

“It was always beneficial for her. It was ‘Hey, come style me for my Kenya Moore Haircare billboard’ [or] ‘Come here and let’s go out for dinner. What should I do for my party?’ Really I just want to go eat with you,” she noted.

“I don’t like friends I feel are using me. It’s a two-way street,” Sheree replied.

Meanwhile, in her own segment, Kenya explained her main issues with Marlo.

“The problem is Marlo cannot govern herself,” she said. “She’s a hateful person that just spews insults at you when she doesn’t get her way like a spoiled little child. And those insults often go below the belt, and they’re often made to try to provoke you and activate you. I can’t be activated by her.”

“If you want something from me and I keep telling you, ‘My trigger is you calling me a liar. My trigger is you.. Because we all know what you’ve accused me of lying about and part of that is my child, my pregnancy, my marriage.’ That’s it for you,” she continued. “My other trigger is people that insult me, my husband used to do that. She does the same thing. When she can’t get what she wants, she starts to insult me, and then I’m done. I’ve told her very clearly where my hard lines are, and she’s crossed them every time. That’s it. I don’t owe her anything.”

“She doesn’t deserve my friendship. She doesn’t deserve my attention,” Kenya added.

During another moment on the RHOA: After Show, Marlo admitted to thinking about having children with Scotley.

“I’m like, if Scotley and I do get serious, he has three kids already, and I’m like, ‘Oh Lord,’ I don’t know. What if I do want to have them? It just depends on his income, if he’s a great father,” she shared. “You need to have money for kids… We gonna need a big car, we’re gonna have to take vacations.”

According to Marlo, who said she’d welcome a child or more if her finances were “great” and she had a “great guy,” she’d love to adopt or do in-vitro fertilization.

“I know right now I can’t do natural, I would need a little help,” she revealed. “My tubes were closed.”

While Marlo has since gotten her tubes unblocked, she admitted to being “scared” about a potential pregnancy but noted that she would “love a little girl.”

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