Kristen Doute Discusses Unaired Vanderpump Rules Scene With Ariana Madix, If She’s Owed an Apology for Sandoval Drama, and Thoughts on Daniel Wai, Plus Future With BF Luke & Kids

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Kristen Doute on Unaired Pump Rules Moment With Ariana, If She's Owed an Apology for Sandoval Drama, and Thoughts on Daniel Wai, Plus Talks Kids With BF Luke

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Kristen Doute made her triumphant return to Vanderpump Rules at the end of season 10. But, as she shared in a recent interview, fans didn’t get to see everything she filmed with Ariana Madix following the reveal of Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss‘ affair.

While opening up about her unaired scene with Ariana, 38, sharing if she’s owed an apology for the drama they endured amid the early seasons of the show, and reacting to Ariana’s new boyfriend, Daniel Wai, Kristen, 40, dished on her clothing line and spoke of her future with boyfriend Luke Broderick.

“We all know what happened with me during quarantine and leaving Vanderpump Rules,” Kristen recalled to The Messenger last week, giving a nod to her June 2020 firing, which was prompted by racially charged behavior against Faith Stowers. “That definitely gave me a lot of time to think about, what do I want to do with my platform and what do I want to do moving forward.”

As she reconsidered her trajectory, Kristen took some time off and pondered on the future of James Mae.

“I decided to take a little bit of a break and really reset for James Mae and think about, why did I start this brand to begin with back in 2018?” she shared. “What was the drive? And the drive really was that I loved to wear vintage rock and roll boho … I was tired of going shopping for T-shirts that I wasn’t really into, and I didn’t want the fast fashion. So I’m like, ‘Well, let me start James Mae.'”

Kristen also launched a podcast, Sex, Love and What Else Matters, with Luke, who she’s been dating for over a year.

“I know that we have an amazing future ahead of us, full of a couple of kids and a lot of love and a lot of really cool entrepreneurial businesses and endeavors,” she teased of their future, noting that she’s “40 and thriving.”

Moving on to her relationship with Ariana, Kristen said that despite the overlap their relationships with Sandoval had amid season two of Pump Rules, she holds no ill will.

“Ariana owes me nothing,” Kristen told The Messenger of a potential apology. “We both went through the exact same thing. If anything, it’s just so unfortunate that she had to go through it later in life because it’s not really fair to her. Tom, [when] do you just become a better version of yourself and stop repeating your mistakes?”

Although they had quite a rocky start with one another years ago, Kristen and Ariana have grown quite close. And, after Sandoval was caught cheating with Raquel, Ariana enlisted Kristen to film alongside her. Unfortunately, not all of their interactions made it to air.

“I think that frustrated both Ariana and I was like, ‘Well, we had this amazing evolution of what the hell happened, and why didn’t they air it?'” she wondered. “We’re not really sure. But as people can see, that’s one of my closest buddies.”

Kristen and Ariana are so close, in fact, that Kristen has been introduced to Daniel — and given him her seal of approval.

“I love Daniel,” Kristen confirmed. “He’s adorable. He’s so sweet. He makes her happy. He makes her laugh. He makes her smile, and that is all I care about.”

Vanderpump Rules season 11 is expected to premiere on Bravo later this year or early next year.