Robyn Dixon Explains Why She Shared Candiace’s Texts, If Candiace & Wendy Owe Gizelle an Apology, and Who Brought “Most Shade” to RHOP Reunion, Plus Who Was in “Hot Seat” and What She Misses of Candiace Friendship

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RHOP's Robyn Dixon on Why She Shared Texts With Blogger, If Candiace and Wendy Owe Gizelle an Apology, and Who Brought "Most Shade" to Reunion, Plus Who Was in "Hot Seat" and What She Misses of Candiace Friendship

Credit: Graeme Jennings/Bravo, Instagram/Robyn Dixon

Robyn Dixon was featured on Sunday’s Watch What Happens Live, where she opened up about her ongoing issues with Candiace Dillard-Bassett, the Real Housewives of Potomac reunion, and the drama of season eight.

While explaining why she sent her and Candiace’s texts to a blogger, reacting to their drama at the crab boil, and sharing if she thinks Candiace, 37, and Wendy Osefo, 39, owe Gizelle Bryant, 53, an apology for the way they behaved when she was talking about her daughter, Robyn, 44, revealed who was in the hot seat most at the reunion and shaded Ashley Darby, 35, as a gold-digger.

“He was a mutual friend of Candiace and I and he was really hurt to see Candiace and I’s friendship go to the pits so he’d been in communication with Chris Bassett, who told him that I left [Candiace] on read pretty much and I was like, ‘This is what he’s talking about.’ It was just to explain why Candiace claims she went to Twitter instead of just talking to me,” Robyn explained on the March 10 episode of WWHL.

Looking back at Sunday night’s new RHOP, Robyn said it was not a good idea for Charrisse Jackson-Jordan, 58, to bring up her issues with Candiace at the crab boil.

“I was just tired. I was over it. Bad idea,” she stated.

Reflecting on a previous episode, Robyn said she wasn’t necessarily hoping to see Candiace and Wendy apologize to Gizelle for the faces they were making when she was talking about her daughter going to college.

“I’m not big on apologies. I think just say, ‘We were wrong and let’s move forward.’ I don’t need an ‘I’m sorry and please forgive me,'” she reasoned.

While playing a game of cast superlatives, Robyn was asked a series of questions about the reunion and said that Wendy brought the “most ridiculous props,” Ashley’s look wasn’t her style, and Candiace was the “most accountable.”

“I can say Candiace was accountable for some things,” Robyn admitted, also saying that Candiace sparred most with Gizelle, shed the “most tears,” and brought the “most shade.”

“Her mouth is reckless,” Robyn noted.

As for herself, Robyn said she felt that she was in the hot seat most and confessed to feuding the most with Candiace.

During another part of the show, Robyn was asked to name three things she misses about her friendship with Candiace.

“We just had a good time together [and] it’s just good to have a friend who’s in the same space that can relate, you can kind of talk to each other about what you’re going through, and I felt like I was kinda a big sister to her and I liked being able to give her advice and help her through things,” she replied.

Then, after giving Ashley’s new song, “Healing and Thriving,” a six out of 10, Robyn said Ashley was a bigger gold-digger than Mia Thornton, 39.

“Mia claims that Gordon was broke when she met him so I’m gonna say Ashley,” she reasoned.

Also on WWHL, Robyn denied Ray Huger has a crab allergy, as Karen Huger, 60, claimed.

“Karen was pulling a fast one to not come to Charrisse’s. Karen is very quick with it so she came up with that excuse very quickly,” she stated.

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