Ariana Madix Addresses Scheana’s “Hurtful” Attitude, DWTS Shade, and Brittany & Jax’s Split, Plus If Lala is Hypocritical, Last Time She Spoke to Sandoval, and Status With Lisa Vanderpump

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Ariana Madix on Scheana's "Hurtful" Attitude Towards Her, DWTS Shade, and Brittany and Jax's Separation, Plus If Lala is Hypocritical, Last Time She Spoke to Tom, and If LVP is "Too Easy" on Him

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Ariana Madix admitted to being hurt by Scheana Shay on Tuesday night’s Watch What Happens Live.

While also reacting to Jax Taylor, 44, and Brittany Cartwright‘s separation, addressing Lala Kent‘s potential hypocrisy, and revealing the last time she spoke to ex-boyfriend Tom Sandoval, 41, the Vanderpump Rules star, 38, shared her thoughts about Lisa Vanderpump‘s treatment of Sandoval and more.

“During the time of filming, I definitely was not aware of a lot of the things that were being said behind my back, and I love Scheana dearly, but a lot of things that were said are very hurtful,” Ariana admitted on the March 12 episode of WWHL. “It’s hard to pinpoint something, it’s just this general attitude towards me that I’ve been seeing that’s pretty hurtful.”

One particularly controversial comment Scheana, 38, made about Ariana suggested that her longtime friend started as her “backup dancer” before stealing her dream of appearing on Dancing With the Stars.

“On one hand, I can totally understand being happy for a friend while also feeling like you did also want this thing for yourself. But on the other hand, my thought process is that if one person from our show gets on it, wouldn’t that help someone else from our show get on it?” Ariana asked. “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, and that’s where I’m at with that.”

When Ariana was then asked about Jax and Brittany’s split, she confirmed she’s been in touch with Brittany, 35.

“I’ve texted with Brittany a little bit. I just wanted her to know I love her and I support her,” Ariana stated. “Being on opposite coasts, it’s difficult, but I told her if she ever wants to come out to New York, she’s got a place to stay with me. I just love her so much and she’s only ever been the best, and I’m Team Brittany. As always.”

Although Ariana could not give an update on her shared home with Sandoval due to their “legal situation,” she said she does not regret digging in her heels and shared that she has not spoken face-to-face with Sandoval since the season 10 reunion.

“I mean, as opposed to like, maybe during filming there was like one or two sentences in each other’s direction,” she clarified.

According to Ariana, she expected to see Sandoval discussing Rachel “Raquel” Leviss, 29, on season 11. However, what she didn’t expect was to be such a non-factor for her former partner.

“It seems as though in all of this I’m still just like a nonentity in literally any of it,” she explained.

As for where she stands with Lisa, 63, and if she thinks she’s been “too easy” on Sandoval, Ariana said they are “good.”

“She came to see me at [the DWTS finale], which was super cool, and every time I see her it’s great, but of course, you watch the show and you see things that you’re like, ‘What the heck?’” she admitted.

Ariana also weighed in on Lala’s potential hypocrisy after host Andy Cohen, 55, noted that she expected the cast to cut out Randall Emmett, 52, after their split, but gave leeway for the group’s friendships with Sandoval.

“I think she thinks that it’s different somehow because I own a house with him and that’s like her big sticking point. However, those situations are very different, and also, I never said that nobody could welcome him or do whatever they wanted. I just said I would remove myself. So a little different,” Ariana stated.

Then, when a fan wanted to know if she felt it was hypocritical of Lala, 33, and Scheana to accuse her of getting a big head over her post-“Scandoval” opportunities when they had no problem cashing in with their podcasts and merch, Ariana admitted, “That’s a very interesting point.”

Looking back at Sandoval’s gift-giving habits, including the sunglasses he gave to James Kennedy, 32, Ariana said, “There seems to be a lot of gift-giving.”

She also said that she was “around” when he gave thousands to Scheana.

“That was definitely something I was aware of at the time as well, and I supported [it],” she revealed.

Also on the live broadcast, after denying that Sandoval’s former assistant, Ann, is now her assistant, but teasing upcoming “developments” on Pump Rules, Ariana said her love tank is full after temporarily relocating to New York City, where boyfriend Daniel Wai resides.

“It’s nice to be able to do normal things,” she said of their new dynamic.

Later, on the WWHL: After Show, Ariana commented on Lala and Katie’s spat, which went down amid a girls’ astrology night with James’ girlfriend, Ally Lewber, 28.

“It was weird to be in that room while that was happening,” she admitted.

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