Does Scheana Marie Still Speak to Ex-Husband Mike Shay? Plus, She Reveals Where She Stands With Rob Valletta Today & Hangs Out With Jersey Shore’s Ronnie!

Vanderpump Rules' Scheana Marie Dishes On Recent Drama with Ex-Boyfriend Rob Valletta! Offers Update on Relationship with Ex-Husband Mike Shay

Vanderpump Rules Scheana Marie Rob Valletta Mike Shay

Scheana Marie didn’t hesitate to hate on her marriage to Mike Shay throughout the sixth season of Vanderpump Rules as she gushed over her romance with Rob Valletta.

During the show, Scheana was seen comparing the two relationships and frequently applauding Rob for his talent and success. Not everyone can hang a TV in under 7 minutes! Meanwhile, she often took aim at Mike and his supposed lack of funds, even poking fun at him for cooking her TV dinners while Rob hired a private chef.

During a new interview, Scheana spoke of both relationships and where she stands with each ex today, including a surprising admission that she still has feelings for Rob. Read more

Jersey Shore Family Vacation Recap: Ronnie Cheats On Pregnant Girlfriend?

Jersey Shore Family Vacation Recap Ronnie Cheats

Jersey Shore Family Vacation Recap Ronnie Cheats

Late night fights are never a good idea, especially after a long Sunday Vinday. You would think the Jersey Shore gang would know this by now, but alas, where’s the fun in that?

Now that JWoww and Snooki are at each other’s throats, the chaos is real. Evidently, JWoww is “ruining” Snooki’s marriage, but it seems more likely that Snooks is just wasted and “literally losing her f*ckin mind right now.” The issue is that since the season is back, Snooki hooked up with Vinnie and now Snooki doesn’t know how to handle the awkwardness and fears of disrespecting her guido hubby. When JWoww intervenes to try and get Snooki calm, Snooki calls JWoww an idiot and all hell breaks loose. The Sober Situation, in his “humble AF” t-shirt, manages to try and escape the issues, but the girls are too fired up for him to find serenity now. Read more

Jersey Shore Family Vacation Recap: Sunday Vinday



Andddd we’re back. On the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, the search party is still searching for Snooki’s ring and the only thing Snooks can do is drunk dial her father and wake him up to tell him the news. I’m surprised her dad can understand her between the boozy slurring and the duck lips. In his stupor, Snooki’s dad asks, “You don’t know where you lost it?” Yea, that’ll be a no, Pops. If she DID, then it wouldn’t be lost. Amiright?? Read more

Jersey Shore Family Vacation Premiere Recap: What’s in the Bag?; The Ring

Jersey Shore Family Vacation Premiere Recap

Jersey Shore Family Vacation Premiere Recap

It has been a long five years without Jersey Shore. I grew up watching the OG crew in Seaside Heights, NJ and the memories are flooding back: the gel, the fights, the fake tans, the DUCK PHONE. I am so excited to finally say, they’re baaaaaaaack….“ Yea, buddy!”

“It’s t-shirt time!” Not much has changed with this crew………..except that Snooki’s skinnier and JWoww has a legit new face. NBD. We get a glimpse into everyone’s 2018 life. Snook’s has a house full of “tan guidos” and is a mother of two. JWoww’s married to Roger. You remember him from back in the day. She also has two kids and three goldfish. Very important to add that. Read more