Summer House Season 2 Reunion Recap

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Summer House Season 2 Reunion recap

Wow. WHY IS EVERYONE SO TAN? They are tanner than they were in the summer…when this show was filmed, so I’m calling bullsh*t on that glow, girls. I also find it interesting that Amit is even invited to the reunion, as he was barely on the show to begin with. I mean, who IS Amit?!

The Summer House cast gives their personal hello to Andy Cohen and the host wastes no time diving in to find out the inside scoop. A platinum blonde Lindsay introduces her new “friends,” her implants, and she admits to “hanging out” with Everett again. Andy pries and wants to know the inner workings of this volatile relationship that most of the housemates refuse to support. Kyle states that “it was hard to be supportive of that relationship” and Lindsay retorts that the “guy’s in love with me. I don’t blame him.” Riiiiiiiiiiiiight. Read more

Summer House Finale Recap: Lei It to Rest

summer house recap season 2 finale

summer house recap season 2 finale

The season finale of Summer House is already here…times flies when you’re watching a handful of drunk people bicker and party.

Last episode, Amanda was passed out in bed and instead of staying with her, Kyle leapt at the chance to party solo. Out he went into the Hampton’s night. After a long night raging, the last one to enter the house is Kyle…long after the rest of his roommates stumble home. According to the girls, Kyle was “light-hearted and fun-” way different than when he is around his girlfriend. Lauren cannot seem to understand how Kyle could censor himself for Amanda, but alas Lauren, it is truly none of your business. Read more

Summer House Recap: Don’t Poke the Bear

summer house recap don't poke the bear

summer house recap don't poke the bear

Can’t we all just get along? Seems like nothing can keep this Summer House crew from drama-packed weekends full of rose, theme parties, and pool toys.

Post tribal bonfire, everyone is in love with each other. In the words of Kyle, we are the “good vibe tribe.” The GVT preps for a night out of drinking til they can’t see …or get out of cars. Wait…that’s just Kyle. Amanda has had ENOUGH. Kyle drunk eats God knows what, walks around the house…does basically anything but spend time with Amanda. Ya know, his weekend girlfriend. The rest of the party animals don’t stroll back home until like..6 am. How do these people do it?! I wake UP at 6 am. Read more