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Kyle Richards Shares What Happened After She Recently Reached Out to Lisa Vanderpump, Plus RHOBH Season 9 Reunion Date Revealed!

Kyle Richards Shares What Happened After She Recently Reached Out to Lisa Vanderpump, Plus RHOBH Season 9 Reunion Date Revealed!

Kyle Richards Shares What Happened After She Recently Reached Out to Lisa Vanderpump, Plus RHOBH Season 9 Reunion Date Revealed!

Kyle Richards may be blocked from contacting Lisa Vanderpump at the moment but in the weeks that followed their dramatic on-screen spat on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kyle attempted to reach out to her former friend on numerous occasions.

During an interview on the latest episode of Just The Sip, Kyle revealed that after her nasty fight with Lisa and Ken Todd months ago, she actually texted her co-star days later and again weeks after that.

“Yes, because her birthday was like two or three days later,” Kyle said. “So, I sent her a text saying, ‘I’m sorry that all this happened and I hope you have a beautiful birthday.’ Crickets. Nothing, not even a cricket.”

Kyle also revealed she reached out to Lisa once again recently.

“Then I reached out to her regarding Camille’s shower because that was also in September and again, crickets. But both of them were delivered, because it said delivered,” she continued. “Now, I have been blocked and it doesn’t say delivered, because I reached out to her again recently to congratulate her on the opening of Vanderpump Lounge in Las Vegas. That one didn’t say delivered so now I know that I have since been blocked. Before she was just saying I was blocked but I actually wasn’t.”

According to Kyle, her drama with Lisa was so intense because Lisa felt “humiliated” by her.

“Lisa is a very prideful person and my intention was not to humiliate her,” Kyle insisted. “My intention was to be honest and tell her what happened on camera, so that she wasn’t shocked in six months when she saw the show.”

Although Kyle and Lisa have been estranged for several months, Kyle would absolutely love to reconcile their friendship and move forward from their dispute over Puppy Gate.

“I can’t hear this for years on end. I just can’t do it. I said what I felt my truth was. I care about [Lisa] anyway. If [Lisa] wanted to move forward, I’d be happy to,” she explained.

In other Real Housewives of Beverly Hills news, Us Weekly revealed days ago that the ladies are set to reunite on June 5 to film the season nine reunion. However, when it comes to Lisa’s appearance at the taping, it’s hard to say whether or not she’ll be there and in March, she admitted she was unsure.

“I don’t know how the audience would react,” she told the magazine at the time. “My life is kind of full. I can’t really deal with the minutia.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season nine airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.

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    1. Definitely!!! She keeps dredging up the fight, the fallout, & the end of the friendship; hoping she can change the results of her stupidity.

      1. I don’t believe she wants the friendship to continue. It’s all a ruse to make it look like she really cared when we all know she doesn’t and never did.

        1. My thoughts exactly! her fake image means everything to her. It’s all for show, what an evil two faced freak of nature.

    1. The Truth. Kyle is so dumb that she doesn’t realize all txts say delivered even if they weren’t. I had phone service issues a year ago and my txt would say “delivered” to my husband and they were not. And as far as I know, he didn’t block me. 🙂

  1. Sadly, Kryle is a poor judge of human reactions. Lisa didn’t seem “humiliated”. She was PISSED off because a person she considered a ‘friend’ smugly called her a liar & a leaker.

      1. Yes, she is. Vyle can’t accept any responsibility for destroying the friendship or ruining L’s reputation. Vyle can’t admit she made a mistake by insulting Lisa. Who is it that drags out grudges? Who is it that never says she’s sorry with meaning? That is BYLE Bitchards.

          1. Yet Lvp was constantly accused of just that by most every cast, every season & who showed them that? Fingers pointing directly to that vile woman, Kyle.
            This time she gone & done it–no turning back this time. The End!!!

        1. And meanwhile she says if Lisa wants to move forward. Yah aha, Lisa has moved forward, you vacant scuzzball!

          1. LOLOLOLOLOL ~ So true. Lisa is comfortably sitting on the train which has left the station. Vyle is standing on the platform wondering how she missed it.

        2. 100% Byle/Vyle holds grudges & never says she’s sorry. Every single thing she has ever accused LVP of. Vyle is that x100!

    1. Kyle just talks the talk, she never walks the walk, if she did, she would understand clearly what she did & how hurtful it was.
      Right now, she’s preaching to the deaf as we see right through into her black heart. She means not a word of what she’s trying to get out there to the public. She stated she was just “speaking her truth” to Lvp & she is trying really hard to show what a forgiving person she is, constantly reaching out only to be ignored by Lvp who is a prideful person unlike herself who never holds grudges. She wants back the friendship badly, not happening, not after all the slander & lies she spewed after the goodbye Kyle episode. She should’ve thought of all of that earlier. Lvp Finally sees her for what she is.
      I honestly feel it’s all lip service just to prove how good she is & how evil Lvp is. Good luck with that Kyle & Goodbye. You have destroyed the one true honest thing you had going for you in that sorry life of yours.

    2. Yes!! Kyle may have been trying to humiliate her but she ended up with egg on her face.

      1. BevHills, I don’t know if Vyle intended to humiliate Lisa. That’s a new adjective being bandied by Byle to seem less harsh than “I wanted to ruin Lisa’s reputation forever.” Ironically, Byle ended up being the humiliated one. She & the HEAP do NOT have the majority of public support.

        1. I think Lisa referred to Kyle attempting to humiliate her in an interview because she deliberately chose to accuse her on camera rather than talking to her as a friend. Kyle really overestimated her support amongst viewers.

          1. A massive failure on Kyle’s part but now she is trying to change the narrative, as usual, to Lisa “feeling” humiliated because as we all know Kyle loves to tell Lisa what she is thinking and feeling. Kyle knows best.

          2. THAT drives me crazy!!! When Kyle tells Lisa what she feels, or what she thinks, or what she said (when we’ve all heard it for ourselves), or what her motivations are. And Kyle is ALWAYS WRONG because she is simply projecting HER OWN feelings and motivations onto Lisa.

          3. Bev, are we unhappy that for the very first time, scales from eyes have been removed & Kyle is finally seen with clear vision of who & what she really is? I, for one is filled with joy.

        2. Music to my ears, eyes, heart & fingers. No support period would be music to my soul, then I can relax.

    3. Noticing how all these women are using the same words to describe LVP’s motives and actions inside the lies they are telling. Chameleon also claimed LVP is “prideful.” What that has to do with this is hard to figure out, but is that what sets her apart from the coven, because they have zero pride.

      1. Yup, I’ve mentioned before that they are all using the exact same wording that Kyle has used to describe Lisa for years, even the new cast members. Kyle has absolutely held meetings to tell these women how to feel about Lisa and all of the “horrible” things she’s done. She is just showing how beyond pathetic and desperate she is to take Lisa down.

        1. Using the same verbiage means the HEAP are co-conspirators to oust LVP. What sad, pathetic lives they have. They have nothing of merit to contribute to the show.

          1. Actually, they have nothing of merit to contribute to their own lives & the world either. Really, what exactly do they have to show?

      2. Your last sentence took the words from me. They seem to think “pride” is a bad thing, because they all willingly lack it.

  2. Kyle your life is full with what-cutting Mauricio’s toenails and walking the streets of Los Angeles drunk and screaming Goodbye Kyle?

    1. Watching that episode on Tuesday, I thought back to season one when Camilles psychic said Maurice will never emotionally fulfill Kyle. I think she may be right. Kyle doesn’t seem to ever be content with just her and Maurice. She always seems to need one of her kids around. They sleep with her. She caters to them non stop. Even so much so flying out to Sophia’s school recently because Sophia called her. I’m starting to think that Maurice isn’t enough for Kyle.

      1. Mauricio is soooo over Kyle. He rarely looks her in the eye and looks bored silly in her presence. He has totally moved on but Kyle is intent on keeping the charade of her “happy little life” going. She loves her material possessions and is happy to look the other way when it comes to Mo’s affairs as long as she can keep her closer well stocked.

      2. Kyle really doesn’t seem content. Plus she always sees the negative in everything. It’s no wonder she always thinks Lisa is doing bad things. Kyle thinks everything is bad. Even walking with Teddi she says she would be afraid of being murdered and dumped in the pond if she walked it alone. She must be such a drain to be around.

      3. I looked it up last week. She also said that once the kids are gone, Kyle & her husband will have nothing in common. You can already see the truth in that statement.

        After they left Allison said that Kyle was the mean girl. In high school she would be the girl who caused someone else to commit suicide.

        1. Isn’t it crazy how spot on she was about kyles marriage? Back then I thought Allison was a total nut but after this episode, it makes very good sense. Of course I don’t think Kyle will ever leave Maurice because he’s given her a lifestyle she could have never had without him but I bet she’s going to spend her later years bugging the hell out of those girls and always wanting them by her side.

          1. Mauricio already looks mostly checked out. He’ll focus on his business, “business trips” & spend little to no time at home with Kyle.

          2. Aint that the truth! even if they’re married, she’ll rotate her stumpy self from house to house imposing herself on their lives & marriages, controlling them & crying that she did everything for them, gave her life & her tears for them, guilting them & causing friction with the spouses. That’s only if anyone would want to marry those spoilt entitled little dependent fools.

          3. I have an uncle who is 90 years old that his mother-in-law lived with them for 55 years. Can you imagine?

          4. No I cant!!! I might’ve had an early heart attack. Poor man, how ever did he handle that? probably stayed away from home a lot, I imagine.

          5. Yep the man worked a ton. But he is happily retired and still keeps busy with his garden. He keeps us supplied in tomatos and cucumbers all summer.

        1. I think Kyle might actually be worse. Lol. I never thought I would think that when comparing Kyle and Kim. Even Kim is telling her little kids to put on their own damn shoes.

  3. It’s easy to move on when you are the problem.. Kyle you can’t get alone with your own family.. I’m starting to believe they did steal from Kim.. Kim was an addict and they gave her a small amount of money and screwed her out the rest. Kyle is a boss deck liar and then play dumb, she’s not smart enough to predict the outcome of nothing..

    1. That’s so true. How easy it is for them all to say “all she has to do is own it” and “we’re a forgiving group”. But what kind of people are they when they make accusations with out a shred of evidence and won’t accept someones word.

      1. Basically they accuse you of being Attila the Hun, harass and gang up on you -right after your brother passes away. Hope to break you down in your moment of weakness and all that is needed is for you to beg for forgiveness among this very forgiving group?

      2. AMEN it’s one thing I know for sure, you can’t make anyone believe you, but you must stick with the truth.. All the lies will come crumbling down.. It’s happen to me in Corporate American, I stood by myself for 6 months, when the truth came out.. I made them pay me for all they put me through… Just imagine 5 Corporate lawyers crawling in your business and personal and found nothing, I mean not one thingee those bastards tried to ruin me.. I got the last laugh and did I laugh all the way to the bank…

        1. So happy for you that justice was served Tripping, see ? truth & justice do prevail.
          I’m hoping for the same with Lvp.

          1. It does sometimes, but I didn’t have the world watching, knowing, giving their opinion..I only had 10,000 people knowing but that was something I won’t ever forget…..Millions of people that never watched the show knows what going on with Lisa..

          2. I admire your strength and ability to stand your ground with your head up. Growing up in large unprivileged home can give a person the ability to overcome such adversity.

          3. I admire your strength and ability to stand your ground with your head up. Growing up in large unprivileged home can give a person the ability to overcome such adversity.

          4. Thank you, I thank Jesus for the parents he gave me..
            They were hardworking, honest, loving and always helping others..
            I like growing up during my childhood, you didn’t disrespect others
            period.. Treat others the same way you would like to be treated..

        2. Good for you Tripping! It makes a huge amount of strength to stand up like that but when you have truth on your side it makes it easier.

          1. True but I had some sleepless nights.. It never changed me I always have a poker face.. I’m not a smiling person at all, oh I smile but not just to smile.. I keep everything close to the breast.. None of their business…

          2. I am sure you did. Good for you taking that on and standing your ground.

          3. RIP My daddy told all 8 of us, if you’re right stand by your word.. If you have to stand alone, you won’t be alone. Jesus will be in the room before you enter.. The truth shall set you free——don’t lie because that one lie can get you fired….wise man but didn’t live long..

          4. That is so touching Tripping. Brought tears to my eyes, also a family of 8 & seems our daddies were of similar minds too.
            Jesus & faith also played a big part in our lives too.

          5. Wow then you know what it’s like to come from a large family.. My mother wanted a baseball team of just BOYS.. My sister and I arrival changed the household, and everyone in the house was in love with my sister first, then myself. She was accustomed to being the only female in the house and getting all the attention…lol
            We use to tease her about it, she would turn beet red and say “I’m an only child” I was selfish, but I changed……I’m the youngest of 8 and NO they didn’t spoil me at all..My daddy was the oldest out of “drum roll” (14).. One can’t be selfish in a large family, because everything is not about you— hand me downs from my brothers, my sister was too small, and to short compared to me. so I took my brothers jeans that fit me and was happy to have them..

          6. Goodness Tripping. Really, in a family of 8 parents cant afford or have the time to spoil. 5 girls, 3 boys. Twice a year a new outfit. Easter & Christmas. I was 6th in line & yes, like you, hand me downs had to do.
            But there was an abundance of love given & shared & with such a large group, who had time to be ever lonely.
            Oh we argued, sometimes a lot & my mouth was the loudest screaming out for “papa” to come save me.
            Wish we had those days again. Both parents & one brother are no longer here, wish they were.

          7. Amen I’ve longed for those days..My parents, my sister and three brothers are dead.. ummm I miss them but they are resting from this world… That type of love is one never forgotten, folks thought we disliked so many kids, but we didn’t because each person was had a roll in the family..

          8. To lose so many siblings must’ve been so difficult. What a wonderful way to view life”Resting from this world” so lovely.
            One day we will be all together again & that is our reassurance we know.
            On the whole, we have been blessed with the best & that’s everything.

          9. It’s life and I can’t change what Jesus does. Daddy died when I was 18. The rest died 8 months apart. It was a seasons of death.

          10. I agree with you very much Tripping, Jesus felt that they had accomplished their lives work as ordained by him & needed them back home with Him.
            All I can add to this is simply, God bless you & I share your deep faith.

    1. Lisa is out there actually making a difference in this world and all the hags try so desperately to disparage her. They are an absolute disgrace to humanity.

    2. Her Serene Highness Lisa looked exquisite! She had a grand time, too!!!
      Meanwhile, Stumpy, Bumpy, Dumpy, Lumpy & Frumpy were chowing on sawdust & planning their big trip in a man-cave on wheels.

        1. They are consumed with LisaV! She is their Number 1 topic.
          Meanwhile, Lisa is living life & not speaking (or thinking) of them.

      1. Someone on Reddit created a thread saying that Lisa was appropriating the Indian culture. I seriously cannot believe the hate that some people have for that woman.

        1. TNC, Anyone who can spew that vermin sounds just as classless & jealous as the evil. They are probably discontented & bitter in their own lives.

        2. Oh Puhleeze!!! Can anyone imagine the shit for brains who would be offended that LVP dressed in Indian garb to celebrate?

          I was horrified to see the women in Dubai wear kaftans instead of string bikinis

        3. People are just plain stupid anymore and they love to complain about anything because their own lives are so miserable and so unhappy so they sit on social media looking for things to bitch and moan about!

        4. There were people of Indian origin at the party too. Do these morons know what the party was in celebration of?

          1. I seriously doubt it. I also pointed out that the LA Center for LGBTQ was there as well and someone else pointed out that Indian people love to share their culture with other people because they want people to be educated about it and they do not get offended by people wearing Saris and celebrating a very important bill that was passed. Some people are just too stupid to understand.

          2. Even if they knew & a big placard explained it all, they would still choose to spew hate. Jealousy is a hell of a thing CC.

          1. That means stealing the culture and using it as a fad or a fashion statement

          2. smh ~ Even if it was true (which it isn’t), so what? If Lisa or anyone wants to emulate any religion, culture or fashion style, that is her / their prerogative.
            In this particular case, Lisa was celebrating an incredible victory for gay rights in India. She looked smashing in the gown.

            BTW: According to the Reddit fools’ theory, then Kaftan wearing Kryle is appropriating the Middle East every time she gains a few more pounds.

          3. Medusa I haven’t heard the word “smashing” in a long while. I’m going to steal it from you and start using it. Reminds me of my mother in the 60s. Love it!!

          4. Oh thank goodness you asked, I was wondering the same thing. Was going to look it up. 🙂

        5. my cousin was engaged to a lovely girl from india. not only did she enthusiastically offer to take me sari shopping, she included me in many of the traditional wedding preparations, such as the mendhi, etc. she and her family were delighted that my american family took an interest in participating and wanting to learn, aspects of their culture. too many people confuse homage or tribute and participation with appropriation.

        6. This just proves how moronic the Reddit members are. LVP was throwing a big party for the legislative victory in INDIA regarding homosexuality no longer being illegal. The party was a celebration of India including food, music and culture. Um, what part of that confuses you, Reddit users?

          Wake up Reddit. I’m not from India but own sari’s, have attended concerts of famous Indian musicians, eat Indian food, know more about Ayurvedic medicine than the average person…..and that is because I respect the culture, have a best friend who is Indian and live in a culturally diverse area.

          Geez. How ignorant to turn something joyous into hate mongering.

  4. Is it me but does Kyle seem to be morphing into LVP? They are starting to look strangely alike…

    1. Not really. Vyle tries to copy Lisa’s style choices. However, her face is far from Lisa’s.

      1. Vyle has studied every move of Pinky’s and is using them as her own. Stunned arse cunt.

        1. Why do you think that? It’s nothing but some cliché – trying to take on someone else’s identity or sense of individuality is not flattering, it’s Single White Female creepy.

          1. Err…I mean copying someone’s look means you admire their style etc. which is a compliment No?

          2. No, not how I see it at all. It’s a friggin cliché probably made up by a copycat who couldn’t find their own identity and uniqueness, so they steal from everyone around them.

          3. LVP has made it clear she’s sick of Kyle copying her. I absolutely hate it, whether it’s me they are copying or it’s just too obvious who they are trying to copy. My brother copied so many things from me through the years that going to his house was like walking into my own. That’s not a compliment, that’s creepy.

          4. I have a family member (by marriage) who buys everything I have in my home, buys the same clothes and hats (we are totally different body types) – it’s creepy. She will laugh it off by saying “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” but it bothers me especially because it is so frequent.

          5. IMHO, the sincerest form of flattery is to compliment what you like in someone else and establish your own signature.

    2. No & hell No. Kyle is a wannabe, but not a grain of her ugly hair or anything else even remotely resembles Lvp. She tries very hard, but fails everytime, not looks or dress, or class or even her copy cat closet & swing can compare.

    1. and noticed how she is still trying to call LVP a liar by mentioning that she wasnt blocked even though LVP said she was. Like how pathetic does Kyle sound.

      1. Thing is, people believe it. Kyle is trying to spin this so that LVP is at fault by not talking to the gracious and forgiving Kyle. Makes me sick. Glad more people are on to Kyle now and her chess playing.

  5. Kyle just can’t understand why being called a liar is a bad thing. Maybe because she proudly holds a PHD in Liarpantsology. Don’t hold your breath on Lisa getting back to you, Kyle, Lisa has better things to do than deal with minutia (that would be you).

  6. Seems like Lisa has moved on….without Kyle and the other women. LVP does not need them in her life.
    Kyle is so damn desperate, she thinks LVP should just get over it.

  7. How hard is it for this dumb bitch (and all the other bitches as well) to understand that a REAL friend wouldn’t behave the way she has behaved towards LVP?

    As LVP said, why would she even WANT to be friends with someone whom she thinks is capable of being so shady and then lying and swearing on her children’s lives that she didn’t do what she’s been accused of doing?

    Face it Vyle, you’re now in the same boat as Brandi. Enjoy floundering.

  8. Wasn’t LVP’s birthday the day after the fight? Kyle doesn’t even know her dear friend’s birthday.

  9. I really do not understand why Kyle continues to deny her role in the destruction of this friendship. I also do not understand why she cannot grasp the concept that too much damage has been done and if LVP has not reached out to her by now there is very little chance that the friendship can be repaired. Lets be honest, who in there right mind would want to carry on a friendship with someone who has come into your home, called you a liar, continually tried to belittle you in SM, show no empathy towards a tragic loss you have had to deal with and trash your husband in front of one of your businesses. Kyle, please continue to carry on your Suzy Homemaker façade and stay off SM… We the viewers are just getting really tired of this BS

  10. Kyle looked like she had a butt job that has gone wrong when she was walking with Teddi. Her arse was nearly hitting off the back of her knees.

    1. It’s because Teddi has wedged herself so far up Kyle’s ass that she can see out of Kyle’s mouth. Those two are pathetic and Teddi is nothing but her minion.

        1. I’m sure she has encouraged her baby groot looking husband to climb up Mo’s ass as well so they can social climb and keep getting referrals from Mo for their home security business.

          1. He was bragging about his social climbing and doing whatever it takes to get further ahead. Basically he was talking about using people.

          2. WOW!!! What a moron but I’m honestly not surprised. He and Teddi are cut from the same cloth and she’s been desperate to be famous.

          3. I find him and Teddi very weird. She is clearly quite ruthless and all about money and fame and then they post pics or videos from church on Sunday and spiritual quotes. Their are either raging hypocrites or scammers.

          4. Well, Mo, if does not lose his real estate license for fraud, can steer a lot of business Teddi’s skeletor’s way….

          5. Well, Mo, if does not lose his real estate license for fraud, can steer a lot of business Teddi’s skeletor’s way….

        1. I like yours as well CC!!! I’m just in a fired up mood today and am not here for Kyle Richards bullshit!!!

      1. Kyle is the only HW to date to get her hair cut in to a bob and look worse. I notice Teddi then got a bob and now they both have their extensions in.

        1. Kyle’s hair has more problems than extensions. You can get bald spots from stress. Or maybe in her attempts to be mimic all things Vanderpump she has alopacia like Gigi!

          1. LOL that would not surprise me!! Giggy wears better outfits than Kyle.

  11. Fuck You Kyle!! You were gleeful and smirking when you confronted LVP because you finally convinced all of the other women to go after her. It’s funny how LVP is the only one that ever has to be held accountable and must give ten thousand apologies just for you and the coven to declare them not good enough. Even now you are still calling her a liar by talking about the messages being delivered, you just had to get that little dig in there. It’s also funny how lvp talked about seeing you, Teddi, and Dorit at the Polo Lounge yet you claim you have to wait until the reunion to address it. Guess you’ve gotta have enough time to come up with your lie. This dumb bitch has said several times she doesn’t want to reconcile with LVP yet now all of a sudden she does. Did you want to reconcile with her when your hag friend, Jana Levy called her “a lying pig” did you want to reconcile when you stood out in front of her business and mocked “goodbye Kyle” kyle is a boil on the butt of humanity and I wish this dumb bitch would go away!

  12. It may be time to start bombarding Andy with tweets and messages insisting he control this topic at the reunion. In a court of law it is the obligation of the accuser to prove the guilt of the accused, it is not the defense’s obligation to prove it isn’t true.

    Andy needs to open the reunion with a warning to the women. If you have nothing more than your “instincts” or irrelevant surrounding stories, anything you say about Vanderpump Dogs or LVP will be edited out. This has reached a level of defamation that has the real risk of doing severe damage to LVP’s businesses, activism and reputation. I really have to wonder when John Sessa is going to send a cease & desist to all of the HWs and Andy to gag these people from doing more damage. LVP can’t sue them, but can’t imagine Sessa is restricted from protecting himself.

    1. Oh but Andy lives for just this sort of assholery. He promotes it and laughs all the way to the bank.

      1. And, he should be held accountable for any damage that is done from his amusement. I see Jerry Springer is being sued for his ugly enjoyment of humiliating people on his show.

        1. This is a guy who continues to pay the Guidices. A guy who hires a bad bad alcoholic & druggy who says such vile things. You know the one who’s dog gnawed a woman’s crotch off then let it bite her niece. No redemption for Andy.

        2. This is a guy who continues to pay the Guidices. A guy who hires a bad bad alcoholic & druggy who says such vile things. You know the one who’s dog gnawed a woman’s crotch off then let it bite her niece. No redemption for Andy.

          1. What is your point? I’ve said he deserves to be taken down hard for his brand of ugly.

          2. Sorry. I’m saying I don’t believe any blowback from viewers as was suggested previously will do any good. Bravo and Cohen feed on negative feedback.

          3. And, I’m saying now that the damage is being done to John Sessa and Vanderpump Dogs he should be taken to court for this kind of defamation and slander impacting people who are not part of the cast.

            I have no delusion that fans of the show complaining are his delight.

          4. I don’t think Vanderpumps probably want anymore lawyer bills. They’ve had like what, 8 lawsuits filed against them since RHOBH began.

    2. Andy loves all this shit look what he did to Lisa at the end of WWHL that was meant to make her feel bad… do doubt

        1. Think about all the nasty things that have gone on with Housewives. This RHOBH dog shit is lame compared to other garbage. Andy won’t do jack. He’s acted like his love affair with LVP is over a few times.

  13. Kyle “Sportn’ for a Fight” Richards will not recover/recuperate from this Season. Dunzo.
    Plain & simple? She’s a jerk.

  14. According to this paragraph below from that article – Kyle didn’t even know it was Lisa’s birthday the day after – WTF.

    “Yes, because her birthday was like two or three days later,” Kyle said. “So, I sent her a text saying, ‘I’m sorry that all this happened and I hope you have a beautiful birthday.’ Crickets. Nothing, not even a cricket.”

    1. In all fairness to Kyle she also didn’t know who Nanny Kay was. She is such a wonderful friend to Pinky .

      1. And funny thing about Nanny Kay. In the S1 Dinner with Allison Dubois, before everything went completely to hell, Kyle told Allison that Lisa wanted to know if her grandmother was with her… as in, Nanny Kay.

          1. No, I went back out of curiosity this week & looked at what she said. I loved that tidbit.

  15. 1~ Definition of PRIDEFUL…. 2. joyful and proud especially because of triumph or success
    Familiarity information: PRIDEFUL used as an adjective is rare. I guess Lisa is prideful using this def. Vyle is shameful

  16. Kyle really thinks she humiliated Lisa? That’s how she wants it to be, but the reality is she blocked you because you are being a bitch and you are calling her a liar.

    1. Familiar as in they are both a swing. One is whimsical and the other is pink, nylon rope from Home Depot and a seat that hasn’t been sanded so Vyle gets splinters in her lady bits.

  17. We are gathered here today to teach Vyle a new word. Contemptuous. Stick it on all of your personal funhouse mirrors, you vile sausage.
    Go away and take Tedhole, who is clustered up in your intestines, with you. Even Rinna has known enough to take a step back from this character assassination catastrophe and obsession with Lisa and Ken, but Vyle runs amok.

    1. Yes, LR and, even, EJ have been oddly quiet. Would be amazing if some of the coven turn on KR at the reunion.

      1. They are busy, so very busy, brainstorming and writing their take-down talking points as well as practicing their screeching accusations. Kyle is practicing her vocal fry and fluffing up her implants as are LR and Child abandoner EJ. “I’m ready for my close up Mr. DeMille!!! Lights, Camera Action!”

  18. Kyle sends texts knowing she is blocked so she can say she reached out. And Lisa cares more about her image…

    1. And honestly even if Lisa did receive the txt (and hadn’t blocked her yet, even though I’m sure she did), she had every right to be pissed off beyond belief and not respond to KR.

    2. That’s actually funny. With that ruse, Vyle believes she can fool viewers: “See? I tried to reach out to her”.

      1. Kyle has been getting away with so much for so long with some viewers and HWs that she thinks she is invincible.

        1. That’s very true. Well, this incident will be the litmus test for her. She’ll find out if she really is invincible. LOL I predict she won’t like the result.

      2. That’s what all the HW’s started saying back in September… Rinna… I reached out to her about the cupcake post. She knows I didn’t mean her brother. Their wording is all so similar, so practiced, I can’t believe anyone is falling for the setup.

  19. Delivered does NOT = Read. I delete text messages without reading them all the time! When I text others, it shows Delivered until they open and read it, then the Delivered disappears.

    Kyle is gaslighting what happened in the conversation that sent her to LVP’s house and, most importantly, what her part in it was. She did not go to warn LVP what was said, she went to try to force an admission from her, or get her to at least say something that she could twist into an admission. As it was, she raced back to the coven and lied about how it all went down.

    This isn’t Kyle’s first time trying to destroy LVP’s ability to draw celebrity/famous clientele to her restaurants by accusing her of being a direct line to the tabloids. LVP needs to withdraw from the show and give herself the freedom to legally shut this bitch down for once and for all.

    1. Sorry, I don’t believe a word Stumps says. The tide has turned, she is garbage, everything you said is true about her. She should be ashamed of herself.

      1. She should be ashamed, but since she considers pride a curse, she prefers to just enjoy her life as a liar and destroyer.

        1. She’s done it with her sisters more times than a person needs to count & if she can do that to her own flesh & blood without batting an eyelid, everyone else is fair game.
          Remember Rinna attacking Kim & throwing the glass? instead of beating Rinna to a pulp, KYle fled literally & then told her sister she could not “defend the indefensible”. That was some WOW moment for me–that was your sister woman!!!
          Many more similar incidents to recount. But we all know what they are. Now, I think with her 2 sisters, it’s just keeping up appearances, no love lost & how sad is that. Again, who’s to blame? none other than Vile Kyle.

  20. Kyle thinks she is being a good mom by bringing a tray up to her ten year old daughter, putting her socks and shoes on and allowing her to sleep in her bed. But allows her daughter to go to school on one bite of an egg. Nothing else on that tray was touched. And what kid eats fruit, cereal, toast and an egg for breakfast??? Get her out of bed and downstairs to the table with a bowl of something and she might bloody go to school with something in her belly and tie her hair back.

    1. That was all for show. Kyle is trying to position herself as the mom with the luxury life. Portia has been seen sitting at the kitchen counter with a bowl of cereal more than once. It was not a breakfast any kid would routinely get, and Portia sticking her nose up at it proves that it wasn’t her normal morning. Also, no mother would go to that effort every day just to throw it all out. The way Kyle was begging her to take just one bite also proves this was a one-time thing. Kyle’s attempt to upgrade herself to luxury queen was foiled.

      Then, her very wealthy, pretend elite husband has her clipping his toenails, and she tells Portia to file his fingernails (to which Portia instantly says NO). Why isn’t this wealthy man going to high-end spas to get a manicure/pedicure like most wealthy white-collar men do? They soak your hands and feet so the noise of the clip isn’t so gross, and they are luxurious.

      She’s in a gold sparkly shirt for the photo being framed by her family in their plain white shirts. Yep, nothing pretentious about THAT!!

      As for the sleeping with them, that has been a gag for me since the season she went to Greece with Erika, and when she left the bedroom to go to the airport the camera caught Portia & Mauricio sleeping close to each other. He has even said he spoons with Portia. In my world, that would have CPS knocking on the door.

      There is nothing impressive to me in the way Kyle parents. She’s Big Kathy all over again. Controlling through guilt and fear. It’s only a matter of time before one or more of those kids rebels. I know they are careful in how they act when the cameras are there, but every now and then they expose what’s really going on in their house and that they have the mean streak their mother has.

      While Kyle has said several times she will support whatever Portia wants to do for her career, she has never said that about the others. They are all directed to get their degree and come back home to work for Mauricio.

      1. I agree with every single word of your post!! I used to think that the one thing Kyle had going for her was her family but now I think she is so neurotic and messed up she is passing it on to her kids. Poor Sophia seems to be following in Kyle’s footsteps. The post Kyle put on IG recently along the lines of ‘I told her I would be there if she needed me… Sophia I am on my way’ with a pic of her and Sophia was disgraceful – she used a vulnerable moment for her daughter to make herself look good on social media. She had to let everyone know how good a mom she was.

        The breakfast was so contrived and then she spent time blow drying her hair. Talk about messed up priorities. I recall quite a few seasons ago they were going on a trip and Portia was in their bed but she was quite young, then later when I saw Kyle going on that trip with Erika and Portia was still in the bed I thought it was odd.
        The family portrait said everything we need to know about Kyle. She needs to feel like she is the centre of everything. She thinks she is the MPV of the family. There isn’t a party she won’t go to where she tries to take centre stage. She can’t even let her daughters shine.

        1. That “I’m coming, Sophia” was so pathetic. Sophia is the Khloe of the Umansky’s. The one who unfortunately inherited the big gene. Farrah is 30, and still single. What we don’t see is Kyle’s girls with boyfriends, though I remember once reading Farrah was dating one of the other kids of the Fat Burger Co. Kyle doesn’t seem to have insisted they find rich and get themselves pregnant, so there’s that. Of course, today it doesn’t force a marriage. LOL

          My mother & older sister were not nice people. Much like Kyle, they were critical and judgmental of everyone (including me, since I wouldn’t play their game with them). It’s a lot of why I really despise Kyle.

          1. My money is on requiring Farrah to do as her aunts do and she is looking to find the $. The agency is a good place to begin. She has seen the payoff for landing the rich dudes.

    2. Kyle is doing that kid no favors. Portia is not going to be prepared for the real world and how it works and society will have to deal with yet another spoiled brat that can’t do anything for herself.

  21. Has anyone seen Dorit’s latest story about the dog in the After Show segments on Bravo website?
    Now she is saying that the “lovely woman”‘s mother got cancer and was dying so she had to give Lucy away (just Lucy, no mention of giving her other dog away too). But then she goes on about how Lucy was barking too much and the woman’s neighbours were complaining. Why would that even be mentioned if it was about her mother getting cancer? Dorit is going in to way too much detail that muddies the water further.

    1. The lovely woman’s mother would have had cancer the day before when she supposedly took Lucy, she’s a cunting liar!

      1. Right? What did this woman do with her other dog then? It’s just more BS from Dorit. So bloody annoying no one calls her out on it either on the show or on WWHL.

        1. Or their NUMEROUS lawsuits! Or why they have a Beverly Bch offc when they supposedly sold the brand last year? They are lying grifters!

          1. Not bringing up the lawsuits was Dorit’s reward for helping them go after Lisa.

    2. She also said she spoke with the woman at the shelter who told her they weren’t a kill shelter because they only euthanized about 1% of the dogs. She never did explain how she came to speak to the shelter woman.

      1. Yes, she did. She said when LVP told her Lucy was at the shelter, Dorit called the shelter to verify what she was being told about them.

      2. LOL yes I forgot that bit. And Dorit has pictures of this woman’s dog stroller and car seat so that means she was in a good home, but Dorit only posted a blurred out pic of the woman holding the dog in her driveway on IG for a few hours and then deleted it.

          1. Oh that was such a low blow from Dorit. Going after a charity’s products from which they make money to fund the centre. How would she like it if Lisa went after her sweat shop made bikinis.

          2. Good one! That’s so true! The nerve of this bitch complaining about the cost of a dog bed! Her hideous labeled accessories cost more!

        1. My understanding is that since the shelter was tied in with the local police department, it was a municipal shelter and all municipal shelters have to do the euthanasia thing when they get crowded. The fact that they do put any animal down for reasons other than health makes them a kill shelter as opposed to a rescue shelter. Doridiot is only about half as smart as Kyle…

    3. Yes I just watched a couple of those After Show tapes, & that’s 20 mins I’ll never get back. What stood out to me was how much Dimwit emphasized the “3 whole hours” she spent w/Lucy & a dog trainer! Um you should be WANT to spend time w/your dog. Especially training her around your kids! Also, this woman just “came to their door” & adopted Lucy. Who was she? Why didn’t she know her name when LVP asked? She & PK are FOS & I don’t believe them. The real question is why Vyle would believe them over LVP, her good friend of 10 years?

      1. Yes!! She also once again alluded to Lucy nipping but only said the first dog actually bit.

        She even admits that Lisa asked her who the woman was and told her that they would need to do a home check – but she never gave Lisa the name and still thinks it’s Lisa’s fault.

        1. Right? If anything I find these little interviews to make Dimwit, Vyle et al, to look more guilty. It’s infuriating how they all blindly blame LVP!?

        2. Bingo! Lisa asked who the woman was and Dorit said she didn’t know and have the assistant call LVP back but never did. Caught in another lie!

        3. Let’s not forget that Dorit never responded to Hannah’s messages from VDogs to see how the puppy was faring.

          1. Also Teddi said that she was told Lucy was hurt/mistreated & in bad shape. It’s funny we haven’t heard another word about this.

          2. The question of how long the poor puppy was at the new home comes into play…whether it was a month (fom Lance Bass) or days. Lulu’s new human said it took a couple of months and careful attention for her to stop being so scared of everything.

      2. Pinky hasn’t been Byle’s good friend she has been someone she uses for her husbands real estate business.

      3. Oh that’s where C-nty is the Gate Keeper. She interjects to highlight certain points and takes over when Dorit strays from the well rehearsed script. It’s interesting to watch her body language whilst it’s goung on. Funnily enough if you watch Dorit, her body language is giving away her true feeling. When agreeing with something, she’s shaking her head etc. She also shows her exasperation when C-nty interjects. Her facial expressions is saying “I’m not a child”!! ????????

        1. Ugh she’s another one I can’t stomach! She’s been gunning for LVP since she came on the show (as Yolanda’s sidekick)!

  22. Dorit’s son Jagger is constantly telling her to put down the phone in her IG stories. It’s actually quite sad that their moms are more concerned about sharing the moment with the world than sharing it with the child standing in front of them. All Jagger must see is his mom’s phone in stead of her face.

    1. What’s more disturbing… do you ever even hear boo about the other kid? She shows that little attention to the boy & he is clearly her favorite. The other doesn’t exist.

      1. If you go to her IG stories right now there is a perfect example of this! She is in an elevator and asking them questions, Phoenix answers but it is clear that Dorit only wants to hear Jagger respond because Jagger gets called cute by all Dorit’s IG followers. Then he snarls at her to turn off the phone!

      2. I do think her kids are absolutely adorable, but I stopped following her on IG months ago because the videos were non-stop clogging my timeline. She dotes on Phoenix a lot, too.

        Everyone does know that Jaegger and Phoenix both share their names with the kid of the woman who chased Dorit around the pool in the Bahamas, right? Her son is named Jaegger Phoenix or Phoenix Jaegger (I forget with is the first name and which is the middle).

        1. It’s to blend in with the walls so dipshit won’t have to pay attention to them.

          1. He’s not going to end his marriage over the loss of a friendship, but he will adjust his opinion of his wife, for sure. What she did was a betrayal of trust. He told her to make this right, and she chose the coven over him. She needs to hope they fire her or another year with these women will take a heavy toll on her marriage.

    2. They are doing a series on that tonight on my news station. Showing ignored children. It was shockingly sad to watch the kids.

  23. I haven’t yet read the comments but this may have been stated. This disgusting creature, Byle, used “prideful”. Sounds like she is going to the Camille school of “big words”. Newsflash Stumps. Even when you are blocked it says delivered. Ever thought Pinky changed her number to one you Hags don’t have. If so it wouldn’t say delivered if the old number was out of service.

    1. Yes, but it should be said over and over again. Chameleon using that word this last episode and then Kyle using it shows how much behind the scenes hate-planning and gossip these women are doing.

      1. Next they will be calling Lisa a “poor creature”. They do love to get their stories in line before going on camera.

  24. Kyle and her truth need to STFU and start listening to LVP’s truth. You know, the one none of the mean-girls want to hear anything about.

    1. Kyle has shown us over and over again that her “truth” is nothing but a lie. She has no individuality, she steals it from others trying to fit her big round body into their lovely thin slot.

  25. My wish is for Sessa to watch the reunion and then give interview after interview after each one is aired showing receipts. He isn’t Pinky’s employee and there is nobody to hold him back.

    1. My wish is for Sessa to send a cease & desist to every housewife & Andy daring them to mention VPDs or him, or LVP as a party to what Theodore, Kyle & Dorit have done to make this the storyline of the season. Gag those bitches so they have to talk about each other the entire reunion. It’ll be the first single reunion episode ever.

  26. Kyle’s riding hard to win the Homemaker of the year by pretending to be the exasperated yet loving mother managing her madcap household.
    Sorry, anal boil, you’re not fooling us.
    After getting up and leaving your 10 year old daughter in bed with your husband ?? you make the future star of ‘Snapped’ a wholesome breakfast the kid is too ‘tired’ to eat (please stop wasting money on acting lessons for her, she’s an even worse actress than you), so you proceed to dress the tiresome little MiniKyle yourself and talk to her like she was a 3 year old with a cognitive defect. What a good mommy! ? If that wasn’t disturbing enough, you decide to clip the hubby’s toenails and looked like some deranged geisha amputating his toes with hedge clippers. Yes, his screams of pain were hilarious (might as well cancel his acting lessons, too). Speaking of hilarity, the Christmas card photo (when did you convert?) showed how crazy, yet lovable you are chasing escaping dogs (next time the pooches will have an Uber ready to take him to VPD) and kids to present the world with a picture perfect photo of your emotionless yet loving fambly ?. How precious! So sweet, so angelic! I was going to comment on how shiny your halo was but realized it was just the light reflecting off your bald spot.
    I’m not trying to be mean but just felt I had to reach out to you to speak my truth.

    1. Hahahahahaha!!! Bloody brilliant.

      It feels like she is angling for a Kardashian style spin off.

      1. Kyle was saying how Kris Jenner is a close friend of hers and they always have fun hanging out. Kyle wants to be around friends that support her and lift her up….blah blah blah.

      2. Kyle was saying how Kris Jenner is a close friend of hers and they always have fun hanging out. Kyle wants to be around friends that support her and lift her up….blah blah blah.

    2. Mother of the year, having her kid make videos to put on social media. ? Maybe, she should find an accountability coach? lol ! I know, she thinks she is great. I smh…

    3. Mother of the year, having her kid make videos to put on social media. ? Maybe, she should find an accountability coach? lol ! I know, she thinks she is great. I smh…

    4. Mother of the Year sending your child off to school without breakfast, and still half asleep, I was a BAD mother mine had to sit at the table with just cereal

        1. I was gob smacked when she did it, was it just for the cameras or is this their morning routine I didn’t have the patience for that in the mornings
          It was the best time to chat with kids at the table, about the day ahead

        2. I was gob smacked when she did it, was it just for the cameras or is this their morning routine I didn’t have the patience for that in the mornings
          It was the best time to chat with kids at the table, about the day ahead

          1. I think it was for the cameras. Kyle is building “her truth” about being the good mommy of a zany, unique family. Maybe she’s recycling unused scripts from American Woman season 2

          2. The chaos in that house is enough to show that no one, not the kids, the dogs or Mauricio have an ounce of respect for Kyle. You can’t be that mean and hateful and be a good mom.

          3. It was for the cameras. Kyle truly thinks she has finally gotten a clear shot at the crown and is trying to portray the luxurious lifestyle that will secure it for her. No mom does that just to throw it out, and Portia’s refusal to even pretend to eat it shows that was not her normal routine. There are enough previous seasons with Portia eating a bowl of cereal at the kitchen counter. Portia is a mouthy little brat who refuses to go along with Kyle’s attempts to show this perfect child. Remember when Kyle & Mauricio were shopping for vacation clothes for her and Kyle told her what she could select. Portia went into demand mode, “BUY ME THAT.” They are creating quite the monster.

          4. The tray with her name on it? I do that for my cats…not kids. The tiara was missing. I guess she was having it polished and she put it on before she got to school.

          5. Did you notice in the scene where Kyle was clipping Mauricio’s toes that there was another tray just like it (maybe the same one) at the makeup desk in the background? Kyle has such a warped sense of luxury that she falls flat with every attempt to pretend she has class.

          6. When he kissed her hand in that restaurant…UGH!!! He never looked at her, he looked to see who was watching him do it. “$3000.00 a pound for truffles? We’ll have about an ounce.”

    5. LOL – the chaos in that house shows that respect is not a basic element in the foundation of that dysfunctional family. No one showed up looking happy to be there – Farrah was especially annoyed that no one was ready when it was supposed to start.

      How Kyle thinks anyone but the fools who admire her can’t see what a staged joke her efforts to compete with the beauty of Pandora & Max when they are with Lisa and Ken with that mob of spoiled brats of hers is beyond me. One of my favorite scenes of LVP and Pandora was when they were auditioning musicians for the wedding & LVP wiped her eyes on Pandora’s sweater. Try to imagine that in Kyle’s gaggle if the cameras weren’t running.

      I, for one of many, don’t believe that these seasonal outbursts Kyle throws at other cast members (Brandi, LVP, Camille, Carlton, Dorit, etc) is a part of her disposition that isn’t fairly commonplace in her house. The way her kids and dogs all behave shows that her idea of controlling is through screaming and not one living being is ever going to respect that.

    6. I totally agree with every word you wrote and yes, Mikeycat, especially about the Christmas card. I thought she converted to Judaism for Mogresio which would probably mean their kids are also of the same faith. I could see if it were a mixed-religion household but wouldn’t it be more appropriate to call it a Holiday Card or as some of my Non-Christian friends do, a New Year’s Card? And I’m not disrespecting anyone’s religion here, just wondering when she started this “tradition” as she said.

    7. OMG I’m laughing out loud. I saw that picture. The daughter sitting to Vyle’s right is giving her such a WTF look. It’s too funny.

  27. Watching last week’s BH now. Boy George pretends to care that LVP isn’t at his concert, “even though I didn’t invite her. hahahah” Then, in her talking head interview, GRinna chimes in how awful Lisa is to not attend since she is supposedly PK’s friend. Apparently, GRinna thinks LVP should crash the concert to make an unwanted appearance. GRinna is a deaf, dumb dolt.

    1. It’s amazing that some viewers are actually calling out Lisa for not “showing up” because of BS like Rinna in her THs saying this was Lisa’s BFF’s big night etc. Do they not watch the actual show where Dorit told Kyle she wasn’t inviting her? And BG confirmed it? Rinna knew damn well that Lisa wasn’t invited and lies in her TH to put out that narrative and people believe it and then call LVP fans “blinkered”.

      1. Either those hating viewers don’t watch the scenes in question, OR they don’t comprehend what has been said. GRinna clearly twists things to suit HER narrative.
        I’m stunned that any viewer would take “her” word for anything!

          1. Ah, yes!!! GRinna falls back on the “amnesia defense”: “No, I don’t remember saying THAT“.

    2. When Georgie first said that, I took it as a swipe at LVP, but after watching that scene a second time and hearing PK’s jab at Kyle about her not able to get along with her best friend, I got to wondering if maybe BG was making a jab at the coven for always trashing LVP for not attending when they didn’t include her to begin with.

      1. I think BG sees these women as a bit of a joke. He doesn’t seem to take it seriously at all.

          1. He did also say on WWHL he loses track of which housewife the others aren’t speaking to now.

        1. Nor should he. He has more important things to do than get involved with vindictive harpies.

      2. I’m not sure about that. Boy gave Vyle a sympathetic look when PorkyPee delivered his punch line. Don’t forget, BG was on Celeb Apprentice with Byle. Maybe, they became friendly?

        1. But PK is BG’s manager and more important to BG than VyleKyle. BG realizes that PK is absolutely desperate to hold onto the friendship with LIsa & Ken because it factors into the relationship with all the other Brits living in LA who are part of that social set. The Vanderpump-Todds have more clout and others may move away from PK if they see what PK’s wife has allowed to transpire against Lisa.

          1. If the Vander-Todd’s friendships are so important to Pee-K, why isn’t Dreet giving up her stance & agreeing with her husband?

  28. Wait! Is the final quoted statement made by Vyle or LVP? I thought it was Lisa who said she had a very full life … because it followed whether Lisa would be at the reunion.

  29. Vyle keeps backpedaling her confrontation with LVP. There is NO consistency. Plus, her latest incantation that she didn’t want Lisa to be “shocked in six months when she saw the show” is poppy cock. As Judge Judy says: “If it doesn’t make sense, it isn’t true.” That applies to Byle’s blatant backpedal of how the fight went down. For a best friend of LVP, Byle should have known when Lisa’s birthday was. According to LVP, her birthday was THE next day (after the fight). Byle got that wrong. Telling “her truth” by telling Lisa she was a liar & a leaker wasn’t praise. Vyle stuck her nose into the fray to give herself something to do. She likes to chew the scenery, no matter how corny or argumentative it may be. NOW, she’s facing the fallout for her fateful decision to put herself into a situation which was not her concern.

    1. It frustrates me no end that Kyle is not being called out on reading Teddi’s cropped texts when she knew there was more. She is 100% complicit in setting Lisa up.

      1. BevHills – Vyle is an expert at throwing stones & hiding her hands behind her back. Thus, she avoids scrutiny & blame. The real crime is that puppy-gate happened at all. Dreet is the criminal, period. Lisa did nothing to apologize for. And she shouldn’t ever be demanded to do so.

        1. Absolutely. I also think that whatever happened with the dog was between Lisa and Dorit – none of them had to get involved and make this a storyline.

  30. Vyle’s “truth” is that she would tell a friend she doesn’t believe her (is a liar) with no proof whatsoever. Vyle’s “truth” is she’s been coordinating with the other women on what they would say, how they would attack Lisa from the very first episode. Vyle’s “truth” is she went immediately from Lisa’s to the Polo Lounge so Vyle, Dorit & Teddi could rehearse their lines for when Vyle gave a “version” of what happened the following day for the cameras. The truth is Vyle, you suck.

  31. Keep trying to mop up your slop Kyle, I’m not buying it. BTW we all know “Delivered” doesn’t mean “Read”. It’s obvious you’re feeling all kinds of guilty.

        1. Gross. I wouldn’t touch my husbands toenails no matter how much I love him. That shows without Pinky the coven has no storyline at all.

          1. My feel is Kyle was performing for the cameras. Doing a pedi for Mauricio to prove to all concerned that she’s the perfect housewife straight out of the 1950’s . Family portrait to signify mother of the year. All around loyal friend & definitely the true Queen Bee of BH, just a preview of the up coming series of the #1 hit of the season. Good job Kyle, not buying it.

          2. The new “queen” of BH who lives in Encino lmfao. She isn’t worthy.

          3. I remember they did a special about the BH’s housewives and they were interviewing her about the first morning they started filming the show and it was about her getting up and ready early in the morning and she was telling how she had gone out and bought a beautiful silk gown and bathrobe to film in and got ready to start the filming dressed to go and then never filmed in it again. In other words she faked her morning rituals even back then. What you saw was not her reality.

  32. Kyle give it up she doesn’t want you in her life, she doesn’t need you or any of those other bitches.

  33. All this is, is Kyle trying to look like the good person who is above the drama, because you know..image. Kyle ” A friendship with LVP is like playing chess with bobby fisher” Richards can just stop it with the pretend concern about wanting her friendship back with LVP. Actions speak louder than words.

  34. Blocked, Didn’t open you text, Deleted your email unread….. What are you not getting. Were the words GOODBYE KYLE not clear enough.

  35. Kyle for the love of everything Holy please STFU!! The woman is done with you. Now you are just being ridiculous!!

    1. That so startled me that I reared black ? & burst into a huge belly laugh. ??? That’s a face that could stop & clock ⏰ & only a mother could take to a plastic surgeon ?!

    2. Ewwwww – Is this really Vyle? Geez-uz!!! What a truly homely hag she was, is & always will be.

        1. LOL – Yes, there is a resemblance. However, Portiaaaaa looks more like her dull Dad. Either way, the homely girl had scant hope of turning into a beauty (without plastic surgery).

  36. Pick a lane Kyle! No chance of reconciling or let’s make up…

    Oh never mind Lisa V chose for you. Good-bye Kyle!

          1. hahahahaha – she has the mentality to match: half cocked & unfocused.

  37. you show up at my house and call me a liar but you are graciously offering to be friends again.
    in order to be friends again, you have to be friends in the first place, something you never were. your plan failed, the backlash from the fans is overwhelming so now you are backpeddling.
    fuk off, kyle.

  38. I tried to watch & listen to the above clip of “The Sip”. I didn’t make it to 30 seconds due to KyleECoyote’s obnoxiously fake cackle!!!! Did anyone watch it through to the end? Was there anything remotely substantive in it? Thanks.

        1. ✿.。.:* ☆:**:. Hαρρყ Fɾιԃαყ Mҽԃυʂα .:**:.☆*.:。.✿

          Pläne für das Wochenende?

          1. Nein, ich habe nichts zu tun. YEAH!!!!. und was machts Du, Mein Freund?

          2. Ich hoffe, in meinem Garten raus zu kommen. Wir werden sehen. LOL????

  39. “My truth” – I’m so exhausted when they say that – there is only THE truth.

    I am watching the season where Camille accuses LVP of not owning SUR (because she owns 51%) – and LVP was right – Kyle didn’t have her back. Kyle claims she just wanted harmony and didn’t want the women to have more conflict but she could have politely corrected Camille. Kyle’s support of LVP, or lack there of has been evident from the beginning.

    1. Once again Kyle was the one to start all of that at the dinner table by saying how much she missed Adrienne in Vegas.

  40. The interview on Bravo Site?? Oh yes this is where she was throwing shade at John Senna. It was his fault what happened to Juicy Lucy as he “MADE ME TAKE HER” as she didn’t really want another dog. Stupid stupid Cow. Has she
    no brain cells at all, that she can be led so easily?? I know “Dorit go and find the highest bridge and accidentally fall off”. Do you think this may work????? ????????

  41. I think the coven had best be ready for a bumpy ride. I believe LVP WILL be at the reunion, and I think she’s coming prepared to take off her velvet gloves and fight. She’ll be armed and dangerous, and playing by their dirty rules. They can’t duck, dodge and hide their way out of this mess they’ve created.

  42. Byle showed viewers her “real home life.” The snippet of Princess Portiaaa’s morning ritual of being readied for school by her serf-momster spoke volumes.
    1) Her momster carried her out of the bed she shares with her Daddy.
    2) PP was wearing her underwear (not pajamas).
    3) Her breakfast was on a tray on top of the bed she doesn’t sleep in.
    4) Momster begged her to eat said prepared breakfast, while donning her footwear, due to sleepiness.
    5) PP spoke baby talk (at age 10 1/2 years old!!)
    6) Princess Portiaaaa used her hands to pick up her fried egg to take the nibble. Has she not mastered using utensils yet?
    7) The dye is cast that PrincessPortiaaa will remain an uneducated, lazy, self entitled, spoiled brat.

  43. Can’t believe the idiot Dorit, listened to Mother Theresa Mellencamp and the Sacrificer in Chief, Kyle Richards. Teddi lies to Dorit and after Dorit finds out, Erika is standing by to tell Dorit that Teddi is there to confess the whole truth and apologize. Dorit excepts that
    explanation whole heartedly. Then PK insults Kyle who just gave up a 10 year friendship for Dorit and Dorit isn’t grateful enough. We know that Kyle has been sitting on the sidelines waiting for this opportunity for years. She thought she had it when Brandi accused Lisa of telling her to put the magazine accusing Mauricio of cheating in the suitcase to take to Hawaii. Kyle confronted Lisa 3 times on the beach and Lisa told her it wasn’t true. That wasn’t enough . After the third time, Lisa walked away. But that night when they are altogether, Kyle confronts Lisa again and Lisa says I told you I didn’t do that, but Kyle wants to discuss it. What’s to discuss. Lisa said it wasn’t true but Kyle just knows Brandi wouldn’t lie. Ken takes up for his wife and good old sick Yolanda confronts Ken. These girls are beyond belief. That are so jealous of Lisa they are incapable of reasoning. But this time, Kyle knows she’s Got her because stupid Dorit is so gullible. Dorit slandered Lisa all last season and Lisa took up for her even when Lisa Rinna accused her of having drugs at her dinner party. LVP is involved with her community & all the causes she believes in. She has even traveled to China to rescue dogs from the Yulin dog meat festival. She leads the gay pride parade every year. She has helped her employees and given them opportunity after opportunity with no thanks half the time. The rest of the crew is so self centered narcissists that you never see them do anything like that. Lisa even has her star in Las Vegas to celebrate the things she’s done.

    Just as you saw Kyle turn on Dorit over PK’s remark, should tell the idiot just how loyal they aren’t. Mother Perfect Mellencamp couldn’t get along with anyone last year and Lisa was the only one who called her and took up for her. How quickly they forget. They have accused Lisa of the most vile thing you can accuse someone of without a shred of proof. And that’s call someone a liar.

    Dorit claims Lisa didn’t tell her about the $5000 fine for not returning the dog to the shelter. She signed a contract but didn’t read it? Then Lisa gives them a pass and they don’t even Thank her. Pk says “well we are friends” like the entitled SOB’s they think they are. Tell me how does this benefit Lisa? If this happens again do you think a person will want to pay the fine now? It didn’t help Lisa in the least for this to get out. It makes no sense. They could take away her nonprofit status. But things like that don’t matter to these entitled women. They are above the fray. Dorit threw away the best of the best of them. She says Lisa is holding a grudge from last year but I believe this was all about getting even with Lisa. If Lisa leaves the show, it won’t last a season. They will be at each other’s throats. To treat Lisa this way with her grief overwhelming her, shows just how much they don’t care about anyone. It’s a sad thing because they had the best ratings of all the housewives franchises. I wouldn’t give them the satisfaction of showing up at the reunion for them to sit there and accuse her of lying and her best friend Kyle knew Teddi wasn’t telling the whole truth from the beginning and never said a word to anyone. And that makes her a sorry ass friend.

    1. I think she is having a pretty serious mid life crisis – hence her friendship with the Teddi Entitled Millenial.

  44. Whether LVP has mentally or physically blocked you Pyle, you’ve been blocked, get It? You have other things to do like give your 10 year old room service and clip Mo’ s toenails. Let that keep you warm and fuzzy and stop obsessing about Vanderpump.

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