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REPORT: Lisa Vanderpump is ‘Leaning Towards’ Quitting RHOBH, Find Out What is Holding Her Back!

REPORT: Lisa Vanderpump is 'Leaning Towards' Quitting RHOBH

REPORT: Lisa Vanderpump is 'Leaning Towards' Quitting RHOBH

Lisa Vanderpump may be estranged from the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills but that doesn’t necessarily mean she is set on quitting the show.

Although a new report has revealed that the restauranteur and animal rights activist is “leaning towards” leaving the series, there is one major thing that’s holding her back from cutting ties with the show completely.

On May 16, TMZ explained that while Lisa might not want to return to production with her co-stars after being accused of leaking a story about Dorit Kemsley “abandoning” a dog from her animal shelter, Vanderpump Dogs, last year, she doesn’t want to give the cast the satisfaction of feeling that they’ve won. After all, Lisa is convinced that her cast mates ganged up on her during season nine in an effort to make her quit.

Lisa also believes her co-stars turned against her because they are jealous of her successful spinoff series, Vanderpump Rules, and wanted to distract viewers from the legal drama many of them, and their husbands, are facing.

As most RHOBH fans are aware, the husbands of Kyle Richards, Dorit Kemsley and Erika Jayne are all currently facing million dollar lawsuits.

The report also added that Lisa feels she has nothing else to prove to her co-stars after her stunning decision to take a lie detector test on the show. She reportedly feels the polygraph test will finally put the issue to rest. Perhaps an indication that she passed the test, as the results won’t be revealed until the next episode of the RHOBH.

As for Lisa’s potential appearance at the upcoming Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season nine reunion taping, which is set to take place next month, she is said to be “uncertain” about participating.

Lisa most recently addressed her future with the show during an interview last week and suggested she was ready to move on.

“After 380 episodes sometimes you have got to say – okay enough,” she told the Daily Mail. “I think we all get to a point where we need a break at some time.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season nine airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.

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  1. All valid reasons. I’d like to see RHBH do a cast revamp & start over. Erika, Teddi, Rinna, Kyle, Denise… none of them are compelling

    1. I agree! Keep LVP, Camille and find a few more of women who have REAL wealth and the beautiful homes, lifestyle etc. not desperate hags who NEED the paycheck- Rinna? Teddy? ericka? Add NO class at all. None.

    1. Taking liberty with Hall & Oates “Rich Girl”-
      Here is Erotika’s new theme song

      She’s a rich girl and she’s gone too far
      ’cause she knows it don’t matter anyway
      She can rely on the old man’s money
      She can rely on the old man’s money
      She’s a bitch girl and she’s gone too far
      ’cause she knows it don’t matter anyway
      Say money, but it won’t get her too far
      Get her too far

        1. Did you post these on her twatter page, she blocked me a long time ago so I usually can’t see anything on her unless I log out

          1. No I didn’t, but someone has been lifting them from here and gave me full credit. Apparently one was tweeted back to Vyle and LVP but they haven’t responded yet.

          2. You’re smart enough to know this but I’ll say it anyway. If you do get on twitter, DON’T post it to them, unless you have a back up account. They’ll block you within seconds.

          3. I hope they see them all and are annoyed by them they are fabulous and I want them to annoyed LOL

  2. Lisa should walk away and focus on all her other ventures. She could likley get other shows to continue getting exposure and marketing for her brands without the levels of pettiness coming from the rest of the RHBH cast.

  3. Did anyone here that J Wow slut call Harrison a rat? I’m sure that’s what I heard her say.

        1. Okay thank you! 🌸

          I did not hear that but hat does not mean it wasn’t said. There was a lot of cheering and good natured laughing when Harrison got the mini apron. Do you think that comment was made with ill will? I know nothing about the other team but I thought everyone in both competitions (first set and second set) were being really good natured.

          1. It was whispered and I had to replay it several times, but I heard the words “little rat” every time. Those girls do have a reputation for past bad behaviour, but I had hoped they had put it behind them

          2. Okay, wow, that was not nice then. Are they anti-dogs by any chance or just insecure and bitter by nature?

          3. I think both of them are just kind of a**holes. I love your avatar by the way. My son loves the Ladybug cartoon.

    1. Yes, I definitely heard her say it too! I am NOT a fan and sometimes because of HER show and RHONJ, I am ashamed to admit that I am a transplanted Jerseyite (and New Yorker) albeit half a life-time ago.

      1. Thanks for confirming that. Meanwhile, it doesn’t matter where you’re from or where you grew up if you’re a decent person.

        1. haha Tnx CC (feeling is mutual and I love that you’re from “down under”, the one place in my life that I always wished I could live…

          1. I have yet to see all of Australia myself, I think it’s about time I took a look around

          2. I have to say, my all-time favorite show was The Thorn Birds with Richard Chamberlain because of where it took place and “Waltzing Matilda” song. Love you Aussies from afar.

          3. That’s lovely of you, I would like to travel to the USA one day, but I don’t want to do the typical tourist thing.

            And yes, The Thorn Birds was truly a spectacular viewing experience.

          4. I had a supersized crush On Richard Chamberlain when he acted as Dr. Kildare. Too much was never enough for me.

          5. Me too. GMTA. I am actually reading Shogun for the fifth or sixth time (and watched it every time it was on TV because he was the main character “Anjin-San”). I still love him even though he’s retired from acting. He pops up in news occasionally,

    2. Another great post CC. You’re not only a very talented artist, but you’re a talented writer too. Any other hidden talents we know nothing about?

          1. Well, I did a lot of writing during my high school days, and though I never published anything, I have continued with my writing. And thank you for the lovely compliment

          2. Your talent is wasted on us, not that we’re a waste but you get what I mean. You are a great writer. I ought to know, 2 of my kids are.

          3. WOW!! That’s really a huge compliment Starr. That gives me so much joy. I love to write. But I love to do so many different things, I can never keep steady!!

          4. Your hand is in several pots, that I understand. But so much talent, wit, EVERYTHING CC. Too good to let slide by. Meanwhile, we benefit BIG TIME!!!

    3. Nevermind, figured it out, LVP’s dog. 😘😘😘

      Was JWow on the cooking show with LVP?

  4. If they are going to keep the same Gnomes—and worse!—-bring back Brandi….then LVP should leave. Start a spin off about dogs or VanderpumpVegas.

    But I would love to see LVP knock Kyle off the show and bring in Kathy Hilton. Lol
    Add Pricilla Presley, Kathy Ireland, Joyce Giraud and ……..Betty White.
    Perfect cast. You’re welcome Bravo.

    1. Awesome 👏👏👏 Bravo seems to be skewing younger with all their new castings so we may get Paris before Kathy

          1. So is Ibiza where all the washed out has beens flock to now to ‘’DJ’ ??🤣🤣 unless being a DJ is short for Dick Juggler, she is probably unqualified

      1. Wasnt Kyle trying to push for Paris at some point in the season Rain? yet, she’s not married. But then, who’s to say the outcome of anything anymore.

        1. Starr😘😘❤️ I think Paris honestly thinks this show is beneath her 🤣🤣 I saw Paris on WWHL a days ago and she was silly and speaking in phrases rather than sentences

    2. I don’t think there should be any famous women on these shows. I always loved Rinna and Eileen because I was a huge Days of Our Lives fan. Now I hate them both and it has tarnished the affection I had for their characters as well. I just want to see rich, glamorous, unknown women live their best lives.

  5. Well, I want her back next year, but I don’t want to watch another season of these idiots finding some excuse to pick on her. I’m sick of it, so I can only imagine how she feels. I have to deal with enough emotional idiots in my own life that I don’t want to watch it on my escape-TV. So if she goes, I will be sad. I love the swans, dogs, little horses in their pink mini stables, lovely decor that is all her’s. I’ll miss Ken, dog in hand, both in matching velvet jackets, standing by his wife come hell or high water. I’m not sure if I like any of the other women enough to tune in without her.

    1. I would rather watch an hour of Giggy sitting on the couch than watch those coven bitches do anything.

      1. Very true, unfortunately the show HAS been going downhill with the new cast. I do miss the old original crew – much more interesting than 13 year old mean girl cr*p. LVP leaves, I’m one of those who won’t bother to watch. It’s too many “me me me” and too much back-biting & arguments. No longer my “guilty pleasure” fun watch. Too stressful and we can watch that trash on the news websites any day. Andy, you need to note what the fans are saying and maybe clean house there. We kinda expect more.

    1. When I first looked at this picture I thought it was another new ridiculous hairstyle that Rinna was trying.

    2. Your brilliant memes are getting around on twitter boo.

      Any success on getting an IG up and running?

        1. YEAH! I was thinking of putting some yours on my IG acct. Now I can just share them directly from your acct.
          FYI, you might your friend to show you how to disable comments on there. The RHOBHMeanGirls stans have been out in force since Tuesday. UGH🙄😏
          & FYI-I’ve stamped them CCVanderpuppet. Didn’t want them coming over here to harass.

          1. Would you like me to send him over here to see. Or not. your call.
            I’d give him a link to this thread.

          2. You can give him the link if he wants to use it. In any event, I don’t own or run RB. He can always join in on the snark with the rest of us too. Anyway, my covers are floating all over the internet now, so it’s a bit too late to stop it now

          3. Teddiheaux and Dotard will be arriving later tonight Australian time

    3. Spot on Sir CC! Lisa rinner is quite the attention-seeking, deceitful and sociopath hag.

      I got so very distracted by Lisa Rinner’s pocked face. Not sure if it is because of chicken pox, zit scars, or some other former illness. I normally wouldn’t have noticed, had her behaviour not been so cruel. When evil pours out of one’s mouth, evil shows on one’s face.

  6. I want her to come back and I want Kyle to beg the whole season for forgiveness. No way Kyle would leave the show either. Kyle can’t live without the attention she gets from the show.

  7. I remember growing up watching Robin Leach lifestyles of the rich and famous. There is a reason there has been so many shows like this, the public has always been fascinated with these people and the fabulous world they live in . The thing is I just don’t remember having such frauds on those shows. Can you even imagine Robin going to Turdi’s or to Lipsa, or how about the super star Blandi

    1. Yes I agree! We want to be elevated as we watch. We want to be flooded with beauty as we watch. LVP provides this and yet what we get are butt cracks and toenail clippings.

      1. Or Lisa Lips flapping her pie hole or the “over the hill” Kyle showing everyone she can do a split or grinding on her husband while he’s sitting on a couch. Sick women!

          1. She is trying too hard to recapture her youth, and those days are long gone kyle! You are too long in the tooth to act like you do!

    2. In Robin Leach’s voice:

      “Join us, won’t you, in this little rented condo in Van Nuys as we visit Miss Brandi Glanville. Luxury at its finest—-a gold shag carpet, wall paneling homage to the seventies, kitchen magnets galore, unwatered house plants and more empty wine bottles than you can count…..”

  8. After Lisa successfully pass the Lie Detector Test, I think she should agree to go to the reunion if all of the “Deny & Deflect” crew agree to also take a Lie Detector Test. If they are all as innocent as they want us to believe they will jump at the chance. If they refuse then we know they are all guilty of trying to destroy LVP’s reputation from day one.

    1. I don’t think it was fair for Lisa to have to do that, although I understand why, but she’s suffered enough with all the questioning and the mud slinging. These bitches have just had people coming for them based on their atrocious behaviour. I feel the only justice is to face harsh penalties. I won’t be satisfied with anything else. And I think that LVP should leave the show, but maybe in the first few episodes of season 10, and they should be only with LVP in all the scenes with all her genuine friends.

      1. I fully agree with all you said CC. I, like you & most of us, do not want them getting off scot free. They do not deserve it & should pay harsh penalties.

      2. I totally agree that she should leave the show under her own terms and not be bullied out. I think she is the only one who realizes that you can’t fight stupid with stupid. That is why she is taking the lie detector test so that she can throw it in their faces, give them all the finger and walk off into the sunset with a large portion of BH viewers and her fans right behind her.

    2. Hell, they’ll all just get drunk & giggle – then they don’t care/know if they are telling truth or not.

  9. Fire the coven and, to rub salt in Vyle’s wound, hire Kathy Hilton. Bring back Joyce and a couple of women who epitomize BH.

    1. Kathy Hilton is just as repugnant as Vyle, and she is no longer on speaking terms with LVP, probably because of cunty Vyle.

      1. Is that a fact? plus, maybe you can answer this as you know a great deal. Quite a few posters referenced Mauricio as being unfaithful to Kyle. Fact or fiction?

        1. Most likely fact Starr. He’s away very often, and without Vyle. I think he stays with her because of the kids and he’s comfortable. She’s possessive and controlling. I don’t think he’s interested in getting married again and he most likely isn’t bothered enough to leave her. It’s a marriage of convenience now

          1. Oh Wow CC, I was kind of hoping it wasnt true. Not that I wish her any good, make no mistake on that.

          1. I thought Lisa mentioned seeing her at last season’s reunion. I do think their friendship has probably cooled though thanks to Lisa supporting Kyle.

      2. Season 8 reunion, when Andy asked Kyle the status of her relationship with her sisters, she replied not good. LVP stated that she and Ken had been having various engagements with Little Kathy & Rick. It sounded as if their split had been repaired but not Kathy & Kyle’s split. LVP said that Little Kathy had discussed how the relationship between she & Kim vs Kyle greatly deteriorated following Big Kathy’s passing.

        1. I must have zoned out. Still, if I were Lisa, I would keep my distance from all of them

    2. Gawd no to Kathy Hilton or any of the Bitchard sisters. Honestly it’s time to can the show and move on to some fresh and new ideas.

    3. Like who? Oh wait….Carlton! I hated her but better yet she hated Kyle and Kyle was afraid of her. That would be epic and bring back Brandi so the two of them can berate and bash Kyle all season long, she how she likes it!

  10. She should stay and really GIVE them a type of HELL they have never experienced, not the usual type of Hell one gives, but a special kind, something subtle,subversive and deadly make them cry and say ” its not fair” That kind of hell

    1. …..in 3,2,1….

      Hell, I get the feeling the Umanskys are a little shook up at this point. Doesn’t seem that anything is going quite their way. I bet at this point Mauricio is telling people he meets “Hey…call me Kenny.”

      1. Well LVP won’t recommend his company. He’s being sued for shady business. Better slow down on the Rolex’s Kyle.

      1. Faye phucked up that house, especially with that big monstrous black marble bar. I noticed the decor seems to be “kind of” art deco? Not sure what it is but it doesn’t suit the style of the house at all.

        1. It’s theme park Art Deco. I hate what they did to the stairs. Faye shouldn’t be allowed to decorate a cardboard box.

        2. FayKe’s taste is in her mouth. She has no design creds.

          I hate the foyer’s checkerboard floor. It’s exactly what Byle insisted on having in her previous house. At this point in time, it’s dated & done to death.

          1. Yep and the checkerboard floor is a copy from PMK’s house. That’s her signature lewk, can’t stand it.

          2. Oh, really? FFS!! ~ Vyle copied Kris. I swear, that stumpy twerp doesn’t have an original thought in her hollow head!!!!!

          3. Poor unoriginal Pyle…can’t come up with one concept she can call her own.

    2. Gorgeous and so bright. Kyle would have Rancid do hers and it would involve painting cabinets and counters.

    3. She’s probably already contacting Master Chef to try to get on the show with Portia. You know, the You Tube star.

  11. I would love for LVP to stay on the show, but the current crew has to go. None of them will ever let all the animosity and hate go and if even one stays on in any capacity, the ugliness will rear its ugly head again. I only watched the first half of RHONY last night but the brief bit I did see reminded me of what is so wrong with BH now. During Dorinda’s walkabout in her new neighborhood, we actually got to hear her interact with the merchants and vendors in the area as well as see sights that aren’t always featured on TV shows. Then on the ride to Lu’s new place, we listened in as Dorinda, Tinsley, and Bethenny discussed drinking games to play when Luann starts bragging, followed up by a concern of using correct, socially acceptable labels in public…something I think we all can relate to…but there was not one word of happy endings. how big someone’s peen is or how many times to do it in one day…no one was trying to dream up a kinkier sex tale than the person seated next to them. The New York women do have their issues, but they never go to the gutter in the manner the BH women minus LVP have done. Get a new crew and keep LVP…otherwise she has to walk because it’s not ever going to work.

    1. ITA!!! chalk to cheese. Complete different class of women. I know Ramona can act like she a hot spring chicken & Sonja the same, but still & all, they are so much better.

    2. Checkmate I totally agree!! I just watched RHONY too and was thinking while Dorinda walked around her neighbourhood how these women can film scenes on their own living their lives and it feels so organic. Sonja filmed on her own travelling upstate. This never happens on RHOBH where every scene/dinner/trip now feels totally fake and set up and I think this is purely because HWs like Rinna and Erika don’t show their lives so they have to arrange dinners in restaurants etc or trips to gyms and it’s getting too repetitive. Also I think that even though the women on RHONY have their endorsement deals and businesses it doesn’t feel like one long commercial whereas RHOBH has been completely taken over with non stop ads – Teddi is the worst for it. RHONY feels so much more real. It also highlighted how Tinsley is 43 and Ramona 60 but they all fit together – whereas on RHOBH it seems they are all fighting to be young and sneering at Lisa being the old woman of the group, it’s like a fear amongst them to prove something. I know Ramona, LuAnn, Bethenny and Sonja all have treatments and botox etc but they seem happy in their maturity too. RHOBH was always my favourite but now I am enjoying RHONY so much more.
      I also agree that there has to be serious cast changes for Lisa to fit in again. I think Rinna and Erika (at least one of them) has to go and I also think as long as Kyle is on the show Lisa will always have the same problems with new HWs being taken under Kyles’ wing.

      1. I agree with this entirely. I’m so happy with NY even if they are not all the best people, it’s still so much more “organic” to quote Ramona.

  12. I imagine the coven has called an emergency strategy meeting at the Polo Lounge to discuss their next moves…it’s like synchronized drowning.

    1. They are already dead & they know it. Good!!! want them to panic & suffer, they must not be spared in my opinion.

  13. An APB should be sent out to all restaurants in BH, WeHo, etc, to keep an eye out for the coven, with orders to eavesdrop and take notes and leak any LVP discussion of ‘strategy’ to the press!

    1. Helllllllllllllllooooooooooo!! Pill bag……Lois…..Hammy Hamshit……You’re a good perrrrrssssonnnn……how arrre youuuuuuuu?

    2. Helllllllllllllllooooooooooo!! Pill bag……Lois…..Hammy Hamshit……You’re a good perrrrrssssonnnn……how arrre youuuuuuuu?

  14. I am pro-LVP. However, I can see no valid reason to return to the show next season. The RHBH Hags will not be replaced. They will not change their behavior. Therefore, it’s inconceivable that LVP can rejoin the show, under those circumstances. By what scenario would it even make sense to come back? LisaV should simply give a royal wave or upturned middle finger to the bitches, as she goes off into the sunset. Lisa leaving the show isn’t giving a “win” to the BH HEAP. It will be their loss when they lose their human pinata AND major story line.

    1. Beautifully worded Medusa & I second your thoughts.
      Why would or should a lady mix with tramps. She has bigger & better things in her life than her mixing with true gutter trash.
      This should be a life changing message for them. But, you know, I doubt that will ever change the evil character of this lowly group. Good luck to them as they massacre one another going forward.

      1. Thanks, Starr! You’re right that the “lowly group will massacre themselves”. RHBH will become: RHofWWE with less class.

    2. Agree Medusa, LVP needs to leave these chumps in the dust and move on with all of her ventures. She has many irons in the fire, no need to lose sleep over one show when she has much better things going on.

      1. Exactly, FiddleDeeDee!!! Lisa doesn’t need these bitches as much as they need her.
        I bet her real hesitancy in leaving is a sense of not wanting to be a quitter; even if it is for her own good. Lisa is a very hard worker. It’s not in her nature to leave something that feels undone. Hopefully, she’ll get over that feeling & realize shedding those barnacles is freeing for her.

  15. Vanderpump needs to cut and run. Those womean are NEVER to be trusted again, therefore you cannot film with them.

    1. I agree. Every time they want to get at Lisa they will throw out the manipulation card too.

      1. Vyle is the one who threw the first “manipulation” punch at LVP at the S2 reunion. She hasn’t let up since. Going forward, Lisa should keep Vyle out of her life.

        1. I agree. As long as Kyle is on the show she will always try to get the new HWs on her side.

      2. That’s cause LVP keeps manipulating. Funny how the casts of TWO DIFFERENT SHOWS say the same things about Vanderliar…she’s shady, vindictive, manipulative.

  16. I get why Lisa doesn’t want them to force her out – especially the likes of Erika and Rinna who bring nothing to the show or Dorit who is only there because of Lisa. But the show will never be the same as it was and no longer deserves her. Leave the scraps for the pack to fight over.

    1. This doesn’t sound like LVP to me. She’s in talks with E! for a show based in the Vanderpump Gardens in Las Vegas. That’s more of a stab in the eye for this coven than refusing to leave the show.

      1. My wish for Pinky is she gets so many spin off shows that the coven’s heads explode one by one. Boom, boom, boom.

  17. It was reported here that LVP had to take antidepressants to deal with all the turmoil and drama. I think it’s time to quit ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Her mental health is way more important than being on this ridiculous show

    Spread your wings and fly ☀️⭐️💕

    1. I agree and stated as such in the article here about Rinna stating reunions are mandatory. LVP is under the care of a doctor and a precedent has already been established regarding missing reunions for a variety of reasons including medical.

      I think the show needs a year off. It has descended into dark madness.

      In the meantime, perhaps LVP can have a Vanderpump Dogs show which can include a lot of LVP’s life. 💕

      1. 👏👏👏👏 great post ladybug!!! She has so much wonderful things going on in her life , why would she subject herself to this cruelty and nonsense ?
        She will have multiple successful shows in the air so she won’t be the one missing out 🦋

          1. Your memes are all over! With the #ccvanderpuppet ! Well done! They’re fantastic 🙌🏻👏🏻

  18. Ok, there is one condition under which I would support Lisa coming back for another season and that would be if each and every member of the Koven admits what they did without rationalization, excuses or justification and humbly begs Lisa’s forgiveness. The viewers would vote whether or not Lisa should forgive them. That way, no one could accuse her of holding a grudge. Those that aren’t forgiven get a pink slip. 🤔 wonder who would get voted off?

          1. If they exist, Kyle would find one and whine about being allergic. Rainbow hives give her anxiety.

          2. Pretty sure the unicorn would shove its horn up her ass and say TAKE THAT.

          3. Since that’s where Teddyyy hangs out, little Unicorn would take her out, too. A two fer!

  19. Kyle said on the aftershow Lisa is the kind of friend that requires a lot of work. Lisa please don’t go back. These people will always be scheming against you

    1. Vyle basically paraphrasing what Pinky said about her last reunion. Vyle is a lot of harrrrrrrd work and definitely not worth the pay off.

      1. Byle has been harboring a deep grudge against what LVP said last reunion. That’s why she is so messy this season, she jumped on Tedius telling her about the dog and Doridiot w/o thinking it thru all these months.

    2. I would love to see Pinky return and have it in her contract that she not film with Hags. Her own spots, sans hags, would drive them over the edge. She won!

    3. Explain to me how this scheme worked, exactly. How did Kyle make LVP and her employees put on that dog and pony show in Ep1 when they put Puppygate on the show. Did Kyle mind control them somehow? How did Kyle make Lisa’s Event Director text all those messages to Teddy detailing how LisaV and her scummy husband set this plan up? Did Kyle hack his phone? More mind control? Steal his phone and pose as him? My, Kyle is so talented.

      The only schemer this year was the LVP. And she got caught, Big time.

      1. Oh thank you !!! You’ve described Vyle to a tee. I couldn’t of expressed it any better. Well done. It’s time to take of those Rose coloured glasses your wearing and see what’s really going on. 🤣😊😊😊🌸🌸🌸

      2. Zona do you actually watch the show because you always seem to miss key points in your posts? Did you miss the bit where Teddi set up the dog and then Kyle schemed with Teddi to read out two texts to cover up Teddi’s involvement?

        1. Zona just pops in here, makes outrageous claims (without ever providing an example although on occasion, Zona will demand one) & sticks around if people reply. Best to ignore.

    4. I think Kyle was smarting from last season’s reunion when Lisa said 90% of their conversations are about Kyle. I think this is why she flew off the handle in V Dogs – she thought Lisa was making her look like a bad friend again. Her After Show comments are more of the same.
      Kyle is the one who holds a grudge.

  20. After seeing Paris Hilton on Wwhl. I am thinking Kyle is pushing Lisa out to make room for her sister- Kim and Paris.

    1. Off this topic…has any one else noticed that Dorit and Teddy are super quiet this week? Also that Teddi is the one who continues to write a blog.
      Love reading of your support of Lisa. I too wish she had her own show with other remarkable women (with manners) who actually live the lifestyle who actually in Beverly Hills. I’d like to see class acts not clown class.

      1. Teddi and Dorit hide behind their kids on IG. I think out of all them Dorit doesn’t get as involved in the social media BS as the others.

    2. OMG, that’s all we need. Paris looks like her age and IQ are the same number. All she knows how to do is move her shoulders back and forth and say “hot.” In fact, when Andy asked her what her tag line would be that’s what she said, “hot.” She has the intelligence of a gnat.

    3. I would be shocked if Paris did it. She already can command $1M per PERFORMANCE when she DJ’s. She has all those stores abroad. And real estate. Unless she’s starting to see her popularity overseas wane & she wants to join the show for a season or two to boost her brand.

  21. So according to the preview for next week’s episode, it’s clear that Kyle and all of the other slags KNOW about the lie detector test, and knew at the time it was administered. So WHY did they continue on this narrative that Lisa lied about the ROL article!?! And the outing of Dorit at VPD!?! I don’t understand.

    1. Because that test is a joke. And everyone knows it. LVP paid for the test. Picked the guy. It’s a stunt. And, don’t sell Vanderliar short. She didn’t just lie about ROL! She also lied about the big underlying issue–putting Puppygate on the show in the first place.

      1. How do you explain Bethenny Frankel saying she was in communication with Lisa Rinna about the cast shakeup and implied that Rinna was in on a plot to take down Lisa Vanderpump? Bethenny was on WWHL and said that she texted the following to Rinna. “I don’t know all the back story, cause it’s intense and there is a lot of backstory, but if you’re going to take a shot at that V (Lisa Vanderpump), you better not miss. You gotta land it. If they’re trying to put her in the ground, and there’s one finger moving, you better make sure she’s dead and she ain’t.”

        1. Timdun, do not waste your time with the likes of a negative troll like Zona 9, one of the evil hags bots.
          Save your energy to deal with those who see & speak truth.

    2. Because it was never about “truth”. It was about getting Lisa off the show. And it was planned from the beginning. (Proof: Kyle showed up at VP Dogs Ep 1 without her dog for the planned grooming. Kyle already KNEW the ENTIRE story about Dorit because when she yelled at Lisa she said “Dorit can just dump a dog”). It was a set up from the beginning & production was aware – that’s why Nene in the Bahamas. To “confront” Lisa about some made up claim about stealing PUMP from Nene. Nene said it in her interview at Andy’s baby shower “We’re going to take her down.”

  22. If LVP is not on the show, I won’t be watching, She is the only reason I ever watched it. Can not stand lisa rinna, kyle richards, teddie melllencamp, fake dorito or erica jane. Not a fan of denises” potty mouth at all. She seems to be trying to be the slutty acting/falking one in the group. It doesn’t sound or look good on her AT ALL.

    1. RHOBH was never supposed to be trashy like Denise is making it. And does Denise even have a ton of money? When Lisa used to talk about sex it was in a cute, proper retort

  23. I would like to see Erica and Teddi go there so boring it’s a joke, they bring the whole show down to a cheap level. I don’t look at them as Beverley Hills, sorry ladies but your classless. What’s happening with LVP has ruined the whole show and it should not have been allowed to play out, bullying is never okay and what they did to Lisa is plain bullying tactics in order to push her out. To me the show sucks for allowing this and I have lost my viewing pleasure as many have turned off. I am from UK and have been watching since the start . Very disappointed fan of the series.

    1. LVP has ruined the whole show. Period. There, fixed it for you. SHE’S the real bully. Always has been. She’s the one cursing at the other women, calling them cows, pigs, etc. She’s the one pretending to bash someone w/a sledgehammer. And, SHE’S the one who lied and viciously smeared a cast member. Nobody bullied her fake, stinky breathed arse!

      1. Who exactly did she viciously smear? I’m thinking zona9 is either Kyle or Rinna, could be Fake Resnick but whoever you are, your comments are usually wrong. You don’t have to be a fan of LVP the whole season has been wrong! If it were Kyle being bashed and berated by 5 grown women I think the remarks would have been the same. NOBODY deserves to be treated this way! PERIOD. Just remember one thing, although this is a TV show and they need drama, that’s one thing, but when the verbal vomit and constant insults carry on into real life months after filming then I believe that’s a problem!
        Being singled out and bullied, and yes I said bullied, is not okay for anyone especially 5 grown women who are supposed to be oh so elegant on a TV show that started out to show us how they live, their lifestyles, their families, not Jersey Shore gone wild of middle aged women!

        Does this current season of RHOBH look entertaining and glamorous to you? LVP will be vindicated again this year as she has been every year they have tried to take her down.
        Hate her all you want but if you’re coming here you should get your facts straight first.
        Have a Happy Friday!!! ugh

          1. That’s a completely unfair and low comment to make, just because someone doesn’t have the same opinion as you. How can expect anyone to take your opinions seriously when you sling trash like that? Come on.

          2. Well of course, wouldn’t expect anything less from one who cannot take anyone having a difference of opinion. You’re a fluff apparently. You’re also irrelevant and blocked.

        1. Zona is just a boring troll. Make a claim, nothing to support & then waits for people to respond. If there was anything witty or thought provoking in what it had to say that would be one thing. But instead…. zzzzzzzzzzzz….. Ignore. Ignore. Ignore.

  24. As far as most viewers are concerned, Lisa has already won. The Kunty Koven have been Kowering behind their Kaldran while fans loudly voice their displeasure, disappointment and disgust. Being ‘dissed’ so roundly by even longtime fans has to be humiliating. Imagine, they started the season in high spirits thinking they had finally vanquished the queen only to find themselves, a few short months later, begging viewers to stop being mean and give them another chance while Lisa is showered with support and her opportunities continue grow. Ouch! That’s gotta hurt.
    Lisa, there is no sense in returning to the scene of the crime. You have outgrown them. Let them wallow in their mundane little sty of false friendships, betrayal and petty competition. You don’t have to prove you won. Those losers already know it.

    1. The best thing is how shocked these twats are at the fan reaction on social media. Will they complain about being bullied at the reunion? I won’t be surprised if they do.

        1. Oh, my family is taking a cruise up to your area this summer, unfortunately I will be unable to go due to work. I hear it’s beautiful there!

          1. We are Canada’s Ocean Playground and our little Province is beautiful.

        2. Oh you are so lucky Connie. I love Canada and especially Nova Scotia. Never been to Cape Breton unfortunately. 😢

      1. I’d hate to see Lisa go but, unless there are some major changes, I would hate it even more if she came back.

        1. Me too Mikey. I would see it as a failure if LVP comes back to the BH hags and their mind games.

  25. TMZ needs to name their source. Always remember what LVP says – IF YOU DIDN”T HEAR IT FROM ME, DON’T BELIEVE IT.

  26. Dorit is very quiet on social media these days about the show. She’s doing the kid shield thing like Teddi. It’s curious that she hasn’t been promoting Beverly Beach at all lately, I wonder if this is down to mediation with Ryan Horne?

    1. In some ways, Dorit is much wiser than she appears. She knows the entire debacle can be laid at her feet, so she’s letting others keep attacking & take all the heat.

  27. Vanderliar’s gone full Maury! How perfect that the woman with relationships with ALL the tabloids, has gone full trashy tabloid tv. That ‘lie detector test’ is a joke! When you pick the guy, pay for it.. it comes out how you want it to. Duh, Yet, again, Vanderliar, thinks viewers are idiots.

  28. And oh god, here we go AGAIN. Again. So tedious-it’s the same every single season. Vanderliar’s acting like she might not come back. Ugh.

  29. Yes!!! I’ve just realised I can block certain posters who’s crap I don’t want to see ..oh what a relief!! Morning y’all 😎

    1. I have been doing that a long time to the trolls. In fact, under your post I see two posts that tell me user is blocked.

      1. Ha ha great, glad i can’t see them! I’ve only just realised Country how to do it!
        I want to change my name too but it won’t save…😯

        1. I have the same problem with the settings.
          Funny thing about blocking is the trolls can see what we post.

          1. There’s got to be a way to sort it @setti GS. I shall post in the ‘room’.

            Ha ha, really? THATS even better – they see me but I can’t see them!!

            Hope someone tells them😎

    1. Excellent! Once again you have nailed it. Hope you are working on some for after the reunion when everything hopefully comes out and the Queen is vindicated once again. You are a master of the written word!

  30. One more day‼️‼️
    Tomorrow I get to see Lisa, Ken, Pandora and the whole gang at Vanderpump Dog Day!
    Woo Hoo……can’t wait. Then drinks at Pump. 💕🥂🥂

      1. Hahaha. I told my husband that I was going to adopt that dog named Maisey and he kinda gave me that “don’t you dare” look.

        He said one Maisey is all he can handle. 😎

  31. Does anyone remember if RHOBH started before or after RHONY? I am only asking because they are taping the RHONY reunion today! It seems like NY has just started.

      1. Thank you. Just don’t get why they are filming reunion for NY before BH. Oh well. Question answered, thanks again

    1. After. I wonder why they pushed back the RHOBH taping? Is it so they can see a certain event I wonder? Maybe the lie detector?

      1. After reading some comments on IG it seems one of 2 reasons why they are filming the NY reunion now
        1. Luman may be in jail come summer time when they would normally tape.
        2. All of the housewives leave the city in the summer therefore leaving no time to film.
        They were also sent copies of the rest of the season so they could turn it into a 3 parter.
        Either way makes me anxious for BH reunion. I am sure Andy will take a break after NY and then get his ducks in a row for BH, it just might turn into a 4 part reunion if LVP is there, if not we will only get 1. Who would they bash if LVP doesn’t show?

        1. Thanks – that makes sense re RHONY.

          Without Lisa I just can’t see what else they will talk about – unless there is something else major on the Provence trip. They will hate it because they will have to fight with each other.

    2. Some of the housewives shows are longer than others. Guess it has to do with how much interesting content they have.

    1. “Somewhere in the recesses of her head where her brain is suppose to be……”

      Oh Chap, what a great way for me to start my Friday morning. 🤣
      Thank you. 😘

    2. Jeez, CC. I’ll bet you got all A’s in “Creative Writing” class in school. I know you’ve mentioned that you’re an artist but I hope if you do this type of writing for a living you’re well paid for it. I am in awe of your talent (hope that doesn’t sound too sycophantic..just extremely impressed).

      1. Thank you kindly GG, you don’t sound sycophantic at all. I can only take your words as a compliment. Yes, I did grade very well in creative writing, but I always managed to convince myself it was good luck.

    1. I’m having the same problem again too. To get here I had to click on the RHOBH link from the Kyle Blames the Fans article.

    2. I’m having the same problem. The only way I can find new articles is by clicking “Reality TV Shows” and then the name of the show.

    3. This happened once before. I just come to the page like normal & then use the reload icon.

    4. Same for me. Lost within Internet hell. It started again yesterday and continues this morning. Articles not showing if they’re newer than yesterday morning’s pile of Vyle poop. It is probably Rinna’s fault since she is a “hustler.” Imma use magical thinking to blame that bag of bones.

  32. For anyone who may have missed MasterChef with Lisa and Pandora Wednesday night, it’s being replayed tonight on FOX.

    1. Everyone who competes on the show has to wear an apron. I like how they gave Puffy an apron too, even though Ken came and got him when they started cooking.

  33. I just saw the pictures of the grifters err Kemsleys home on bravo. How do grifters live such a high life and designer duds?

  34. Think about this. Wouldn’t it be something if this was all set up? I mean the WHOLE thing…the lies about the puppy, the women ganging up on LVP, LVP’s reaction – all of it – just for a show. Just for the ratings. Just for everyone writing their opinions. WHAT IF it’s all kinda scripted?? Wouldn’t that be something?? I’m not saying that is what’s happening, just WHAT IF?? Bravo would be laughing all the way to the bank.!! Just some food for thought.

  35. Kyle said the following about the reunion. “There’s enough going on with other situations that even if some people don’t show up, there’s still a lot to discuss. It’s not going to be fun either way.” The Bravo reunions are always brutal for the cast members, and it takes hours to film them. Kyle said they’re “always awful.” Not only that, Kyle said that the upcoming reunion is going to be a bad one. Kyle stated, “No one wants to go. I think it’s going to be a really bad one. I mean bad for the cast.”


      1. I see that now. The page wasn’t refreshing for me. Of course, the moment I posted this the page is now refreshing again.

  36. BRAVO..keep Lisa and start fresh. We know you listen to your fans. If you keep the others, please dig into their dirt. Kyle’s husband cheating, or his lawsuit. Lets get all their dirt out. PK and Girardi getting sued…that would be good tv.

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