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Lisa Vanderpump Hints at Quitting RHOBH, Says She Was Not Treated Fairly During Season 9 as Kyle Reveals Cast Got Closer After Lisa Stopped Filming, Plus RHOBH Live Viewing Thread!

Lisa Vanderpump Considering Opening a New Restaurant in Miami, Could a Vanderpump Rules-Style Spinoff Be Coming Soon?

Lisa Vanderpump Hints At Quitting RHOBH, Says She Was Not Treated Fairly During Season 9

Has Lisa Vanderpump finally had enough?

During an interview at her new restaurant, the Vanderpump Cocktail Garden in Las Vegas, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star opened up about the “hurt” she still feels after enduring an emotional ninth season with her co-stars.

“After 380 episodes sometimes you have got to say – okay enough,” Lisa told the Daily Mail last Thursday. “I think we all get to a point where we need a break at some time. But I think I have got another 10 days before I start filming Vanderpump Rules again – so not too much of a break.”

According to Lisa, the drama of Puppy Gate left her in a bad place, mentally. In fact, she didn’t film the final few episodes of the series with her co-stars.

“Unfortunately this season in Housewives it just became too much for me, where I was in my life at the time, personal things I was dealing with I did not cope so well,” Lisa said, citing the 2018 death of her brother, Mark Vanderpump.

“I was not as ready to take on maybe what Housewives entailed. I just floundered,” she continued. “I opened Tom Tom, I brought that to fruition, I was working hard on this. We were working hard with our philanthropy with our dogs. We are opening a sanctuary in China. We had a lot of things going on. I lost my only sibling, I was doing Vanderpump Rules – I am an [Executive Producer] on that. There was a lot going on.”

As Vanderpump attempted to maintain her restaurant empire and her animal rights efforts while coping with the loss of her only sibling, she believes she was treated “unfair” and slammed her co-stars for continuing to come “at [her].”

“It just became too much really,” she added.

While Lisa didn’t come right out to say she was leaving The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she did speak of life after Bravo TV.

“Being a restaurateur, business woman and philanthropist is paramount to me. So I will continue to do that after Housewives because that is what I do,” she shared.

In other RHOBH news, Kyle Richards recently spoke out about her relationship with her castmates, as she revealed that the cast got closer after Lisa stopped filming with them during season nine.

“I have to say, the cast really sort of bonded over everything that’s happened with Lisa. I became a lot closer with all of the women,” said Kyle to Newsweek, as she added that her friendship with Teddi Mellencamp, which Camille Grammer recently referred to as “creepy,” has gotten better.

“Teddi and I are very very close,” continued Kyle. “But I have to say the cast overall, our relationship has gone to a deeper level and we’ve gained a lot more trust with each other, so that’s been really nice to have.”

RHOBH Live Viewing – This is also the live viewing thread for tonight’s new episode, so feel free to comment and chat below as the episode airs at 9/8c tonight on Bravo TV! 

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    1. Are you sure Byle didn’t see Cheerful’s cover and she thought she talked to Newsweek. . She is that delusional.

  1. Nothing draws people together more than a common enemy. My guess is they bonded over hate, not love.

    1. IKR Hate will bond them, but you best believe if Lisa quits.. They will turn on each other in a NY minute, Kyle has to finally be the HBIC and the rest will turn on her…

    2. That makes so much sense. It is a deep hate & the sad part of all of this is that they all refuse to see the wrong they committed, but instead grouping closer together as they continue to plan her demise blaming her blindly & instead of viewing things as mature people do, weighing pros & cons, they have chosen to see only the cons period. Unless she apologizes for being innocent, they are unacceptable of anything otherwise. Fine! they are getting away with her murder, this time. But there’ll be a next & that very hatred will cause their own demise.

  2. So according to Kyle they are all more closer since LVP left… I smell PR for next season to try to convince viewers the show has changed for the better. Ain’t buying your BS today Kyle

        1. Doesn’t she? LVP looks wonderful. She is emerging from her grief. She has shed the dead weight of false friends and is ready for a new chapter. You go girl!

  3. Byle nobody, absolutely nobody, is buying the crap you are trying to peddle. Go fuck your self, fuck off and take that fucked up coven with you when you are fucking off.

  4. Imagine trading a Lisa for a Teddi. I can’t. Kyle’s poor wardrobe choices are a reflection of her other poor life choices. And, after going on SM pleading for kindness about Sophia and her 106 degree temperature there has been no explanation offered – although somehow they were able to fly home by Mother’s Day. She needs to be held accountable…

  5. Kyle your a attention whore what are you going to do when they turn on you. Can’t wait. Sure the ratings weren’t bad only because LVP hadn’t resigned. If she does for sure to the ratings will go down each season. Can’t wait you think it’s your show n you can’t wait for Lisa to quit that’s what you vile hags wanted to do.

  6. There are 2 articles circulating that LVP will not be returning to RHOBH next season. One article states that she is in the process of securing a new show and the second article is actually an interview of where she eludes to maybe or maybe not returning. Either way, LVP is gold in all that she does. If the articles are true, I will definitely be watching her other shows! I have included screenshots of the article and interview. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/16c16e65f46a9935880e5359eba31099442e0a8c8fdbbe60801682d7a11da73e.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/76afcbece9ec3ad34063247eedf05f5f0b8d088cd2618493e519b8a8c9044cc7.jpg

    1. It really does seem to me that the new show will be an E show not Bravo… Anyone else? ROL is saying an insider at E said etc and that E knows if it has her name on it it will make money. E is not Bravo in any way right peeps????

      1. LVP has that woman reporter with the English accent that works for E! maybe she is the insider?

    1. My assessment… Although I have had mixed feelings about LVP attending the reunion ( based on her being ganged up on and her not being ready for the coven gang up …as she states she has not watched the show this season…which I don’t blame her one bit) I think sometimes in life, you can only try so hard. If your true friend’s (co-workers or what have you) don’t believe what you say and are constantly talking about you on SM and spinning “their truth” with no proof at all, it is time to move on. What the coven does not understand is that they just fucked themselves and as one of the bitches says…”the truth will come out” and that would be the REAL truth , not the covens version. Good luck to LVP and Fuck the rest of them.

  7. I hope Kyle enjoys her friendships with her new “friends” since that will be all she has left after she screwed over her real friend LVP. BH will not survive w/o the queen!

  8. Sorry about that folks I am just so bored I get a little carried away. Didn’t mean to get so involved

      1. So awkward!!! And them all confirming that he is the funder. And he is in default on a 15 mil loan. Really awkward!!

  9. There goes Kyle being classy as ever straddling Mauricio. Rinna pretending she is sexy same with TeddY. Ick Edwit is an ass! I just can’t watch this train wreck anymore. I am out!

    1. that was so uncomfortable to watch…yuck. they are so pathetic, pretending to have fun and be lighter without Lisa, cackling at all those stupid jokes. nobody is buying it.

    2. that was so uncomfortable to watch…yuck. they are so pathetic, pretending to have fun and be lighter without Lisa, cackling at all those stupid jokes. nobody is buying it.

  10. So petty Kyle and company endure Ecika’s performance pretending as though they are happy for instead of green with envy at the attention Erika is receiving. Then they fake writhe and slither all over whatever ever metal pole like thing they can find. Unfortunately in Kyle’s case it is the balcony fencing. So sexy K!

  11. Um, no Camille. You do not have more strength than LVP. You need to understand the toll the catastrophic loss of her brother has had on LVP.

    And LVP is not playing the victim. What she is, though, is a grieving woman who has made up her mind and has changed her priorities.

    1. Not for a second, not a drop of sadness. Her face did get harder & older, so this bellyfull of hate is showing.

  12. Wow! I just want to punch Camille in her plastic face! Get off the damn fence already and please PICK A FRICKIN LANE ALREADY?

  13. Shut up Camille. She says one thing to LVP’S face and something different in her talking head. LVP needs to be done with all of them.

    1. I’m glad I pissed her off this week. She blocked me. If I had seen this episode, I would have said more and deserved it.

      1. The very last few seconds of the show have Lisa being hooked up to a lie detector test! It was John Sessa’s idea

          1. It said 24 hours later and showed her getting hooked up it was 24 hours after she met with Camille and told her she wouldn’t be attending her wedding.

          2. How in the world was that kept quiet? Maybe production was just giving the idiots enough rope to hang themselves?

          3. I know! It just had this surreal feeling! The things that just were piling on LVP and the lies! I kept thinking that I was watching a completely different program based on the stories the idiots were spinning!

          4. How in the world was that kept quiet? Maybe production was just giving the idiots enough rope to hang themselves?

        1. Oh my gosh! I didn’t realize the new kitchen was being revealed and was kicking myself that I missed it. Then I saw something about the lie detector and thought, “ Holy cannoli, Batman!” Thanks for filling me in! Now I will have to watch it.

          1. Me Too. it’ll play again after WWHL & I think Erika the rotund pig will be on tonight.

          2. New kitchen is the first scene the last scene is the lie detector test. I guess the other Housewives must have ONLY seen everything in between in advance!

  14. OH MY, why didnt I watch? A polygraph? Let truth show & prevail once & for all & may they all burn in hell right after they are humbled to the ground. Shame on those whores.

  15. Gossip mongers love one another. I hope these hateful women are proud of themselves. Their plan to hurt LVP and run her off appears to have worked. And for that balding, bow-legged midget Kyle to think she’s been a good friend to LVP shows she has no idea what the word friend means. She is evil to the core.

    1. I didn’t watch much, but I saw uncle Fester standing with two women. I wonder who he was with. It’s interesting that he wasn’t hanging out with the housewives.

          1. I remember that… it was very telling of their marriage

            Also what could they possibly have conversation over daily….her crew and how they praised her😒

  16. Good evening everyone and another snoozer of an episode. Camille needs to STFU because she gave up her diamond after the first season because she couldn’t handle the criticism from the other women and slunk back in years later as FOS.

    1. Camille was mad at Lisa for not going to her wedding. She was hoping to hide behind Lisa when the Koven got thirsty for blood.

  17. What. Crap.
    How embarrassing watching middle aged hags screaming like teenyboppers while Kunty lumbers onto the stage to croak out her tuneless yodel while some poor gay gives himself a double hernia trying to hoisting her Baby Hueyness off the ground.
    Kyle’s interviews were notable for their forgetfulness. Bitch is not funny, clever, or interesting.
    Rinna, DimWatt and that other one are just HW spam.
    Cameltoe just can’t keep her mouth shut or her bitch on a leash.
    Denise has a mind like a 13 year boy.
    Nothing to see here, folks.

    1. Mikeycat you have such a way with words!! Cracking my up with the double hernia, and Erika “lumbers onto the stage.”

      1. Honestly, those poor boys must be traumatized fearing that desiccated feral pussy will fall on them and they’d be trapped until someone with a forklift can save them.

  18. LVP is not running away or playing the victim. She is trying to survive what she has had to deal with over the last year and removing herself from any of the coven’s drama is her way of “cutting out the cancer” that she no longer wants to deal with. Some of us have been pushed to the brink in our lives and by removing toxic people or things that continually cause drama and grief help us to move forward. Lisa is going to be just fine going forward in her life she does no need RHOBH like the other cast members do.
    She is getting her strength and voice back and weather she stays on RHOBH or moves on to other enterprises she will have a far larger following than any of the other housewives.

  19. Wasn’t the entire argument that resulted in Kyle being asked to leave Villa Blanca about Lisa’s supposed involvement with the Radar story? Now, that story doesn’t matter?

          1. Even if LVP passes it won’t matter to the WestCoastCoven.

          2. nope they started planting the seeds of doubt weeks ago saying it didnt matter if she did or not… they have their “story” and they as a group are sticking to it

    1. Sooo much fun. The Koven morphed into 12 year old screaming prepubescent girls watching Kunty grunt out a couple of songs.
      Then they went backstage and Kyle humped a terrified and repulsed Marsupial.
      Then they talked about how their poor children suffer while mommy works.
      Then they, um, well, ah, I forget but I’m sure it was interesting.
      Lisa showed her kitchen, lovely! Could have looked at that all night!
      Then the Koven did other things.
      Then Camille came to she Lisa to beg her to come to her wedding. Lisa said she just wasn’t up it and was done with Kyle and the Koven and Camille said she understood.
      Then Camille trashed Lisa in her interview.
      Denise is leaving Mr. Big for 4 days and hopes he’ll pleasure himself when she calls him.
      Then other stuff.
      Then the end.
      Next week Lisa takes a lie detector. Kyle’s head 🤯

  20. LVP should pre-tape a statement for the reunion and then just put the whole debacle behind her. This experience has taken a toll on her and it is not necessary for her to subject herself to more hostility and abuse.

    She has a fabulous life and is doing really important and fabulous things,(including Master Chef airing tomorrow).

  21. Wow watching those 3 hags harshed my buzz 🤣🤣 then the first commercial is a bipolar depression medication 🤣🤣

    1. By the end of the episode, we will all be either talking to ourselves or needing some form of medication or will need to self medicate. It is that awful.

    1. What’s the difference between Denise and a rooster?
      A rooster says cock-a-doodle do. Denise says any cock-will-do.

          1. LMBO She’d probably give him a heart attack with her screaming opening intro.

    1. I saw a pic of him from a few years back and he looks nothing like his current face. Way too many fillers and botox.

          1. Woke everyone up laughing!!!!! I needed that after watching this chit.

      1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. He looks like Tom Sandavol’s Grandpa if he had a bowling ball for a head.
      And he was dead.

          1. Always!!! And especially at their ages!!! On Tee-Vee, no less! Kyle is theee Ultimate Thirsty Attention Whore!

  22. Lookie there, someone strapped Matlock in a dolly and wheeled him to Kunty’s Koncert:
    ‘I don’t want to see some 4th rate drag show, I want to go to Baskin Robins!’
    Sir, that’s your wife!
    On the stage, that’s your wife, Ericunt, twitching and caterwauling.
    Godammit, I don’t wanna see that. Bitch is costing me a bundle why should I have to watch her spend my mon……hey, what happened to the noise, er music? This is terrible! My poor, wife. She’s humiliated! I’m gonna sue! I’ll take every cent they have! Where’s my secretary? Take a memo, sue the SOB who fucked up my wife’s night.
    I’m sorry sir, those people are your wife’s employees. You can’t sue them.
    Well, shit. Stupid bitch. Oh fuck, they got the sound fixed. Get me the hell outta here before she begins to belch out another number. Forget Baskin Robins. I lost my appetite for fatty frozen desserts. Call my mistress and tell her I’m on my way. I need to warm up.

    1. Does Erika’s grandhusband ever let his hair down and wear something other than a suit and tie? After all, he was at a concert, not court.

  23. Camel needs to take it up with the coven as to why LVP didn’t attend her shower.

  24. Urg I am weak and gave in. I watched tonights episode. I have screamed at the t.v. multiple times but Camille has raging. What a backstabbing fake bitchwhorebag. I never thought highly of her but i didn’t think she was this low. Fk all these phony nasty hags!!!

  25. Canoe competition 🙄🙄🙄 Teddi is the kind of woman I would strangle on vacation and blame it on Chris brown

          1. Teddi is a control freak !! She needs to control every minute of her day and other people’s too

          2. If I was on vacation and somebody tried to tell me what I was doing when, I’d say piss off, fuck you and I will do what I want.

          3. That’s why I only go on vacation with very few people 🤣🤣🤣 I don’t do itineraries and rigid programs when I’m on vacation

      1. Now you’re wrong for that Fiddle! I happened to like Camille’s blue coat. Boy am I going to get dragged for my comment.

    1. She’s been drinking the Kyle-aid. Unfortunately for her, she’ll find out too late it’s toxic and is not meant for human consumption.

  26. They are all trying too hard trying to convince us that. Not working. They all acting like crude teens. Kyle straddling her husband was beyond .

    1. They are manic in their act to convince how much fun they’re having w/o lvp. They are insipid, uninteresting, unimaginative putrid mounds of flesh acting like their lives matter. Now that their masks are off and we can see them for the vile creatures they are, how Lisa can go back and try to continue with this charade. I can’t with these women anymore.

  27. AC mentioned Howard Stern went on some rant about Pat the Puss and her singing does anyone know what was said???

    1. I got the gist of it from reddit 🙂 seems that he said Erika is just a middle aged wannabe bankrolled by her husband. He doesn’t like Teddi and wonders how she can afford the fancy cliff side house as a “motivational speaker”.

  28. Meh. She can take a break and come back refreshed in the future. It’s not unheard of in Bravoland.

  29. I’m 100% sure Kyle no longer believed that Lisa was behind the story after her confrontation at Villa Rosa. The problem is Kyle couldn’t backtrack because that would make her look like a dumb mean frenemy that cares more about her image than her friends.
    Kyle gave Lisa a piece of advice during a reunion back in the days, that she needs to pick up on herself:
    Can you please admit to one thing that you did WRONG???👀

    I’m amused to see how Kyle is morally schooled by her twitter followers. After seeing next weeks preview with the lie detector test, she is now suddenly claiming that it wasn’t about the ROL article, but what happened at Vanderpump Dogs!🤡SHE was hurt because Lisa and Dorit were close…
    (The fact that Teddi came clean and admitted she wanted to hurt Dorit didn’t matter, as she also admitted to being mean, and Kyle can relate to that).

    As we all watched on episode 1, Kyle was hurt that Lisa wasn’t exploding of anger with Dorit, and didn’t follow Kyle and Teddi’s lead to talk about it on camera. Boy, did that get repercussions for LVP!

    The one thing that could make Kyle’s twitter an even better read, is if I saw Chap’s covers there. Can anyone post them please?😜

    1. ITA. Kyle is acting like taking a lie detector makes Lisa look more guilty but Kyle was complicit in covering up Teddi’s texts! She seems to have gotten away with that too.

      1. I would like to see Kyle Richards sit down and take a polygraph test!
        Let’s get some straight answers about her real motives. Andy, would that be possible to do at the reunion, please?

        1. Right? I think Lisa is just hamming it up with the test. She doesn’t care about what they think anymore.

    2. I noticed a couple of weeks ago they moved from being mad about rol back to setting Dorit up ep1. They knew that the truth was about to come out. To think Kyle called us stupid. At this stage they are a joke. Wonder what P.K has said to Dorit.

    3. LVP takes a lie detector next week? So the Coven didn’t know this now, when they got the shows to view ahead of time?
      I’m not watching live so didn’t see anything.

      1. She does, yes. I think the cast see the episode just a few days ahead.
        Of course, the stupid excuse of a woman, Erika Jane, completely bashed LVP for doing so, last night at WWHL.
        There’s no doubt that they know by now they look like losers for obsessing over this storyline.

          1. Didn’t Kyle say something about Lisa that really should apply to Kyle instead, such as, she said she too much she’s in too deep there’s no going back from this now? That’s how I feel about all BUT greater Lisa.

        1. No they don’t, like EJG said to whoever witch it was that day, fight your truth to the bone, that’s what the KKK is doing. They are keeping to THEIR script, no lie detector test, no ROL exec, no Interviewer, no swearing on one’s children will change the BS SL the KKK have made up will dissuade them. They’ve dug in their disgusting white pumps in.

          1. I feel like they are putting up a facade here, just to save their asses.
            Also, I would like to request a lie detector test to clear this up: Kyle, Teddi, Dorit, Erika, Rinna: interested??

          2. I don’t know if you know but EJG fancies herself an attorney, because she’s married to one, and she would advise her clients (KKK) to not engage in a lie detector test. She will tell them they are unreliable, they don’t use them in court and Lisa is SUCH an experienced liar she could easily pass one.
            But I’m all in for them taking one as well.

        2. I watched that clip and what riles me is that they sneer with indignation about everything LVP does to prove it wasn’t her. It’s like they enjoy her having to go thru all this… despicable behaviour from grown ass wimmin!

          I for one refuse to subscribe to Hayu and not give them my time of day (fiscally), this site is my catch-up!

          1. 💯I have already prepaid my Hayu subscription, but I have no interest in this show with the current cast. This site is my preference too, as I am much more entertained snarking about despicable behavior than actually watching it go down myself.🙄

  30. Another bloody exercise scene. People don’t tune in for that!!!! Erika’s concert was another rinse and repeat scene – songs and moves we have seen a million times. It felt like they were all trying SO HARD backstage to be loud and show what fun they are.
    Zero interest in watching Teddi and Kyle whine about how tough their lives are. Kyle claiming she was closing her stores and keeping one was particular pathetic – she has one kid at home.
    Loved Lisa’s new kitchen. Camille once again shows what a flip flopper she is. I get the impression she was relieved that Lisa wasn’t going to the wedding – she didn’t want any drama.

    1. Bev, these bitches are beyond embarrassingly boring. They’re just trying to fill in the time to justify being on the show. Nobody buys their rot except for the people who refuse to let go of their hatred for Lisa. I noticed from the small bit I did see that Erikhunt was interviewed by the thirsty ladysitter Justin

      1. So true Cheerful. It’s all so desperate. Yes! Erika is nice and cosy now with Kyle’s media mole. Then she is on WWHL with Kyle’s niece. Erika has been accepted in to the BH cesspool.

        1. Ah yes!! The delightful Parisite Hilton, another worm who gained fame through her cheap, tacky sluttiness

      2. CC I saw in Twitter world Howard Stern apparently had a lot to say today about Erikhunt and the crew, all Bad too, only has time and love for Lisa Ken

          1. I tried to listen to his radio show Siris? think I spelt that right lol but it wasn’t working for me, I was doing something wrong

        1. Going back a bit Andy Asked what he thought of the show so far and Howard basically said he was not happy with the coven and Andy couldn’t change topics fast enough.

    2. It has become a bloody exercise to watch the show! My brain can’t take all this annoyance coming at me from all angles at once😨

        1. That’s terrible. I blame production for truncating LVP’s scenes. It makes no sense. If they didn’t want LisaV on the show any longer, they could have not asked her back. Instead, they heaped on the humiliation to go along with the hatred spewed by the HEAP.

          1. That’s exactly what I was thinking. They cant say they’re not seeing what we are, they cant say why they’re opting Lvp out. Are they truly enjoying the boredom as well as the take down of this woman & just standing by, for what? hopeful there’ll be a sudden resurgence of the show & how is that even acceptable to them? Where are the answers?
            Twice Lvp met with 2 imbeciles & both times all they could say was how much Kyle misses her hopefully to instill guilt? Can they not see the underlying hypocrisy behind Kyle’s words? or, are they if the same mold? are they all game playing? are they not first hand witnessing what we so clearly see on screen? so many questions with no truthful answers.

          2. Starr – Good points. The beginning of the egregious SL was focused on the HEAP declaring that LVP wasn’t being protective toward Dorit; except Vyle. She wanted LVP to thrash Dorit, until she didn’t want that. Then the HEAP decided Lisa was a LIAR & a Leaker. Then the current game is that Lisa isn’t appreciative of Vyle, who called her a LIAR. This season has devolved into a piece of crap.

      1. Not many sadly. A ridiculously long time spent on Erika’s CONcert. And Kyle and Teddi shoving their kids in our faces. Dorit and Rinna are definitely taking a back seat this episode. Except for Rinna’s patronising talk to Grandpa Tom as if he is hearing impaired.

        1. Whaaat? Kryle shoved her kid onto set? She keeps trying to make Princess Portiaaaa happen. That girl has no “IT” factor; like her pathetic mother. From your synopsis, I’m glad I missed it. The diminished screen time for LVP isn’t enough of a lure to make me watch it, anymore.

      2. 5 seconds? But Camille also pays Lisa a visit at Villa Rosa at the end of the episode, so there that.

    1. Good one, CC!!!! The BH Bitches should be forced to walk the plank.
      Blahvo is no better for allowing this asinine & harmful SL to proceed. The BH Fan Fave was mercilessly bullied on the show & in RL, while she was already down by grief. What heartless assholes the entire lot of them are!!!! The smack talk didn’t end with RHBH. It infected the cast of VRules, too!!! It’s as if Blahvo wanted LVP to leave both shows. I really do not understand the mentality of the Blahvo Suits, at all.

    2. Vyle, Snore-it, and Turdi should take a test and get asked about their secret rendezvous at the BH Hotel right after the Villa Rosa Showdown that Lisa mentioned

  31. Maybe LVP hasn’t lived her life as a victim because she refuses too and she still refuses to and the best way for her to do that is to keep away from this unpleasant women. they will do nothing but go after her over this tired nonsense so the healthy thing to do is to remove them not interact with them

  32. Kyle knows damn well that LVP PASSED the lie detector test, hence her now saying that it was never about the ROL article. We’ve also heard from the KK that it was never about LLAP. When the shit literally hits the fan and THEIR lies and evil machinations have been exposed about anything they have falsely claimed LVP has done, suddenly it’s not about that. Phuck that and phuck them. I challenge each of those slags to take a lie detector test.

    1. Rhoda, I’m plucking pissed. Lisa shouldn’t have to take any lie detector test. And also I saw a clip of Homeless being a filthy stinking cunt about Lisa once again, phuck her do dirty hell. What a load of rot Vyle is trying to push now. A few weeks ago, they were literally saying that it was never about the dog and that it was about dishonesty and injustice, and now they’re trying to tell us it was about the dog in the first place. You can’t make this shit up!

    2. Well if it wasn’t about RO article, and wasn’t about LLAJ, then WTF was it about…..Taking LVP down.

      1. Yup, Bethenny outed them, or at least LL and Vyle. EJG outed herself with all her little snide, sniper from the side comments. Like I’ve said before they can all FOAD ( not bullying).

    3. Vyle went to Lisa’s house and accused her of giving the story to ROL and didn’t believe her even after Lisa swore on her kids lives that she didn’t do it. And now she’s saying it wasn’t about the ROL story. She really is a special kind of stupid, isn’t she.

  33. “Kyle revealed that the cast got closer after Lisa stopped filming with them during season nine.” and continued “I have to say the cast really sort of bonded over everything that’s happened with Lisa. I became a lot closer with all of the women”. meaning these women are bonding and getting closer to each others ONLY because of 1 single person and that person’s personal pain. LVP is suffering and absent so they are happy and having a good time. who in their right mind would think like that, feel like that, act like that ??? and publicly confess doing so !!!??? I used to admire Kyle for all she has. now I pity her because no matter if you own half of the world if your soul is totally empty without sympathy, empathy, compassion, you really have nothing.

    1. I’m as surprised as you are, that a grown ass woman don’t see herself what’s wrong with that statement! Like, Kyle: Did you fall on your head as a kid??

  34. Poor Teddy. Bet she didn’t know what she got herself into when she agreed to be Vyle’s puppet – I mean, friend. Vyle is all about Vyle and so, so, so very needy. Bet Ted’s enjoying Vyle’s incessant whining and drama fueled storytelling about now. LVP HAS to be glad to be rid of her. She is a huge burden to her friends. A taker, never a giver. But Ted learn. And just as Vyle does not stand up for her sisters, she does not stand up for her “friends”. Her relationship with LVP should show Ted that. When Ted wakes up from her fog and gets tired of taking flak for being Vyle’s mouthpiece, she’ll see her for who she truly is. On the other hand, Ted is a pinhead so probably not.

  35. Laughed and laughed and laughed at Kyle when she told Teddy she’s closing her stores because she has so much going on. She included having 4 kids that keep her so busy. Ummm. Her oldest is a grown woman who is on her own and works for Mauricio full time. Her second oldest is done with college and living at home and the other one is at college. So no Kyle, you’re not caring for 4 kids – it’s more like 1. Then again, the truth has never had any place in your life. So your show was cancelled, and your stores have closed. Now you can focus on lifting your ten year old spoiled brat of s daughter out of bed, dress her for school while she lies in bed nibbling on the breakfast you made her. Really Vyle, how do you manage it all???!!!! Everything you touch turns to shit. Unlike your former friend LVP. Everything LVP touches turns to gold. Not only does she ALSO have children but she has a whole farm of dogs and animals that live with her on top of managing 400 some employees and all of her many business ventures. But you keep dreaming of being like her, princess. It’s good to reach for the stars. You know, like the one you will NEVER be. No worries though – D list Bravolebrity suits you.

  36. Vyle stated: “I have to say that the cast sort of really bonded over everything that’s happened with Lisa.” Of course you bitches “bonded”. You are bound together as the vicious bullies who preyed upon & tried to destroy the vulnerable woman while she was grieving. YOU all must so proud. Hopefully, you each will receive the exact same treatment you served up to LisaV!!!!

    1. Medusa, to add to your statement, they’re also bound to each other through the lies and conspiracy. They can’t afford to break rank. One falls and the whole tower of lies comes crashing down

      1. Hmmmmm…. I see Dreet cracking under pressure. PorkyPee needs friends – with money & status. The KK aren’t it.

        1. Yeah hope so. If LVP leaves and Brandi comes back-well on the other hand if Brandi comes back she will rip these fools a new one.

          1. It won’t matter to me. LisaV’s departure signals mine. The only reason I watched was to see Lisa’s life. The rest of them are insipid dullards.

      1. I think we viewers know THE truth.

        BTW: Vyle has never lived in Beverly Hills. And she knows nothing about honesty.

        1. …then htf is she on a show called RHOBH?? I wonder if V Tu Le has something on Andy? Just like she thinks Lisa and Ken have secrets on DeePuke??

          1. What does “V Tu Le” mean?

            Most of the cast doesn’t live in BH, either. However, Vyle is the only cast member to imply that she does & brag about it. Even LisaV, who does live in Beverly Hills never mentions it. As DorDrinka espoused: “Money Talks, Wealth Whispers.”

          2. Medusa sorry I have no idea what it’s meant to say, I cant even work it out within context!🤔 It’s a typo due to me having extra large thumbz 😁

    2. Erika said this in an E interview:

      “I have to say this, because it’s really true. For the first time in four years, I care about these women, like, I have friendships with these women, and I don’t like it when I see them hurt and I don’t like it when I see someone hurting them.”

      But don’t expect to see the “ice queen’s” chilly exterior thaw out anytime soon. “I’m an iceberg,” Jayne told ET. She added, “Remember, the iceberg sunk the Titanic. Remember that.”

      Does she think Lisa is the Titanic?

      1. I think Erotika is the Titantic. She certainly looks like it. Her little spiel about “caring for the women” for the first time in her life is pure BS!!!! She couldn’t care less. Not at all.
        Her perch on RHBH is just a place to show her stale show. She really adds nothing else.

    1. Thanks for sharing this link. Joyce is steadfast & true. She’s been a REAL friend to Lisa. Vyle’s duplicity is showing strongly now, more than ever before.

  37. Of course Kyle feels closer to these women than she ever did to LVP. Water seeks its own level. Kyle was never more than a E-list pretender to Beverly Hills royalty. She’s much more at home among schemers, scammers, gold diggers, and her new bestie, whose only claim to fame (aside from being born) is she lost weight.

  38. I honestly feel that this and VPR are coming to a natural end…but will resurface (hopefully). Ya know that situ where it’s been on a roll for a few yrs and something has to give ( just like when RHONJ took a season off when Tweeza went to jail)? Well that…

  39. IMO, I can’t see LVP returning next season. She isn’t on speaking terms with any cast members. Plus the ratings have been going up so the other women are even more confidant that they don’t need LVP on the show. If she returned they would probably go out of their way to exclude her in filming.

  40. The biggest mistake made by the BH HEAP was revealing that they ostracized LisaV the entire season & into real time. They were unrelenting in blaming LVP, yet protecting Dreet the entire time. That gave LVP fans no impetus to tune in. Even if the viewership has magically remained steady, it won’t last.

  41. Oh who gives a 🐀’s ass if the cast got closer? They are all HORRIBLE HUMAN BEINGS!

    Look, I know Vanderpump has her flaws, like any normal, realistic person has, but these women have been cruel, malicious and gosh darned sneaky to her. The jealousy from these twats is so obvious. No one, for the foreseeable future, will continue with this show w/out someone like Vanderpump to make it the luxurious show it was billed as being.

    Really!? Bravo thinks we care about MAU-RIIIICE ‘s fungus toenails? Rim Job’s stove with 🐁💩 all over it.? TeddiBore talking about “accountability “? Lack of Style crying over her hundreth kid going to college? EriKunt squeezing into one of her clown outfits? Denise talking about Aaron’s cock? This is what we are left with? Bitches please! Have several seats then GTFO!

    1. I think it is often overlooked too that Lisa actually has the least expectations from this group. She takes people as they are. She had a real friendship with Brandi when all Kyle could do was look down her nose at her. Lisa doesn’t constantly remind them of their flaws and bad traits.

      They are obsessed with the idea that Lisa wants them to look bad because they are the ones most obsessed with their image. Every single one of them who has turned on Lisa looked better when they were her friend so that totally disproves their theory that Lisa likes to make her friends look shitty.

      1. Also importantly – LisaV has never participated in a gang up against one lone housewife. – NEVER, EVER!!!!

          1. CC ~ I keep smh how this show has devolved to pure rubbish. The BH HEAP overtly pushed out the Fan Fave, LisaV!!! They LIED & twisted THE truth to oust her because…..? Without LVP, there will not be one redeeming cast member left.

          2. Medusa, it’s quite unfortunate, but not all that surprising. I had a nagging feeling a few seasons ago that Vyle was determined to be the last OG standing by season 10.

            As much as we adore and admire Lisa, we must remind ourselves that many people despise her for the same reason that we like her. She isn’t trashy or nasty, she isn’t petty or mean. Lisa is charming, intelligent, interesting, witty and sophisticated. It’s too much for some trashy people to take. Most of Vyle’s and Blandi’s And Lipshit’s fans resemble them, they enjoy the pigs rolling around in the filth, I do not and when Lisa leaves, I have no desire to hang around. I will enjoy reading about their demise, we are at the precipice of a new era of RHOBH, The Age Of The Crumbling Tower.

          3. Well stated!!! It really feels like the end of an era. RHBH will be no more fanciful that NJ or the OC.

          4. Well they should bring a Kelly Dodd like character in-LOL-these fools will turn to jelly.

          5. Chap, she’s effortless elegance and class, the epitome of what RHOBH once was

          1. I will. She is having eye surgery today, to correct a botched eye surgery from a year ago.🤞🤞

          2. OMG, to botch up eyes? Good gravy, one cant play around with one’s sight. Gosh, I hope the doctor is able to reverse this. Will be praying.

  42. Erika is saying the same thing as Kyle – that she really CARES about these women now. She doesn’t even realise that this doesn’t make her look good – it just makes her look like an opportunist.

    1. This is what Lisa had been trying to say to Erica all along. She wanted a real friendship and the cards she received when her dog and brother died were not as personal as she would have liked the two of them to be. It didn’t come across very well and if all of the other drama hadn’t been going on, who knows Lisa May have been able to break a few of those walls down. The whole thing is just sad now. I’m sure the polygrapher won’t ask any question about Lisa’s involvement in setting Dorit up in ep1 because she confesses to throwing her hands in the air and saying that she doesn’t care who talks about what, so you never could be sure how that would play out. I’m so glad she is doing this coz then she can throw out there “ this is how confident I am, how about you guys”

        1. Sorry about that CC. Hopefully someone else can do the honors. You are too talented to have that wasted & we can kill 2 birds with one stone.

  43. I say quit then. Who cares, it’s no great loss for her. Move along, don’t bother with those women anymore.
    Peace out.

  44. The whole argument at LVP’s house is about Lisa being accused of leaking the article. LOL-The stupidity, the stupidity, the stupidity. God , people should be embarrassed of being so dumb.

    I mean Kyle was saying a while ago that intelligent fans would see her side-or some such. Please.

    And to think after all this LVP will be leaving and the coven will be staying and Brandi will be joining-God help us all.

      1. Vyle fancies herself as intelligent because she’s too dumb and stupid to realise that she’s several levels below an amoeba.

          1. Her niece is a raving homophobe and a racist. Nothing sweet about that.

          2. It’s in her genetic make-up. Great Grandpa Conrad Hilton was homophobe, racist & anti-semitic. He particularly liked the idea that his surname was mistaken for “Hilter”. He thought Adolph was great!!! Then Parisite has her Grandmomster, BIG Kathy who was anti-semitic & a racist, too. She also was a misogynistic, drunken slut who tried to murder her step daughter & MIL (via poisoning). The book House of Hilton by Jerry Openheimer explains all in great detail.

        1. Vyle bragged, “I was the smart one in my family. I could have been a lawyer.” Yeah – right. Comparing her IQ to her 2 brain dead sisters is laughable. Sister Kimbecile may be addle-pated, she was always considered THE actress. Sister Kathy married into uber wealth beyond Vyle’s fantasies. She married maRITZio, who was a T-shirt salesman, until Vyle hooked him up to her BIL, Rick Hilton.

          1. I just love the way Vyle denigrates her sisters in her attempt to lift her self up, typical Vyle. As for her intelligence…..,

          2. She has to look hard to find any of that (intelligence). From this side of the set, there is none that is evident.

  45. “This is no longer about the dog or if Dorit should have just given the dog back to Lisa. This is about friendships and trust, or lack thereof. ” -Kyle’s blog, April 3, 2019

    So, now that LVP has found a way to prove that Kyle should have trusted her, it’s not about friendships and trust, it’s about the damn dog!

    1. Kyle’s ship sunk & she cant swim. She is grabbing at pure water at thyis point, but just sinking deeper. Drown in your own mud of lies & deceit, you witch!!!

  46. We’ve only been shown a tease of the lie detector test, and I’ll bet that’s all the coven has seen so far, too. Let’s hope that the scope of the questions includes the LLAJ situation so that can be put to rest along with the Radar BS:

    – “Lisa, did you yourself, or did you ever ask anyone else, to expose Dorit’s doggie dumping?”
    – “No!”
    – “Lie detector says you’re telling the truth.”

    That would make me laugh with glee!

    1. Wouldn’t that be the best??

      I am hoping you are right that LVP just recently took the test and it was added to footage after filming ended and the others knew nothing about it until the previews aired last night. That really throws a monkey wrench into the coven’s plans. Stand by for all kinds of complaining about how unreliable lie detector tests are.

      1. About 2 weeks ago there was a definite switch from ROL to ep1 puppygate from the coven. I kept wondering why the back peddle. NOW WE KNOW. Why don’t they want the truth out there. I’ve said it b4 and I’ll say it again. ROL said it was another housewife!!!!!!! Apart from risking there business being seen as lying they had nothing to gain by this statement. Seriously Dorit how much loyalty as a puppy dumping fool do you think your entitled to. In the depths of grief she didn’t give a shit about the ins and outs of who’s saying what as she was busy opening another restaurant. Even then she made the call not to say anything to Sessa, if you had just gone yourself and smoothed the VD staff over like she asked you to none of this would have happened. You call it a grudge but how much loyalty can you demand of a woman who is a friend of your husband. Last season with no grief to deal with and no outside pressure you pushed her under the bus. It’s not called holding a grudge but when someone shows you who they are you need to believe them. When the vast majority of viewers have been able to see it for what it was why couldn’t you. Oh that’s right you are A STUPID COW.

    2. They get a few episodes ahead of what we see, or that is what they’ve blogged before, so they may already have next weeks episode and know the outcome.

  47. I just made a post on an IG RHOBH thread in response (sort of) to someone backing LVP after someone else said the lie detector was staged. I broke down everyone’s part in this whole mess, Dorit being the root cause. Main poster said we have too much time on our hands but didn’t refute any of it (telling). I said nope, just watch the show, an hour a week! Is it wrong that I wanted to tell him from the looks of his account, he has more time to kill than we do? I’m a terrible person! 🤣

    I need to stop replying on IG threads under my dog’s account, I can’t really go for it like I want to. Some of these people are really moronic and need some straightening out about right, wrong and truths lol.

  48. Bravo just put up some stills of LVP’s new kitchen. They also confirmed that the dutch ovens and teapot are Le Creuset. They must be custom made because that is a softer pink. The kitchen is truly stunning.

    1. It’s Chiffon Pink – it’s available in Europe for sure. I love the kitchen, it really is stunning. I would have to ask my husband and son to leave home if I had that.

    2. Is it possible Lisa may have a cooking show? I watched a weekend wrapup of BH that said Lisa uses every appliance in her kitchen and is an excellent cook and would make meals for the production staff. I would watch her in the kitchen.

      1. She is definitely quite the cook. She tests a lot of the recipes for her restaurants in her kitchen before putting them on the menu.

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