John Sessa Leaks Text Messages From Lisa Vanderpump to Prove She Tried to Protect Dorit, Accuses Kyle and Teddi of Framing Lisa for Puppy Gate, Plus RHOBH Live Viewing Thread!

by Lindsay Cronin

John Sessa Leaks Text Message From Lisa Vanderpump to Prove She Tried to Protect Dorit, Accuses Kyle and Teddi of Framing Lisa

John Sessa is doing his best to get redemption for Lisa Vanderpump as she continues to be accused of leaking a story about Dorit Kemsley and her former dog.

Days after the Vanderpump Dogs partner shared emails from RHOBH producers that he believed disproved Kyle Richards‘ claim that Lisa set up a visit for her and Teddi Mellencamp to Vanderpump Dogs so that they could expose Dorit’s dog ending up at a shelter, on the premiere episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, John returned to Twitter. On Twitter, John slammed Kyle and Teddi, and he also shared a very telling text message Lisa sent him just before the scene at Vanderpump Dogs was filmed.

“I’ve had enough of this! Kyle has already said that she knew why she was being brought into [Vanderpump Dogs]. She feigned ignorance by asking if the dog was there for grooming. Teddi & Kyle wanted to take Dorit’s head and Lisa wouldn’t give it to them so they took Lisa’s instead,” he alleged, suggesting that Kyle and Teddi planned to frame Lisa for the story leak.

According to John, both Kyle and Teddi were on board with sharing the story about Dorit, even though Lisa wanted to keep the Puppy Gate drama under wraps. As he explained, Lisa was actually completely against the idea of allowing the story about Dorit’s former dog being located at an animal shelter to get out. She attempted to shut the storyline down before it erupted on the show.

“[Lisa Vanderpump] and I had a phone call prior to filming and we were not in agreement and here is the text five minutes before she walked in the door,” John shared.

In the text dated August 2, 2018, the date the now-infamous Vanderpump Dogs scene was filmed, Lisa texted John: “I want to shut it down. Let’s not go there” at 10:17 am.

RHOBH Lisa Vanderpump Tells John Sessa To Shut It Down

As most RHOBH viewers are aware by now, leaked text messages show Teddi had plotted with Vanderpump Dogs employee John Blizzard to have Dorit’s dog brought out during her visit with Kyle so that she could point out the dog and talk about how it ended up at a shelter. Teddi accused Lisa of being in cahoots with her, despite never speaking about the plot with Lisa. Lisa denied being involved.

These text messages appear to show Lisa became aware of the plot before filming that scene and tried to shut it down.

In a third tweet, John further called out Kyle and her co-stars by labeling them “mean girls,” just as Lisa did months ago.

“[Kyle Richards] said this season was all about lies and deception – I agree – it was #RHOBH #SeasonNine #RHOBHMeanGirls … just not [Lisa Vanderpump]‘s – NOW BACK TO SAVING DOGS,” he continued.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season nine reunion concludes tonight at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.

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