Denise Richards Calls RHOBH Costars “Disgusting” For Entertaining Affair Rumors, Opens Up About “Challenging” New Season and Calls Marriage “Solid”

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Denise Richards Calls RHOBH Costars "Disgusting" For Entertaining Affair Rumors, Opens Up About "Challenging" New Season and Calls Marriage “Solid"

Denise Richards is dishing on her “challenging” new season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and she doesn’t hold back as she slams her co-stars who brought up the rumors of her alleged affair on the show as “disgusting.” She also says that she and her husband Aaron Phypers can “rise above it.”

There’s no doubt that Denise has had a rough few months in the press. She admits that her sophomore season of the RHOBH didn’t go as expected, but the actress appears to be her same confident self and seems rather calm when addressing the rumors, mainly those alleging she had a months-long affair with her former friend and co-star Brandi Glanville.

Denise’s experience on the first season of the show would largely be considered a breeze by other fellow Housewives.  She mostly stayed away from the drama until late in the season when she had a minor issue with her co-star Camille Grammar. Therefore, it’s safe to say she was likely blindsided to find herself at the center of the new season’s drama.

“Well, you know trailers are meant to hopefully get people to want to watch a show or movie, and I definitely think that this [RHOBH] trailer delivered for people who want to watch the show, which is good,” said Denise to Entertainment Tonight. “There’s a lot of stuff that goes on in this season for sure. It was a challenging season for me to say the least. Yeah… you’ll have to watch.”

According to Denise, she was “caught off guard” when she learned that claims of an alleged hookup with Brandi would become the big storyline of the season. She also isn’t happy that some of her costars, who she’s reportedly feuding with, entertained the rumors.

“This was something I was not expecting at all,” she shared. “I was very much caught off guard…I think it’s kind of disgusting that they even talk about it. But that’s something they choose to, and I’ve had worse things said, so you know, I can rise above it.”

In addition to shutting down any claim of an affair with Brandi through her rep, Denise has also repeatedly denied having an open marriage with her husband Aaron Phypers.

The Wild Things actress is no stranger to the tabloids and rumors. When she split from her ex-husband Charlie Sheen back in 2006, it was impossible to check-out at your local grocery store without seeing her face or the salacious headlines aimed at the star and her ex. This time around, Denise claims she has a strong marriage that is able to withstand all the drama.

“I am strong, but … I’m human, too,” she says. “But I have a very solid marriage and I — my husband and I, we just rise above it. You know, in the big picture, we can’t worry about that stuff.”

The bombshell beauty has been working on other projects besides RHOBH, which rumor has it will be a big source of contention in season 10 after some of her co-stars have repeatedly called her out for being absent or missing filming. In fact, the actress was filming a new series titled Glow and Darkness before production was ceased due to the recent pandemic.

The new season of the RHOBH will premiere on April 15.

Photos Credit: Astrid Stawiarz/Bravo, John Tsiavis/Bravo