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RHOA Producers Discuss Kenya Moore and Marc Daly Not ‘Getting Along’ During Filming, Admit Things “Got Progressively Worse” and Applaud Kenya for Being “Open and Honest”

RHOA Producers Discuss Kenya Moore and Marc Daly Not 'Getting Along' During Filming, Admit Things "Got Progressively Worse" and Applaud Kenya for Being "Open and Honest"

Real Housewives of Atlanta producers were “definitely uncomfortable” filming with Kenya Moore and Marc Daly prior to their September 2019 split.

During a special enhanced version of the 16th episode of season 12, the Bravo production team opened up about their experiences with Kenya and Marc, admitting that when it came to the dynamic between the exes, they clearly “didn’t get along” and showed signs of marital tension when filming on the season began.

“It only got progressively worse as we continued filming,” they shared, according to a report from Bravo’s The Daily Dish on July 3. “It was clear in our opinion that they just didn’t get along.”

According to the producers, they were “definitely uncomfortable” each time they worked with the couple, but they never really saw the two of them arguing while cameras were rolling. That said, they revealed Kenya “never tried to put a positive spin on her marriage.”

Instead, they shared, Kenya “was very open and honest about what was going on.”

The RHOA producers then addressed the tension seen between Kenya and Marc at his Black Man Lab charity event, revealing that Marc seemed to be in a “weird mood,” which was quite evident to both Cynthia Bailey and Eva Marcille.

While the producers didn’t get good vibes between Kenya and Marc during season 12, they were upset to see the couple announce plans to divorce.

“We knew how much Kenya wanted her marriage to work,” they explained, adding that Kenya didn’t share her split news with them until just before the news was shared publicly.

During the first installment of the three-part virtual RHOA reunion in May, Kenya opened up about where she stood with Marc at that point, explaining that after enrolling in counseling, the two of them had gotten to a much healthier place.

“We’re working on it, we’re in counseling, and Marc had made a complete [180]. He just seems like he’s fighting for his family, and that’s all I ever wanted him to do,” Kenya stated. “I had blocked him, then he started to ask to speak with me and send me emails and just become more humble in the relationship, and he just basically said he really wants to work on it.”

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