Southern Charm Fans Label Kathryn Dennis a “Horrible Friend” for Spreading “Nasty Rumor” About Cameran Eubanks’ Husband, See What Shep Rose is Saying About Cameran and Chelsea Meissner’s Exits

by Lindsay Cronin Comments

Southern Charm Fans Label Kathryn Dennis a "Horrible Friend" for Spreading "Nasty Rumor" About Cameran Eubanks' Husband, See What Shep Rose is Saying About Cameran and Chelsea Meissner’s Exits

Kathryn Dennis is under fire on Twitter after mentioning a “nasty rumor” about Cameran Eubanks‘ husband, Jason Wimberly, on the premiere episode of Southern Charm season seven.

After viewers watched as Kathryn revealed she had heard that “Jason was having an affair,” a number of people reacted to Kathryn’s decision to fuel the false report by mentioning it on camera as Shep Rose shared his thoughts about Cameran and Chelsea Meissner leaving the series.

“So what Cameran said was true, [Kathryn Dennis] spread this nasty rumor. What a horrible friend,” one person wrote during the October 29 episode.

“Oh Kathryn. Seriously?! So you really were responsible for bringing the Jason affair rumors to the camera and screens. Okay Cameran, I do NOT blame you for leaving. Anything for ratings and viewership…yikes,” said someone else.

Earlier this year, with production underway on the seventh season of Southern Charm, Cameran confirmed to a fan on Instagram that she would not be seen on the new episodes. A short time later, Naomie Olindo, who also left the show, said she, Cameran, and Chelsea no longer wanted to be involved in the drama Kathryn was stirring.

“Shame on you @kathryndennis for this and MANY other things,” Naomie wrote at the time.

As Thursday night’s premiere continued, so did the backlash over Kathryn’s antics.

“Is this why [Cameran Eubanks] left the show? [To be honest I have 100 percent] respect for Cameran. Why would you need this when her daughter can go back and watch the cheap comments to remain in a show? Some people can’t be trusted,” someone stated.

“Nice to see that Kathryn is still a total c-word. I seriously doubt Jason was cheating on Cameran, but it makes sense why she didn’t return – she didn’t want to deal with Kathryn’s b.s. I can’t believe K is still on [Southern Charm]. Didn’t she say some terribly racist stuff?” another Twitter user asked.

As for Shep’s reaction to Cameran and Chelsea’s departures, he responded to a fan on Twitter in the wee hours of the morning on Friday.

“Great first show but, I miss Cam and Chelsea!!!” the fan had written.

“I miss and love them too!!! But we’ll always be friends. Till we’re old and grey. (If i make it that long),” Shep replied.

Southern Charm season seven airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.