REPORT: Southern Charm’s Kathryn Dennis Loses Custody of Kids to Thomas Ravenel Amid New Allegations Involving Drugs and Neglect

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REPORT: Southern Charm's Kathryn Dennis Loses Custody of Kids to Thomas Ravenel Amid New Allegations Involving Drugs and Neglect

Kathryn Dennis has reportedly temporarily lost custody of her six-year-old daughter Kensington and four-year-old son Saint to ex-boyfriend Thomas Ravenel amid some stunning and sad new allegations about her parenting.

According to a new report, the Southern Charm cast member will be limited to supervised visits with her children every other weekend after being accused of exposing them to drugs and failing to provide them with a safe and healthy environment.

“She has supervised visitation during the day Saturday and Sunday every other weekend,” an insider revealed to The Sun on March 4, noting that the new custody order was filed on February 25.

After Thomas requested a custody modification at the end of last year, revealing his plans to move from Charleston to Aiken, South Carolina, and enroll Kensington and Saint in private school, Kathryn asked that their custody battle be sealed. Ultimately, ahead of her and Thomas’ February 9 hearing, her motion was granted.

While the seal on her case blocks details of her custody loss from being exposed, The Sun was able to obtain past court records, one of which featured Thomas revealing that a mutual friend had shared disturbing details with him about a trip he took with Kathryn, her boyfriend, Chleb Ravenell, and their kids.

“He informed me that he witnessed a lot of cocaine use during this trip and that Kathryn had left cocaine within grasp of the children, which he thought was dangerous,” Thomas alleged.

Meanwhile, in her own court documents, Kathryn said, “I do not use cocaine so naturally I have not left any out for our children to access,” and she agreed to take a drug test.

In addition to accusing Kathryn of drug use, Thomas admitted to hiring a man to follow her and said he had witnessed the children be left alone “on multiple occasions.”

“During the time Kathryn was gone, Kensie and Saint are seen alone in front of the house. THIS IS TERRIFYING,” Thomas said, adding that a neighbor once called police after discovering Saint alone on a busy road.

When Thomas then claimed Kathryn had failed to bring their kids to school on time, Kathryn denied leaving them alone and blamed her father, who was watching them at the time of the alleged incident with Saint, for falling asleep on the job. She also said that Kensington was late to school just three times.

“When the children are picked up after their week with Kathryn, they are filthy, their hair is matted, they smell and they are unusually tired and irritable,” Thomas continued. “During the summer they were routinely returned without shoes. Saint is regularly returned wearing clothes that are so small on him, they leave marks on his skin.”

“This is untrue. My children are always well dressed and clean when in my care and I am often complimented on how cute they look,” Kathryn clapped back.

As for Saint, who Thomas said was “formerly diagnosed with [Fetal Alcohol Syndrome] due to Kathryn’s excessive drug and alcohol consumption while he was in utero,” the former Southern Charm cast member said that while he’s been doing what he can to get the boy up to speed, taking him to “speech and occupational therapy,” Kathryn is far less involved and even neglectful.

According to Thomas, one of Saint’s teachers created folders for each of them in hopes of getting him caught up to his peers. But, he shared, the “Mom” folder has “never been touched.”

Thomas went on to say that while he “never wanted to deprive Kensie and Saint ample time with their mother,” he has “been terrified for years that they continue to be put in harm’s way every time they are in her care.”

“[I] cannot ignore the accumulation of evidence that Kathryn continues to put our children in harm’s way,” he added. “Kathryn cannot be allowed to play Russian Roulette with our children’s lives. Unless the Court intervenes to protect Kensie and Saint, it is not a matter of ‘if,’ it is a matter of ‘when’ until something devastating happens to them while under Kathryn’s care.”

Kathryn initially lost full custody of her kids in 2016. Then, two years later, after Thomas was arrested following a slew of sexual assault allegations, which he denied, she filed for primary custody.

Kathryn and Thomas went on to agree to share custody in 2019.

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