Kary Brittingham Accuses D’Andra Simmons of Faking Feud for Storyline on RHOD and Shades Producers for Inaccurate Portrayal

by Lindsay Cronin Comments

Kary Brittingham Accuses D'Andra Simmons of Faking Feud for Storyline on RHOD and Shades Producers for Ignoring Her "Amazing Personal Stories" and Painting Her as a "Crazy Alcoholic Bully"

Kary Brittingham claims D’Andra Simmons planned out their recent feud.

After going back and forth with D’Andra throughout season five of The Real Housewives of Dallas, Kary revealed their drama was contrived before shading producers for ignoring her personal stories in lieu of spotlighting her heavy drinking and mean behavior.

“D’Andra told me before the season, ‘Hey girl, we should fight like sisters and bring it this season because nobody else will,’” Kary recalled on the May 12 episode of Kam and Kary Do Dallas. “I had no idea [it would backfire].”

According to Kary, she was on board with D’Andra’s plan and believed they were “completely fine” until the season began to play out. Looking back, Kary accused D’Andra of having double standards.

“Last year, when people were doing that to [her], [she was] crying, calling me all the time,“ Kary told her co-host, Kameron Westcott, on their podcast.

In addition to feeling hurt by D’Andra’s apparent betrayal, Kary was also disappointed to see that a number of amazing moments were cut from her season five storyline on RHOD.

”One of the things that was really important for me to share, because I think a lot of people could relate and a lot of people went through, is my oldest daughter, Sophia, graduated from college last May,” she revealed.

According to Kary, that story was “so special” to her because she was able to honor Sophia with a private party after she was robbed of her graduation events due to COVID.

”I had so many amazing personal stories,” Kary continued. “I was filming all these ways that I was keeping my little, small business afloat. A lot of people could have learned [from it] if they wanted to start their own businesses or just to see how to survive when you’re struggling.”

“How did they take all that away and just make me look like this crazy alcoholic bully person?” she wondered.

While Kary was featured in a number of questionable moments throughout season five, she reminded listeners of her podcast that viewers only see a small percentage of her life on RHOD.

“Ninety percent of the time I am not drinking. I’m being a mom. I’m working out. I’m working on my small business. And they only showed the Kary getting drunk and throwing people in the pool this season,” she explained.

“I was a little hurt by that,” Kary added.