Jax Taylor Says He Had ‘Suicidal Thoughts’ on Last 3 Seasons of Vanderpump Rules, Admits He ‘Misses Paycheck’ and Teases a “Big Announcement,” Plus Brittany Talks ‘Painful’ 26-Hour Labor

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Brittany Cartwright Says She Misses Vanderpump Rules as Jax Taylor Teases a "Big Announcement," Plus He Admits to Having Suicidal Thoughts and Reveals the Birth of Son Cruz Was "Intense"

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Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor feel differently about not appearing on the upcoming ninth season of Vanderpump Rules.

While appearing on Lala Kent and Randall Emmett‘s podcast on Wednesday, the couple addressed their Bravo departure before teasing a “big announcement” and looking back at the moment their son, Cruz Michael Cauchi, was born.

“I miss it at times. I get sad when if I see pictures of all you guys together because normally we would be together,” Brittany said of Pump Rules on the May 26 episode of Give Them Lala… With Randall. “I will always be grateful to Bravo and Vanderpump Rules. I came from Kentucky. I never thought I’d be doing any of this stuff. I never thought I’d be on TV or have a house like this or live in L.A. So I’m always going to be grateful.”

“It was an awesome show. It gave us so much. But we’re growing up,” Jax explained.

According to Jax, 41, he felt that it was “time to move on” when he and Brittany, 32, announced they were leaving the show in December 2020.

“Brittany still misses it a little bit, but I don’t work at SUR. There’s no reason for me [to be there],” he pointed out. “I don’t even hang out with anybody besides [Lala and Randall].”

Although some have suspected Jax was actually fired from Pump Rules due to claims of potential racism and homophobia, Brittany insists her husband simply wanted to do something different.

“It’s okay for him to try to be a better person and try to grow up and not be branded as the same thing for 10 more years,” she noted. “For Jax personally, it wasn’t good. It wasn’t going to be good for our relationship either.”

“I don’t think it was healthy anymore,” Jax agreed, admitting to having suicidal thoughts for the last three seasons of the show. “Last season, I had to call you a few times because I was going to drive my car into oncoming traffic.”

As for his “big announcement,” Jax confirmed he will be sharing exciting news on Monday, May 31.

“It’s really exciting. A lot of people want to know what we’re up to,” he explained, revealing he and Brittany have taken multiple meetings with talent agency WME, HBO, and Netflix.

“Everybody’s excited to figure out what we want to do. So that’s kind of nice. Because we weren’t sure,” he continued. “We’re like, ‘Do we want to get back into that world again?’ I miss the paycheck. I do not miss that world at all.”

“He acts like he doesn’t miss it, but I know my husband. I know that he misses it,” Brittany interjected.

But Jax insisted he’s excited to be moving on.

“I’m looking forward to something a little bit more fun. We were doing those meetings and the first thing, they’re like, ‘What do you guys want to do?’ And I go, ‘I love the world I was in but I want to do polar-opposite. I want something more light-hearted,'” he shared. “It’s going to be a busy summer, that’s for sure.”

Whatever Jax and Brittany will be doing, it will surely involve their little boy, who was born on April 12.

“It was beautiful, and it was amazing, but I was in the hospital for 30 hours before he [was born]. I was stuck at 4.5 cm dilated for like 20 hours. My epidural wasn’t working,” Brittany said, looking back on her brutal delivery. “It worked at first, and then it wore off. So they re-did it.”

“I was good for a couple of hours, and then it wore off again. I could feel everything. But then at the end I had this beautiful little baby and it didn’t matter anymore,” she added, claiming she was “in pain for at least 26 hours.”

“It was intense,” Jax agreed. “I ended up watching everything. I saw it all go down and it was not disgusting. There was nothing unattractive about it at all. I thought it was beautiful.”

Just over six weeks after becoming parents, Brittany said their marriage has gotten “stronger” and applauded Jax as “the best dad.”

“A lot of people probably never thought he’d be as good as he is. He is so hands-on. He changes diapers. He feeds him, he takes him in the morning so I can sleep a couple extra hours. He is just so hands-on,” Brittany gushed.

“I have a routine,” Jax revealed. “I take the 5:30/6:00 shift, and then I let her sleep until 10 or 11.”

Vanderpump Rules will return to Bravo for season nine this fall.