Jax Taylor Offers Update on Marriage to Brittany Cartwright Since Baby, Talks Being “Petrified” to Hold Son After Birth and Admits Cruz Likely Won’t Be a “Fan” of His Persona on Vanderpump Rules

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Jax Taylor Talks Being “Petrified” to Hold Son After Birth, Admits Cruz Likely Won’t Be a “Fan” of His Persona on Vanderpump Rules, And Offers Update on Marriage to Brittany Since Welcoming Baby

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright don’t believe their son, Cruz Michael Cauchi, will have a good reaction to watching old episodes of Vanderpump Rules.

During a couple of new interviews, Jax shared what he believes Cruz will think of the show before revealing what petrified him most about becoming a dad and offering an update on how married life has been for him and Brittany in the weeks since Cruz’s arrival.

“He’s not going to be a huge fan of me,” Jax admitted to Us Weekly as Brittany said Cruz is “going to be mad” at his father.

“We’ll guard him from some of those episodes,” Brittany continued. “We’ll let him watch the wedding, when we first met, when I was first brought on the show. Stuff like that.”

While Jax and Brittany have spoken of making a reality return in the months since confirming their departures from Pump Rules, Brittany said that after welcoming her first child, she may be having second thoughts.

“[Having a baby] kind of changes your perspective on how much you want to put out there,” she stated.

“It’s also not fair to my child to put him on a show that he didn’t ask to be on,” added Jax.

Although Jax will no longer be seen on the show, he has kept in touch with his former castmates, many of whom, including Scheana Shay, Stassi Schroeder, and Lala Kent, have since welcomed children of their own.

“I think it would be hilarious if one of them ended up dating down the road. If he’s his father’s son, he might date all three of them,” Jax joked about the kids’ futures. “They’re all [going to] grow up as best friends.”

During a separate interview, Jax reflected on his early moments as a dad.

“I was petrified. I was literally petrified. The first time I had to sit down and did the skin on skin … I didn’t want to break him,” Jax admitted to Us Weekly, according to a separate report. “I was so scared. I thought I was going to drop him.”

Once Jax and Brittany returned home from the hospital with Cruz, Jax found himself taking steps to mentally prepare for the moments when he would hold the baby.

“It was a big deal. I put pillows all around me. … I was like, ‘OK, don’t talk to me. I don’t want to talk. Don’t come near me. Don’t breathe on me,'” he recalled.

Luckily, after a couple of days went by, Jax “loosened up a little bit” and now thinks he’s “really good” at holding his son. But, as Brittany noted, he still hasn’t “walked up the stairs with him.”

Also during the interview, Jax offered an update on his marriage to Brittany.

“The fact that we just made this beautiful child and we’re responsible for this human being, you know, his upbringing and everything, we’re always bouncing things off each other,” Jax explained. “It’s definitely brought more love into the house. It’s just been amazing, you know? No crazy blowups. … I mean, it’s only been almost a month, but no craziness [or] unexpectedness so far.”

Vanderpump Rules season nine premieres this fall on Bravo.

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