RHOSLC’s Mary Cosby Reveals Why Cameron Left Her Church, Says Lisa Barlow Isn’t Her Friend, and Shades Heather’s Exit From Mormonism, Plus Live Viewing Thread

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RHOSLC's Mary Cosby Reveals Why Cameron Left Her Church, Shades Heather Gay's Exit From Mormonism, and Says Lisa Barlow Isn't Her FriendMary Cosby is sharing her reaction to Lisa Barlow‘s friend Cameron’s controversial exit from her church.

As rumors continued to swirl in regard to what goes down in Mary’s church on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Mary mentioned why many “fall off” while also shading Heather Gay over her exit from the Mormon church and taking aim at Lisa Barlow for failing to be a friend to her amid season two.

“I don’t know. I think people leave for their own reasons,” Mary explained on the December 5 episode of the RHOSLC: After Show. “Every church has rules. Every church has ways you’re supposed to live.”

While Mary went on to suggest that some have walked away from her church because they don’t want to abide by the rules or “do the right thing,” she clarified that she was not saying that was definitely the case when it came to Cameron, who revealed on the show that he mortgaged his home to make a large donation to the church before his exit.

“We don’t really necessarily curse or drink or do things that some people just want to do and it’s okay. Sometimes you just fall off. Like, ‘You know what, I’m not really trying to do the right thing right now.’ Not saying that’s his story but that’s the reason why they usually just kind of… But it’s not ill will. It’s just more-so of an amicable departure,” she stated.

“Every church has those. We have one on our cast,” Mary added, giving a nod to Heather.

During the latest episode of RHOSLC, Meredith Marks was seen defending Mary as the rest of the cast questioned her church and wondered if she was running some sort of cult during a cast trip to Vail. However, while Lisa participated in the speculation, she later went to Mary’s room and told her what the women were saying. The following morning, all hell broke loose as the group attempted to get to the bottom of who was saying what.

Throughout it all, Meredith pointed out that everyone ignored her when she had facts about Jen Shah‘s bad behavior. But now that there are rumors about Mary, they seem quick to believe them.

“Meredith reads the room. She’s a swan and she takes it all in. She does not suffer fools and I don’t think she would suffer being fooled by Lisa for much longer,” Heather noted.

That said, Whitney Rose seemed to question why Meredith was so loyal to Mary.

“The writing’s on the wall that there’s these people making these accusations about Mary and her church and the money and the misuse of her power. But Meredith is like sticking her heels in the ground for Mary,” Whitney said. “I want to know what Meredith is really thinking about Mary.”

During another segment of the RHOSLC: After Show, Mary admitted to feeling that Lisa was “not even a friend.”

“A friend wouldn’t bust in my room and ask me these bizarre questions about what someone else said,” Mary noted. “She’s known Cameron for one or two years. I’ve known him for 14 years.”

Prior to his tragic passing, Cameron was engaged for two years to Mary’s niece. And, because of that relationship, he ended up at Mary’s church and became close with Mary.  Meanwhile, Mary said Lisa met Cameron through Angie Harrington, who she had call Cameron when she first learned they’d be on the show together ahead of season one.

“She doesn’t know him like he’s a best friend. Cameron and Lisa being friends… that’s odd,” Mary continued.

In response to the suggestion that she and Cameron weren’t real friends, Lisa said that while Mary didn’t think they were close, she never believed what Mary told her about him.

“She told me Cameron doesn’t care about me [but] I didn’t believe her,” Lisa admitted. “Cameron’s my friend. I know Cameron’s my friend and Cameron knows I was his friend. Cameron knows I loved him and I love his family, I love his fiancé. My children love Cameron. My husband loves Cameron. He was our friend.”

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